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I am sharing these sound meditations in service to the world community. They are intended for your personal listening only. They are not in the public domain. While the vast majority of individuals use this content ethically, some persons seem to think that they can do whatever they want with the audio recordings. Therefore, to clarify things for everyone, please read the Listening Agreement below.

Listening Agreement

All recordings on my website are copyrighted intellectual property. They are for your personal use only, to listen to. That means I offer them to you, the individual person, so long as they are used for your personal listening only. You may not post these audio files on any other site, personal or public, including You Tube, Facebook, Friendster, My Space, Your Space, Her Space, His Space, Its Space, or any other Internet site or media format without my written consent. You may not use these sounds as background for your own audio creations. If you do these types of things you are in violation of the law and, in my mind, basic ethics and common decency.

I thank you for your understanding and acceptance of the spirit through which these sound meditations are being offered.

If you would like to read my position regarding Copyright, Spirituality and Piracy, click here.

Note: After accepting the terms and conditions, you will be given access to all of the Sound Gifts audio files

By clicking on the link below, you agree to the terms of the above Listening Agreement.

Heart Chakra Sound Meditation:
A Shamanic and Hathor Sound Exploration

This is a Shamanic and Hathor Sound Meditation that focuses on the heart chakra. It was recorded during a Hathor Intensive in 2010. The first half of the meditation is a potent shamanic sound piece, the intent of which is to clear blocked energies in the heart center. Be forewarned, the first portion of this meditation is not gentle. The last half of the sound meditation consists of Hathor sounds, which are calming, nurturing and balancing. (7:05 mins.)

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My First Experiences with the Hathors

In this amusing excerpt from a 2009 Hathor Intensive, Tom shares some of his first experiences with the Hathors and the challenges he experienced relating to these interdimensional beings who sense the world much differently than he does. (14:54 mins.)

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The Triad of Awareness

This is an excerpt from a lecture Tom gave at a Sound Healing Training in 2011. In this talk, he explores the use of a helpful mental framework for dealing with altered states of consciousness. Specifically, he discusses some important distinctions between the subjective, the collective and the objective realms of knowledge.  (7:56 mins.)

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The Logical and Intuitive Domains of Human Experience

This is an excerpt from a lecture Tom gave in Morristown, New Jersey in 2011 at an event sponsored by the Association for Higher Awareness (AHA). In the course of this sometimes rather humorous presentation, Tom discusses some of the differences between the right and left cerebral hemispheres. (14:56 mins.)

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The Pituitary Dimensional Attunement

This Hathor sound meditation imparts transformational energies to the pituitary gland and endocrine system. Although this Attunement works with the endocrine glands, its goal is not medical in nature. Its sole purpose is to enliven subtle energies that facilitate expanded awareness. (5:08 mins)

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Altered States Of Consciousness As A Function Of Right Brain Activity

This is an excerpt from a talk on altered states of consciousness given by Tom during a Hathor Intensive in 2009. He discusses the neurophysiology and neuropsychology of altered states and offers some tips on how to navigate these unusual and potentially resourceful states of body and mind. (18:52 mins.)

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A Taoist Sound Healing Meditation

This simple but highly effective sound meditation imparts chi to your body’s internal organs and improves the flow of chi within your meridian system. It is strongly suggested that you read the Background and Instructions before listening to the audio file. (5:04 mins.)

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White Tara Sound Meditation

This sound meditation is excerpted from a live recording of Tom chanting the mantra of White Tara, a Tibetan goddess and Bodhisattva of Compassion.

It is recommended that you read the background material and meditation suggestions before listening to the recording. The link to the actual audio file is at the end of the printed instructions. (Length: 14:22 mins.)

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Cats and Dogs: Appreciation or Gratitude

This is an excerpt from a talk on appreciation and gratitude, which was given during a Hathor Intensive (October 2010). Tom discusses the neurophysiology and neuropsychology of these two resourceful emotional states with a funny twist at the end. (Length: 19:20 mins.)

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The Crystal Palace Within: An energy-meditation

This is a powerful, yet gentle, energy meditation that was created to facilitate access to higher states of consciousness and awareness.

A detailed description of the meditation and how to engage it can be found in a Hathor Planetary Message entitled: The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti.

If you wish to experience this meditation, it is strongly suggested that you read the entire article before listening. There are several phases to this meditation and each phase is critical to the effectiveness of the energetic process.

There are three separate audio tracks that comprise this audio file. The first and third tracks are identical, last five minutes each, and are the first portion of Worlds Ascending, from my CD, Ascension Codes.

The middle track is 5:47 minutes long and was created to activate unused potentials within the crystalline structures of the listener’s pineal gland. This piece is called the Pineal Gland Dimensional Attunement.

When you download this audio file, you will see that there are three (3) separate tracks. Each track is separated by about 5 seconds of silence. When one track ends and another begins, it is a signal to shift into a new phase of the meditation as described in the instructions article, noted above.

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Heart Dimensional Attunement



This Dimensional Attunement accesses the inter-dimensionality of the heart.

The heart chakra is an entire universe unto itself. By listening to this Attunement, you can acquire a deep awareness of the multidimensional nature of your own heart center and gain access to its immense potentials for feeling-based insight (wisdom expressed through your feeling nature), as well as make contact with the interconnectedness of all life.

Like its cousin, the Pineal Dimensional Attunement (Track One), it is best listened to while imagining that the sounds are coming out of the heart chakra.

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Pineal Dimensional Attunement



The purpose of listening to this 5:47 recording is to stimulate an increased awareness of, and to activate energetic potentials within the crystalline structures that reside within the pineal gland.

In this esoteric view, the pineal crystals (that are embedded within the pineal gland) operate like a type of cosmic-antennae that can be tuned to the higher vibrational-realms of light. This is, in fact, the intended purpose for listening to this psychoacoustic catalyst.

It is best to listen to this sound meditation with stereo headphones. Any type of headphones, even ear buds, will work fine.

As you listen to the recording, place the focus of your attention in the center area of your head, where the pineal gland is located. Imagine that the sounds are coming from out of the pineal gland, even though in reality, the sounds are coming in through your ears. This simple shift in perceptual imagination will generate a more powerful mind-altering experience.

You can, if you wish, listen to the recording multiple times in one listening session. However, do note that repeated listening of this track can create a type of psycho-spiritual cleansing reaction. If you experience such a reaction, stop listening. Take a break, and then listen to the sequence just once a day until your energetic system has adjusted to the increased light activation of the pineal.

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Planetary Holon Meditation
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Note: The Planetary Holon Meditation download is a compressed .zip file. After downloading, your computer must uncompress the file into a playable mp3. Most computers do this automatically. Send us an email if you’re having problems.

23rd Psalm Alchemically Decoded
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23rd Psalm
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The Closing Sound Meditation
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Sounds of Raphael
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