Tom Kenyon
Tom Kenyon's work in brain/mind
re-education is a scientifically based
art form that transforms consciousness
in rapid and elegant ways.
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Acoustic Brain Research

Acoustic Brain Research

Tom Kenyon ABR

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Tom Kenyon’s ABR CDs also take advantage of “BioPulse Technology” in which specific tones, known to affect brain state, are mixed into the tonal matrix. Research indicates that such frequencies can significantly alter awareness. These primary categories are:
delta (0.5 – 4 HZ). Associated with deep levels of relaxation such as sleep

theta (4 – 8HZ). Associated with tranquil states of awareness in which vivid internal imagery can often occur

alpha (8- 12 HZ). Relaxed nervous system, ideal for stress management, accelerated learning and mental imagery

beta (12-30 HZ). Associated with waking/alert states of awareness k-complex (30 – 35HZ). Clarity and sudden states of integration, the “ah-ha experience”

super high beta (35 – 150 HZ). Psychodynamic states of awareness
Note: CD titles in the Ultimate Brain set have been changed. Their new titles are in parentheses.

Relaxation & Stress Management


Soma incorporates imbedded “Bio-Pulses” into a calming ambient soundtrack. These subtle pulses of sound are designed to stimulate your brain to produce alpha and theta brainwave states, associated with deep relaxation, meditation and creative dream states. Vocal “toning” techniques create a resonance which expands the inner field of awareness for creative processes.Soothing musical timbres and harmonic intervals based on ancient Greek models are combined to enhance healing. Finally, Kenyon uses “essential musical forms” to elicit emotions such as love, joy and compassion in the listener. The physiological changes that occur with these emotional responses have been associated with enhanced immune functions and deep relaxation.

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$9.95/MP3 Download

Deep Rest

Relax and Recharge with the Power of Sound

Luxuriate, rest, and relax by just listening to this psychoacoustic program.

Containing three ultra-relaxing tracks, “The 22-Minute Vacation” is a guided relaxation program that takes you on a rejuvenating fantasy vacation in just 22 minutes. “The 24-Minute Nap” guides your brain into a refreshing state of rest in just 24 minutes. And “Sweet Delta” is a low-delta, sleep-inducing track that extends your nap into a restful sleep. Contains BioPulse™ frequencies in the mid-alpha to low-delta range (10 Hz-l Hz).

Give the gift of relaxation to yourself or someone you love.

Available only as an MP3 download.

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$9.95/MP3 Download

Sound Bath

Created for hot tub or bathtub. Gently immerse yourself in the therapeutic comfort of the tub, then bathe yourself in the tranquility of music and sound, while harmonizing all these sensations with special breathing exercises (included). Helps you reach your fullest potential in relaxation and self-recovery! Click arrow to listen to an excerpt:

$5.00/MP3 Download

Wave Form I

Gently “massages” your brain, helping you dissolve tensions and drift into relaxing states of awareness. Theta (7HZ)

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$5.00/MP3 Download

Wave Form II

Based on an ancient mantra believed to be the sound of the inner heart, this tonal matrix gently “opens the heart” thereby raising consciousness to a purer state of awareness and harmony. Beautiful vocals with deep harmonic musical passages. Theta (7HZ)

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$5.00/MP3 Download

Increased Mind/Brain Performance

Ambient Support

Over an hour of continuous ambient music with BioPulse™ in the mid-alpha range to support learning without anxiety while increasing motivation and retention. It was created specifically to aid learning and to increase productivity in the work environment while simultaneously decreasing stress. Mid-alpha (10Hz)

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$9.95/MP3 Download

Creative Imaging

Processes used with this CD have been documented in independent tests to significantly improve analytical abilities, creative problem solving, learning, insight, and increase visualization abilities. Mid-Alpha (8-10HZ)

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$9.95/MP3 Download

Mind Gymnastiks

ABR’s premiere mind/brain performance enhancer. Highly effective.

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$9.95/MP3 Download

Self-Healing and Recovery

Freedom to Be (Freedom to Change)

Designed as a recovery program for alcoholism and drug addiction, this CD has been found to be very helpful with issues of Low Self-esteem, Self-sabotage, and Emotional Overwhelm. Theta.

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$9.95/MP3 Download

Ultimate Brain

This collection is only available as a download purchase.
It includes MP3 audio files from 8 CDs:

  1. Wave Form
  2. Wave Form II
  3. R&R
  4. Creative Imaging
  5. Freedom To Be
  6. Mind Gymnastiks
  7. Infinite Pool
  8. Ambient Support

The set also includes an 11 track User’s Guide download, as well as Listening Notes for each individual CD included in the collection.

This is an extraordinary collection of brain/mind enhancement tools.

$79.60/MP3 Download


This widely acclaimed “self-healing” program helps you explore the body/mind connection to your natural self-healing abilities. Note: Not a substitute for medical treatment. Delta. Theta, Alpha (2-10HZ) Click arrow to listen to an excerpt:

$9.95/MP3 Download

Transformation Now!

This is an intense psychoacoustic catalyst that was originally developed under the auspices of Acoustic Brain Research (ABR) to assist in the psychotherapeutic process—specifically moving through emotional and/or cognitive blocks to psychological insight.

It has also been used with great success by laypersons as a potent transformational agent for personal clearing.

This recording is not particularly pleasant to listen to. It is a psychoacoustic activator—a type of psychic “depth charge”—that is designed to stimulate activity in the deep unconscious mind.

Furthermore, the sounds on this recording are not soothing, nor are they musical in nature. They are more electric in quality, consisting of a cacophony of different tonalities to activate the brain/mind in unusual ways.

In addition to these “psychoacoustic activators,” the recording includes BioPulse ® entrainment in the alpha and theta ranges as well as a short subliminal audio script.

The script is as follows:
I allow deep feelings within me to rise to the surface of my awareness. I forgive myself for any wrongs I may have knowingly or unknowingly committed. I forgive others for any wrongs they may have knowingly or unknowingly committed. I forgive. I release. I move forward.
Listening Instructions:
Stereo headphones or stereo ear buds are strongly suggested in order to derive the greatest benefit from this recording.

One way to utilize this psychoacoustic stimulator is to listen to it before doing personal clearing work and/or when you feel emotionally stuck. Some people report greater success when it is listened to multiple times over the course of a few days or a few weeks.

Cautions: Do not listen to this recording in situations requiring alertness such as driving a car or operating machinery.

As a precaution, persons with a history of seizures should speak with their health care provider before using this recording.

This recording is only available as an audio download.
$5.00 | 13:24 minutes in length