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The Celestial Sangha

Celestial Sangha

The diagram above represents the intention behind The Celestial Sangha in symbolic form. And it speaks clearly to the complex multidimensional nature of this undertaking.

At the center of the circle is a black-as-night center point, representing the Primordial Ground of Consciousness before it moves into form and expression. At the edge of the center are two rotating lines of energy representing the movement into polarity referencing the Taoist concept of yin and yang. These rotating lines of energy also refer to the dynamic union of life-affirming archetypal male and female energies—especially as progenitors of the higher expressions of human nature.

Moving out from the center point are eight arms of complex energy fields that reference the numerology of the Hierophant, (i.e., the Magician) who strives to create positive action in the world of phenomena.

These eight unique energy fields have either pierced or are piercing the boundaries of the Cosmic Mandala.

From here, the energy fields move out and through the Multiverse uplifting all sentient beings including those beings we call planets, stars and galaxies.  

Here at this moment in time, as Earth is besieged by negativity in so many forms, the Celestial Sangha is being created to release positive benevolent energies into this world.

We will be tossing pebbles into the ocean of consciousness.

We will do this with the expectation that these felicitous energies will assist and protect planet Earth as well as all sentient beings for the purpose of supreme enlightenment.

We will be aided in this quest by a host of spirit healers, masters of light, as well as saints and mystics from many spiritual traditions and by enlightened star beings who shall join us in this quest…for they clearly understand that all life within the Multiverse is interconnected.

How It Will Work

Periodically, when intuitively called to do so, I will post a sound session originating from the higher realms of spirit and light. The first of these will be a sound meditation given by the Hathors called Gaia’s Song.
These sound codes will convey supportive energies to you and according to your intention and personal will, they can extend out through the web of life to all other sentient beings (if you so wish).

In addition to their intended positive effects on our Mother Earth (as well as the Multiverse), I believe listening to these sound codes that originate in the light-realms will have a positive and uplifting effect on those who listen to them…even if they choose not to release those benevolent energies into the web of life.

Absolutely no philosophical, spiritual, or religious belief is required to participate. This work is ecumenical in the highest and broadest sense of the word. All are welcome to the banquet table of the Great Mystery—where we partake from the nourishing elixirs of ascending consciousness.

Absolutely no experience with meditation and/or energy-work is required. Every sound meditation will be preceded by a short discussion of the tradition from which it came as well as detailed instructions on how to engage the sound session.

There is no charge to participate in The Celestial Sangha and we do not share your personal information.

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“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

“May all beings be happy. May all beings be free.”