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A Shamanic/Hathor Heart Chakra Sound Meditation

I believe that the human heart has vast powers of renewal and healing, but for many of us these powers are sometimes obscured by life experiences and events. At times these powers for self-renewal are dwarfed by emotional pain and personal history. Sometimes these same powers are concealed by a reluctance to be so permeable to the world, and sometimes these powers of healing are constrained by cultural beliefs and restraints. And, of course, sometimes all of these factors come into play as well as others.

If you listen to this sound meditation in the correct manner, it can assist you to enter into the vast universe of your own heart center. And it can release, within you, your own innate powers of self-healing and self-renewal.

But before I give a few suggestions on how to listen to this sound meditation, let me say a little about its unusual nature.

The first half is a shamanic journey into the heart chakra, while the second half is a Hathor sound meditation centered on the heart chakra as well.

Shamanic sound meditations are often highly catalytic and primal in nature. Part of this has to do with the nature of the shamanic realms of consciousness and the other part, of course, has to do with the purpose of the shamanic sound piece to begin with.

The purpose of this particular sound meditation is to explore the Heart Chakra and to activate its healing potential by “rotating energy patterns” in the heart center itself. This is why some of the sounds in this meditation are so odd and, at times, rather intense especially during the first half. Most people find the last half to be calming and restorative in nature since it is pure Hathorian sound.

If you focus your attention in your heart chakra while listening, and you allow the sounds to rotate or move energy patterns in your heart center, you will release immense self-healing and restorative potential.

A very important consideration when working with this type of meditation is to realize that you are the originator of your own transformation. The sounds can assist you, but they are not the agents of change. You are.

Focus of Attention

Subtle energy tends to follow awareness. Thus, it is important where you place your attention during these types of sound meditations. Since the focus of this meditation is the heart chakra that is where your attention or mental focus should be.

Rest your attention in the center of your chest beneath the sternum during this meditation and when your mind wanders, gently bring it back to this area. This is not concentration, but rather a light focus of attention in the heart chakra.

I suggest you put aside at least ten minutes for listening to this sound meditation, even though the meditation itself is only a little over seven minutes long. Ideally, after the sound meditation has ended, you would rest afterward with your awareness in the heart.

Allow yourself to sense the subtle movements of energy and emotion in your heart center for several minutes before moving into outer activity.

This meditation will assist you to explore your own heart chakra and its self-healing and restorative powers whenever you wish.

If you have the time and the inclination to explore your heart chakra more deeply, you might experiment with listening to this sound meditation two or three times in the same listening session.

Listening to it a second or third time in succession often reveals deeper levels of insight and, at times, deeper levels of healing as well.

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