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Conversations With Magdalen

Tom’s Introduction

The Enigma of Transformation

You are about to read a transcript from several private conversations we have had with Mary Magdalen over the last several years.

These “talks” dealt with a wide range of topics and we personally found Magdalen’s comments deeply insightful, which is why we are sharing them.

M, as I call her, is a master of one-liners—short pithy statements that leave one reeling. One of these in particular caught my eye, perhaps because it addressed a strange paradox.

“True transformation does not require hope and moves even in despair.”

Mary Magdalen

The word transformation has two roots—the word “form,” meaning the structure of something and the Latin word or prefix “trans,” meaning beyond, across or on opposite sides. Thus the word transformation means something akin to moving beyond form.

Our entire world is in a process of transformation.

In truth, it always has been.

But for whatever reasons—some say time acceleration—the rate of transformation has sped up. The Industrial Age has given way to the Age of Information and Nano-technology with a speed and a force that has left the Western world reeling. Whole industries and ways of life have disappeared in the blink of an eye. New technologies enter our lives at an ever faster pace creating what the Chinese language denotes when it uses the word transformation—a combination of two ideograms meaning danger and opportunity.

There is opportunity whenever transformation occurs. This is because new territory is opened and stepping beyond our habitual view of things can usher in new ways of perceiving as well as new ways of acting in the world.

But there is also danger. The danger arises out of the unavoidable fact that we may not fully understand the new territory we are entering and we might do something that we will later regret. This applies to all types of transformation, by the way.

But since I was talking about the Age of Information and Nano-technology, let me pull up one simple yet poignant example.

The introduction of pesticides into agriculture heralded a new era, as did the development of petrochemicals to produce things like plastic and the ever-growing array of techno devices that our modern way of life in the west depends upon. This has been, and continues to be, a major source of global transformation. But there has been a price tag—the contamination of our ecosystem through toxic chemicals and agents that have never existed in the biosphere before.

Back in the early 1960’s Rachel Carson sensed the unseen dangers of this type of transformation—namely the introduction of chemical agents and pesticides into the environment. Armed with solid and credible documentation, she released her book Silent Spring in 1962, which many credit with giving birth to the environmental movement.

As I write these words, some fifty-one years later, our environment continues to be negatively affected by technological advances. How we choose to manage—or fail to manage—the pace and type of technological development that we release into the world will determine, to a great extent, our future upon this planet.

But there is another element at play here, what the futurist Alvin Toffler called Future Shock. The idea is that we are not biologically or evolutionarily equipped to deal with the speed of transformation that we are a part of. As a result of too much happening too fast, more and more of us are succumbing to a mental state akin to shock.

The Hopi have a word for the state of the world we live in, and they call it Koyannisqatsi—meaning life out of balance. From the Indigenous perspective, the underlying source of our collective post-modern malaise is quite simply a disconnection from the Earth itself. And it is only through a reconnection with the Earth and our ecosystem that we can return to sanity.

I often say that it is a highly creative and courageous act to find balance in a culture that is essentially dysfunctional. And yet balance is crucial to the spiritual journey for without it we cannot find our way through the maze of Maya (the illusions of this world), or increasingly through what I call Techno-Maya—a 21st Century version of illusion generated through technologically generated mass hypnosis that makes it easier to control the masses.

All of this brings me to an essential question for those of us striving to live upward in consciousness. How do we deal with the hopelessness and despair that arises when many of us on the spiritual path contemplate the collapsing of our ecosystem and witness the increasing madness of our world not to mention the technological manipulation of information?

Magdalen was addressing the process of personal transformation when she gave that little tidbit about true transformation not requiring hope and moving even in despair. But her observation most certainly applies to our collective quandary as well.

The journey of an Initiate requires a different attitude toward the world and its challenges than that of most people. For me, you are an Initiate if you are striving to live upward in consciousness regardless of the spiritual tradition or path you have chosen.

And a central question for any Initiate (i.e., you) living in the midst of such Koyannisqatsi is how do you persevere? How do you live upward when so much of the world seems to be spiraling downward out of control?

Each of us must answer these questions for ourselves, and our very lives—at least our spiritual lives (meaning our higher consciousness) depend on how we answer those difficult and thorny questions.

Since I was asked to write an Introduction to this section of the book, I will offer my opinion. But do understand that my view is constantly changing, and my opinion next year might be different than what I hold to be true now.

My view is this:

We are spiritual beings having a human experience—not just human primates, with “monkey-minds” having spiritual experiences. There is a difference between these two perspectives, and they are not just semantic.

By the term “spiritual” I simply mean some aspect of consciousness that is transcendent to time, place and circumstance.

There is some part of us that is non-local and beyond the tumult of the world. There is some part of us that can bring a sense of freedom that is beyond all understanding, because its origins are beyond our localized human identity and struggle.

How you make contact with this non-local aspect of you is a fundamental question. Each of us must find our own way.

Some of us will find it through various spiritual traditions, and some of us will find it without the aid and without the limitations of these traditions by wrestling with our human existence through direct inquiry.

This is no easy task, and it is made all the more difficult, I think, by the fact that we are collectively and individually faced with having to confront our shadows.

By the word shadow I am referring to our un-owned emotional material—the dark underbelly of our self-identity. This is the place of self-hatred, violence and self-destruction. It is a place the faint of heart do not go, and many of us who self-identify ourselves as spiritual persons will do anything to avoid it. But we do so at great peril.

Shortly before his death, the Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung said that humanity must come to terms with its collective shadow or be destroyed by it.

Looking at what is happening in the world today, I would say that humanity has failed in this task. But then again, we are not solely to blame for this. Much of the responsibility for our avoidance of this difficult and dark territory falls squarely upon the shoulders of religion as well as many of our spiritual traditions including most definitely the New Age.

This leads me inexorably back to Magdalen and her unique perspective. This being does not shy away from dark un-owned material. She un-earths it and brings it to the light of conscious awareness. And she does this with an eloquent directness that I personally find refreshing.

And so I bring us back to her comment, which I quoted early on…

“True transformation does not require hope and moves even in despair.”

You and me—as well as the entire world—are caught up in a global maelstrom.

We are witnessing the death throes of an old world and the birthing of a new one, but only time will tell if this new world will be worth living in or not.

This uncertainty leaves us in a precarious emotional position.

Finding our way through the carnage of our civilization as it morphs into something new is not easy. And along the way, many of us might dip into the shadow side of hopelessness and despair when we look at the world around us.

The paradox within her statement is that true (meaning authentic) transformation moves (or unfolds) even in despair. How could this be true? Isn’t despairing the end point of hopelessness?

Yes and no, in my opinion.

If despair is indulged in without any other counterforce in the psyche, then yes it can easily be the end point.

But if we (meaning you and me) can find a way to experience our transcendent Selves—or at the very least our more resourceful natures—then we will neither be bound by, or defined by time, place and circumstance.

For some of us, this kind of freedom will be generated through the art of transcendence via some type of spiritual tradition. Some of us will discover it through new forms of creative insight and expression having little to do with what others might deem to be “spiritual” at all.

But in my opinion, it isn’t so important how we attain a renewed sense of ourselves so long as we attain it. Without the type of renewal that arises from the inner well of authentic spirituality and/or from deep and profound creative insight, I think we will be left ill equipped to cope with—much less transform—the chaos that has engulfed the world.

But let us take another last look at M’s enigmatic comment about transformation and despair.

As each of us lives the transformational process that is our own lives, it inevitably intersects with the larger transformation that the world is going through. And because we are collectively paying the price for un-owned shadows, we may from time-to-time fall prey to the shadowy feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Should this occur for you, as it has for me, I think it might be best to view these difficult emotions as a call to presence rather than a sign of failure. Hopelessness and despair can certainly be, though not necessarily, a sign that it is all over. And much like the call of the Sirens out of ancient Greek mythology that enticed sailors to their end, we can easily be seduced if we are vulnerable to such feelings. After all, anyone who has truly entered the dark seas of hopelessness and despair knows that these feelings can have a strange seductive quality about them.

But just because something arises within us, or around us, does not mean that we have to accept it.

My advice is to transcend those shadowy moments, should they arise, through potent spiritual insight and/or through bold creativity—meaning the act of doing something radically different than what you are used to. What that action might be is up to you.

True spiritual insight and profound creativity can change all that the mind perceives including the darkest and most difficult to redeem of human emotions—despair.

“True transformation does not require hope and moves even in despair.”

Mary Magdalen

Judi Sion’s introduction to:

Conversations With Magdalen

Many synchronicities coalesced to create the atmosphere in which I left the East Coast of the United States and moved West. It was my dream to edit a particular channel’s information on Soul Mates. Instead I was given the rights to edit his teachings on UFOs. Not exactly the same thing, but close enough, right? Relationships can be quite alien!

That book wound up being titled “UFOs and the Nature of Reality,” and it was my first foray into a whole new genre. I can’t say that I did or did not believe in “aliens” prior to doing that book. It took me two years of walking in the wind on the Northern Shore of Orcas Island to wrap (or unwrap) my head around the concept that we were created by an alien race—that aliens were the missing link in our genetic structure.

It required reading everything Zecharia Sitchin had ever written and listening to everything that particular channel, whose work I admired, had ever said that could be construed as being about aliens and our creation.

Those years walking in the wind, analyzing the information I’d been given, resulted in a remarkable realization, reasoned out over that two-year period. If we were created by what we call aliens, to act as a slave race to mine gold for them, then that means the thought held in our creation was to create a slave race. And if thought really does create, then that means deeply held in our subconscious, and in our very DNA, is the idea that we must serve, that we are lower than our creators, and that we must be subservient, and that would explain a lot of human behavior.

I’ve come a long way since that time, some 25 years ago. I’ve now replaced the word “God” in my vocabulary with the word “alien.” After all, it’s all relative, so to speak. What’s alien to one person is God to another.

We have a lot of “head unwrapping” to do to grasp the whole picture, and the whole picture is really too vast to be comprehended by human minds, Magdalen tells me.

I am grateful for the “head unwrapping” I’ve done. I no longer look to some God/god/Goddess/goddess outside of self. I honor the many brilliant and not so brilliant teachers who have gone before—as long as their teaching does not enslave humankind further, as long as they don’t claim to know everything, and as long as they don’t claim to be “the only one.”

Tom and I have been working with this being known as Mary Magdalen since 2001. She had one life on Earth and she has not returned. Through highly advanced application and use of her many KA bodies, she can communicate with many beings on Earth. Bear in mind the clarity and merit of channeled information is relative to the evolutionary state of the channel. That is why channeled material varies so much in quality.

In the last 12 years we’ve had countless discussions with Mary Magdalen, who asks us to spell her name without the letter “e” to distinguish information from this aspect of her through Tom from material given through other channels.

At first I treated her like I had been taught to treat Deity. I was a supplicant. I bowed my head in respect and almost groveled, though she never asked for such behavior. She never would. It’s what we’re taught in a Judeo-Christian world. Now I bow in wonder and admiration, as she continues to awe me with her brilliance and eloquence. (No true Goddess/goddess/God/god has ever required our supplication, although Jehovah does come to mind, but that’s the story of another alien.)

I call this “Conversations with Magdalen,” because that’s what they were. They are the result of me talking to her as if she was my best friend, which in many ways, next to Tom, she is.

There is a very small, but deeply important sharing from Yeshua.

I had to read his short sharing three times to really get it.

My old teacher used to say, “Yes, I know you heard it. But have you owned it.” There is a distinct difference between hearing something and owning it within—really getting it.

These conversations are the result of me going to each of these remarkable beings—through Tom Kenyon’s amazing ability to tune his brain to any frequency and contact any being he chooses—and imploring them to dialogue about something that was on my mind. I was always deeply in conflict over something when I asked the questions that yielded these answers.

The concept of oneness has been an issue for me. I never bought the concept. All of a sudden, one day, it became a litany, used by people who mean well, by and large. And almost overnight it became part of the love and light show of the New Age. It seemed to be one of those litanies that no one argued with.

I argue with everything. I question everything.

And let’s be real, there are some people I refuse to be one with, like George Bush. That was my laugh line during his autocracy, but it was also my truth.

I have never accepted the notion that we are all one soul; many sparks of one big out-of-control forest fire. It just doesn’t make sense to me, and more importantly, it doesn’t feel right. And it seems to be used as an excuse by some to avoid doing the hard work of evolution.

So this is not the Biblical Magdalen speaking in these conversations. This is a multi-dimensional being, an Arcturian to be specific, who had one life on Earth and has not returned.

Most of the images and stories we carry over from the Bible are out-and-out lies, created by men who didn’t want women to have power in the then new population  control mechanism called the Roman Catholic Church.

And since we’re on the subject, in case you a victim of religion’s unyielding assault on Magdalen’s one life as an Earthling, I strongly suggest you seek the truth about those lies.

Pope Gregory began the rumors about her, and they are based on nothing but his own misogynistic ignorance. Nowhere in this adulterated novel called the Bible does it say anything about her character. The truth is, Pope Gregory started a nasty rumor, mixed a cocktail of mentions of different women from various texts, and the Church covered his ignorant and untrue rumor by calling it a “conflation of texts.”

Let me give you some alternative synonyms for the word conflation: mishmash, cocktail, a compost (with apologies to composting).

So please release whatever previously held pictures you may have, and consider, for a moment, that these are the words of highly evolved multi-dimensional beings.

Magdalen and Yeshua each had one life on this Earth. They each came to do a job, to teach and to imbue mankind with light in a dismal time. These are the beings as they are today, realized multi-dimensional beings, who happen to be Arcturian in their genetic origin and came to Earth for one lifetime each.

These are conversations I had with Mary Magdalen from 2007 until the present.  There is also one powerful but brief conversation with Yeshua and a comment by Isis on what she calls the tomb of the feminine.

This is not the Biblical Magdalen. This is no penitent, shameful, hussy, as Pope Gregory tried to portray her as being in an attempt to shame and lower women and keep the power within the male circle of the Roman Church.

She told us everything she wanted shared about this “Biblical Magdalene” and her time in the ancient world in “The Magdalen Manuscript,” which should be required reading in all feminist classes and all Bible classes. She spoke about her time as an Initiate in the Temple of Isis and how she met Yeshua by the well and about her pain and grief when he was killed.

She said that was all she wanted to share about that one lifetime as a human being.

This being I had conversations with is who she was before her lifetime as an Earthling and who she has been and continues to be since that lifetime: a powerful, brilliant, eloquent, multi-dimensional being, who happens to be Arcturian. The Arcturians have been our protectors for millions of years. A few of them, such as Mary Magdalen, Yeshua ben Joseph and Sanat Kumara came into a body to bring light and teach.

This makes their thoughts and ideas of more interest to me than beings who’ve never been on Earth in a body. Until you’ve experienced life in a body in 3-D, you’re a disembodieded spirit from another dimension of existence with no experience “down here.”

I held Yeshua at arms length all of my life because I blamed him for what Christianity has become, but after reading and re-reading this simple passage from him, I realize it wasn’t his fault that mankind so altered his words and his intentions. And having now spent quite a bit of time with Arcturians I realize what he struggled with.

Arcturians are “mission oriented,” or they have been, and he was a man on a mission to bring a message to humanity. The message got twisted and contorted and barely resembles what he came to teach, but that wasn’t his fault.

Men took his innocence and used it to propagandize and control populations. It was spin, or as historians have put it, a conflation of texts. Change a few words, here and there, and you change the whole meaning, which is what happened with much of what he said.

These amazing beings are still very much alive in the ninth dimension and what they have to say has great meaning to me because they’ve been here, in a body, on Earth, paying taxes and rent, just like the rest of us. They have experienced the pressures of 3-D.

To get the most benefit from the following texts, I strongly suggest that you throw out the pictures that you carry in your mind about “who” historical and Biblical figures are, and, in particular, where they came from.

We don’t just come from Montreal, or Berlin, or New York.

Gautama Buddha was from Orion. Confucious was from Orion.

Shiva chose the Blue Ray in the 10th Dimension and was from Arcturus.

Kuan Yin was an electromagnetic being who greatly influenced Gautama Buddha in his understanding of enlightenment.

Magdalen said to me, “Every dynamic being who created a religion or spiritual path had off-planet genetics. Beings in higher dimensions do not understand the immense duality of the third dimension until they are here.”

After all these years, all these opportunities with grand teachers, I stand in appreciation of Shakespeare when he wrote these words, whoever he was and whatever planet he came from, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Mary Magdalen’s Introduction

You are being made privy to private conversations that have spanned several years between me and Judi Sion, through this channel.

They are excerpts from conversations and dialogues between a being who lives in the spirit worlds (myself) and a woman who lives in your world. It was a meeting of the minds—hers and mine—centered most often around lies about the feminine and the consequences of this distortion upon your religions and ultimately your destiny.

You are at a pivotal point in your collective history, but from the vantage point of history itself, there have been and will continue to be, many pivotal points.

History is a consequence of individuals living their lives.

So the essential question, for you at least is, what pivotal point have you entered in relationship to your own existence upon this world and your journey as a soul, as a consciousness?

I have spoken to it before, and I spoke to it again in these conversations. It is a question of individual freedom to move upward in consciousness or devolve into some lesser form of being.

Although your eyes may report to you and your other senses confirm that you are more or less the same human being you always have been, you are actually continually evolving or devolving through the beliefs you entertain as truths and the choices you make as your reality.

Anyone who deems to make this choice for you is a thief and a robber in my mind. And in my mind you have all been robbed, and your first task in order to evolve to the higher potentials of your being is to regain what you have lost and to take back what was always rightfully yours.

I will make this brief and to the point.

In the metaphorical Garden of Eden where the tree of knowledge stands, you shall stand and claim your right to have this knowledge (that you are a creator). This knowledge is a part of you, for you are the tree itself, and those who try to separate you from it, from this knowledge, did so in an attempt to perpetuate their own spiritual and earthly power.

For some it is a heresy to pick the fruit from the tree that is your very being. For others it is an act of freedom and courage. The choice you make is yours to make—and no one else’s.

Mary Magdalen

Conversations with Mary Magdalen


At her request, we have adopted the spelling of her name without an “e” at the end in order to denote that this Magdalen is an interdimensional being, and her life as Mary Magdalene was only one expression of her larger identity.

Another reason she asked us to spell her name without an “e” at the end was to differentiate the being we communicate from other sources of channeled material.

We did spell her name in the main menu tab using the traditional spelling in order to facilitate recognition by Internet search engines.

Please note that this, never before published material, is for your personal use only. It is copyrighted and no portion may be printed, copied, posted on the Internet or distributed in any media, physical and/or electronic without the authors’ written consent.

©2013 Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion All Rights Reserved

The Return of Isis

You are collectively experiencing the return of Isis. It is happening in this very moment. It is happening through the agency of women coming to their power, and it is being accelerated through the recognition that the Earth is in danger through the acts of mankind and through the recognition that the halls of power are impotent to affect the needed changes.

More and more women will come together to create change in the world, and in their communities more women, especially the younger generation, are finding their voices to speak to the errors they see.

The return of the goddess does not mean she descends from the heavens with a flaming sword. It means that she embodies the hearts and minds of women and that these women find the courage to speak their truth and to take the actions they deem necessary.


There are vast intelligences that move through the universe and if someone encounters them and they are of lesser evolution, they would think of them as gods.


As I view it, this Earth is in the midst of a cataclysmic purification, not through the actions of God, but through the nature of the planet itself and the cosmos. There is little that a single person can do to change it, as the forces are far greater than any individual.

To survive this purification spiritually intact, you must acquire the ability to swim upstream against the current.

The current here is evolutionary implosion, political and spiritual fascism and manipulation through fear by the forces that control human destiny at a large scale. It’s up to each person to find a way to swim upstream, and this requires mastery, intelligence and a high degree of creativity and flexibility.

And it is here where things get interesting. One of the ways, certainly not the only way to swim upstream against the current, is to connect into the vibration of love—meaning impersonal love—and if you are able to be in that vibrational bubble and you are also aware of the realities around you—not deluded to believe that everyone is in that state—then you can more efficiently and more effectively swim upstream and find safe harbor in the midst of this storm.

Couples in Sacred Relationship can greatly reinforce this in each other.

Most couples are the antithesis of Sacred Relationship, and a person would be better off being alone than entering into a relationship with someone who is not his or her equal—spiritually speaking.

Another appropriate metaphor is swimming through water. Water is like the impersonal force of love. It surrounds you, but there are rocks, immovable objects within that stream, and the mastery of swimming is to swim around those things that are not what you are looking for, and to swim around impediments, without a second glance, leaving them behind you.

I believe that the greatest treasures that a human can possess are immaterial—they are not the gold of this world. They are attributes of consciousness that are developed in the foundry of existence.

You take these types of treasures with you when you leave this earthly life, and you take these with you into other realms. When you discover such a great treasure, you would naturally protect it.

I believe that many people lose this treasure in the course of life, and some will re-find it, thus treasuring it even more. So what you are dealing with here is a level of intelligence that can recognize the value of an attribute and the intelligence to know what to do with it, how to use that attribute (i.e., impersonal love) to create a bubble, a vibratory field that allows you to move through the current and move upstream when the current is moving downstream.

Earth is a school for the soul.

This life is temporary but spiritual consciousness is eternal.

And so in the density and suffering of life, it is how you deal with life’s difficulties that determines what attributes you extract. One of the greatest treasures or attributes of consciousness is the capacity to love impersonally, because this creates a vibrational field that inherently moves upstream. In other words the vibrational field itself moves you upward. This is highly efficient.

How you choose to navigate through the difficulties of planetary purification becomes the question. If you can recognize that the true treasure is not material, that you are a visitor to this world and that you will take the treasure of spiritual development with you when you leave this life, then you will pass through this period more easily.

You live in this world fully to gain all the experiences you can, but you live knowing you are not of this world, and if you can live that with the full force of your being you can live through the experience of this life with more mastery and grace.

I think it is best to avoid the dichotomy of good and evil for they are relative to the perceiver. What is evil to one, might be a holy undertaking to someone else.

In the midst of this planetary upheaval, I believe that the path of the Initiate is to live upward despite what might be occurring in the external environment and to find the treasures within. Furthermore, an Initiate must forge the capacity to think and feel on his or her own, and use these abilities as a means to navigate through the conditions and situations of life—never losing sight of those spiritual treasures. That’s the path.

Transformation and Despair

True transformation does not require hope and moves even in despair.

The Delusion of Oneness

All beings have their own perspective, which is relative to the dimension they reside in and the level of their consciousness. From my experience, it is impossible for any one being to comprehend the totality of existence in all its dimensionality.

From my experience and perspective, all beings are interconnected. These interconnections extend in all levels, in all dimensions and throughout the cosmos.

In your planetary existence you are part of and not separate from your planetary eco-system. You are intimately connected to all life forms. You breathe because the plant kingdom transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen, a process you call photosynthesis.

I prefer to call it devic transformation. The devic consciousness of the plant kingdom is vast and intelligent. It is sentient.  By its very nature it transforms one element into another. It is its nature to transform, upon this planet, carbon dioxide into oxygen. And it is this transformation that gives you life. So you are deeply interconnected to the plant kingdom and all other life forms upon this planet.

You are also interconnected with other intelligences and other dimensions. I am able to communicate with you because we are interconnected. This interconnectedness is a vast ocean. There are channels that you call wormholes connecting parts of the cosmos with distant areas. But this interconnectedness is different than what many people call “oneness.”

Because there are so many different ways of using this term, it is not particularly helpful to use this term without being more precise. So let me discuss the truth of “oneness,” as I view it, for it is different from the delusion of “oneness.”

When you reach higher states of consciousness in which your experience of time and space are transcended, there are various levels of perception. One of these levels is the interconnectedness of all life, all consciousnesses and all existence.

When you enter a certain octave of this transcendence to time and space you enter into what Yeshua referred to as “love.” This love is impersonal. It is not romantic in the sense that most people think of it. It is not erotic attraction. It is a resonance that holds all existence in one interrelated vibration, and this vibration is all-inclusive.

This state of consciousness is very strange, for when you are in the vibrational state of impersonal love you can easily hold conflicting opposites together.

They are seemingly resolved in the serenity of this vibration called love. But at the same time there are other perceptions and other realities co-existing with this vibrational state.

My personal difficulty with the concept of “oneness,” as it is used in the New Age, has to do with a lack of boundaries, a lack of accountability and personal responsibility. It is also a nesting place, ironically, for some of the darkest shadow material of humanity.

Those who leap frog into the idea of oneness, enter a tenuous path if they conclude that at a higher level of being we are all one and there is no differentiation. My reason for saying this has to do with the edges of vibrational states.

The idea of  “oneness” is being used as a hypnotic vehicle by some people to sidestep the complexity of existence. Some of these people believe that if we are all one then there is no need to do anything, and, in my belief, this is a sad error.

Personal evolution rarely occurs as a spontaneous event but more often through an application of your heart and mind and at times through sheer effort and personal will. Another aspect of oneness that disturbs me is that some, though not all, use it as a pretext for irresponsibility and unaccountability.

When one enters the authentic experience of interconnectedness the heart can expand to include all levels of existence, and one can indeed experience an emotion of profound love that embraces all opposites, and one might describe this feeling as “oneness.” But this is quite different than the idea of “oneness.” The idea of oneness is not an authentic spiritual experience. It is just an idea. But it is an idea that is fraught with difficulties for those seeking true authentic spiritual realization.

I said earlier one of the difficulties with oneness was that it disregarded vibrational edges.

What I mean by this is that every vibrational state has a boundary. In certain states of consciousness all boundaries are transcended, but one cannot operate in the manifest universe without boundaries.

The experience of no boundaries is a state of mind, but it is not useful as a means to navigate through vibrational states effectively. You must pay attention to vibrational boundaries or you very easily create energetic problems.

Let me give a concrete example. Many years after Yeshua’s death there was a man who sought out and destroyed those early followers of Yeshua. His name was Paul. On his way to Damascus, as the story goes, he had a sudden vision of Yeshua and had a conversion, and suddenly this man who was a vile, despicable human being seemed to be lifted up and transformed.

You know him as St. Paul.

One of the difficulties I have with Paul, as a woman, is that he hated our kind. And so he inserted his bias against women into the formation of the Church through his evangelism and writings.

As a woman Initiate and a close disciple of Yeshua—as well as his teacher and his wife—I find his (Paul’s) influence on the Church most unfortunate. The problem with Paul—and I refuse to call him a Saint—is that he had a partial conversion, but his unresolved issues with women tainted his spiritual experience. And it became a vile poison that he added to the mix of early influences to those followers of Yeshua.

When Paul encountered his vision of Yeshua, he saw the error of his ways to some extent. But he did not look deeper in himself; he did not notice the vibrational edge, or boundary, within his own nature that was driven by his fear and hatred of women.

This was a vibrational edge, and he overlooked it. He did not enter into it, explore it or change it, and so, filled with energy that comes to any human who makes contact with the spiritual dimension, he set forth into the world, now a converter, an evangelist. But he was not proclaiming the full truth of Yeshua’s message. It was twisted by his inner and tormented world.

It is indeed a paradox that an idea as seemingly benevolent as “oneness” can sometimes be used as a cloak to hide human darkness and what you would call the shadow. From my personal view the idea that all beings are “one” without any differences is preposterous and an insult to the complexity of multi-dimensional existence.

I am aware that I am interconnected with all beings, and I am also aware, at the same time, that I am distinctly me.

In the path to self-realization and mastery there are many ways, many paths and many choices. Neither is better than the other. It is simply that each choice brings with it consequences.

I choose to remain a distinct individual consciousness. I choose at times to intercede on the behalf of other beings, but I am always aware that they have a distinct existence separate from me, and that their sovereign existence is their responsibility and not mine.

From my view, at the moment of death there are many options and many ways to transit through the death realms. One of these is moving to the light, as proposed by numerous proponents of oneness. I personally consider this type of collective light to be a trap. It ensnares a soul or a consciousness. It does not lead to liberation or greater mastery but to a type of subjugation.

I find there to be something insidious in the concept of oneness as held by some people. By imagining that we are all one, they are able to enter a hypnotic state. This type of hypnosis imparts a pseudo-serenity because one can seemingly operate without attention to boundaries. But just because one has an idea of something does not make it so. I find that many persons who have swallowed the concept of oneness do not look deeper into themselves. They remain ignorant to their own unconscious forces.

And so while one hand holds a magic wand, so to speak, and creates the pseudo-feelings of oneness, the other hand creates discord and acts out the shadow, which is quite simply un-owned aspects and un-evolved impulses. But because this “second hand” is not in their awareness they take no responsibility for their actions.

This is not evolution in my mind but devolution, and so this leads me to wonder how such a situation has arisen and why.

When my beloved Yeshua said, “You shall do greater things than I, “ he was speaking from an understanding regarding the individualized divine person, a being who understood his or her relationship to the cosmos as a distinct individual, not merged with all beings as one.

It is true that some of the power available to a divine person arises from the recognition of his or her interconnectedness with the cosmos. But this sense of interconnectedness retains identity as an individual. Indeed this type of mastery requires an individualized being. This type of mastery requires that a being operate within the vast sea of interconnectedness while being aware of vibrational boundaries as well as how to move in relationship to them.

Let me say a little more about boundaries.

This is a true paradox because they co-exist at the same time. Let’s start with the physical since you relate every day to this.

Every cell of your body has a boundary, a physical wall of molecules that separates itself from every other cell. Without this boundary the cells could not exist. But the boundary has openings that allow the cell to take in things that are good for it and to eject things that are not in its best interest or no longer needed, the byproducts if you will, of cellular metabolism—like carbon dioxide.

When you take all of these cells that comprise your body, your body has the physical experience of boundaries. If you walk into a wall, the boundary of your body and the boundary of the wall meet, and you will not pass through the wall. This is a physical reality.

Now all matter is essentially space, so it is possible in certain states of body/mind to walk through wall, to physically walk through it. This fluidity of body and mind is a highly unusual state, but it is possible, and many of your yogis and yoginis as well as some saints from many spiritual traditions have demonstrated this and other abilities as well.

It is possible for your body/mind to enter a super conductive state in which gravity is temporarily transcended and levitation becomes a distinct possibility. But most of the time, most people remain at the affect of gravity.

The idea that you can walk through walls or levitate is very different than the actual ability to walk through walls or levitate. The energetic mastery required to physically walk through a wall or to levitate is not in the domain of thinking. It’s a much more complex phenomenon.

Each vibrational level or dimension has boundaries. It is possible in certain states to pass through these boundaries, but it is done by understanding the nature of the boundary that is presenting itself to you and what is required of you to pass through it.

It is through interconnectedness that you can travel through the cosmos through any dimension that you wish. But you have to understand the nature of each boundary that you encounter and what is energetically required of you to pass through it. This is a very different concept than oneness.

One does not move throughout the cosmos with mastery if one is blobbed together in one’s mind with all other beings. This concept is very limiting, in contrast to the potentials of interconnectedness.

So, in summary, exploring ones’ interconnectedness with the cosmos as an individualized being leads you to greater mastery and an ability to move through dimensional boundaries. The idea of oneness does not impart this level of mastery, but in my mind it is a hornet’s nest of confusion and a place where manipulation and untransformed shadows often reside.


Planetary energetics are like a plow that ruthlessly passes through the soil of the psyche and all manner of things come to the surface that were hidden—your deep-seated roots of worthlessness, in particular.

It is a hard flinty rock, this worthlessness, that the plow is turning up.

My Take on Chaos

Let’s use the Labadous Valley in Southern France as an example. When some off-planet beings scan this valley they see fountains of light, which they can measure and quantify. They are aware of their intergalactic brothers, like the Arcturians, and like the Arcturians they view earth life from a somewhat detached place because they are in the 5th Dimensions and higher and have never actually been here in the physical.

I, however, have been here so I know the taste and the smell and the touch of matter. So when I am in this valley my tendency is to see all these beings not as fountains of light, but as friends whom I have relationships with, which is why I can call forth the elements. I could call forth the angels. So I could, for instance, sit down, with an angel in this valley and this angel might be very agitated because of the disturbances that it is experiencing in the Earth and in humanity. And I might have a conversation with this angel.

Other off-planet beings would do an energy reading and say that chaos is increasing in this area where the angel is located. So both perspectives are accurate. It’s simply that one is more detached and the other is more involved.

All the kingdoms of your Earth, including all of the devic kingdoms, the elemental kingdoms and the angels of air, water, earth and fire, as well as the mysterious angel of space, are all being activated, stimulated and irritated by the cosmic waves of energy that are passing through your solar system. Just as humans are being affected, all of Earth’s kingdoms are being affected. Everything is stirred up.

Many beings from off-planet are monitoring energy, from the 5th Dimension and higher. I was of the Earth (in one life), so I understand the relationship with beings who reside here, but we’re describing the same thing, just from different perspectives.

There are pockets of individuals who enter highly agitated states, and this will act out in all realms of elements, the air, fire, definitely the Earth. It will become very surrealistic. Eventually it will be impossible to deny the fact that there is a relationship between human consciousness and what is occurring on the planet except to the most dense of individuals.


The sole purpose of most Angels is to be of benefit. They have no interest to do anything other than express a positive intent as they understand it. Within that range of beings there are Angels that have free will, but they choose to be in alignment with the higher vision that they hold. It is a part of their purpose. Some Angels have no free will of their own, but are bound to the intent set by their progenitor. Some angels are simple energetic messengers…servants, so to speak, to whatever it is that expressed them into existence.

Now, we are not talking about God here…we are speaking about actual subatomic forces. You can look at this totally within the realm of physics. Subatomic particles are, from at least one perspective, Angels. They do not have will, as you understand it, but can sometimes bond with other subatomic particles to create an intention. Some of this is random and some is quite specific having to do with consciousness—your consciousness.

What allows you to make sense of my words are molecular messengers with your brain called neurotransmitters. These molecules are constellations of subatomic and atomic particles.

Depending upon the nature of their work, atomic and molecular messengers (Angels) operate in the realm of physiology to keep you alive and/or they operate within in the realm of cognition, allowing you to create meaning from the world. They do not have a will of their own but are bound to and completely aligned with your will.

You have a direct affect upon the subatomic, atomic and molecular messengers (Angels) within your body through the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel. Since these types of Angels are bound to your will, they will obey your intentions regarding your physical body to a remarkable degree.

Next there are the higher order of Angels, meaning Angels having to do with larger systems than your body—meaning their sphere of influence, i.e., how big a territory they have influence over.

For instance, the Angels in your body could not take on galactic levels of energy. This would be far beyond their capability.

Another category of Angels has to do with the devic kingdom. When a flower blossoms, it sends out Angelic messengers that you call aromas, and they draw in the insects and bees that will fertilize it and spread genetic information. But it’s in the nature of the flower to send forward these Angelic messengers just as it’s in the nature of the universe to emanate energies that I call Angels. Some of these energies are conscious and have free will, and some are conscious and do not have free will. Some of them have little consciousness at all; they are simply messengers.

Iron, Blood and Earth’s Magnetic Field

What is the element that creates the magnetic field of Earth? Iron.

What is the primary element that comprises Earth’s core and responsible for Earth’s magnetic field? Iron.

Iron is also an important component of blood so there is a resonant field of information between human blood and the Earth’s core.

In regard to the relationship between human blood and Earth’s magnetic field, the reptilians that fed off of fear also knew and understood, early on, that sacrificing and the blood letting of humans created both fear and an energetic that allowed them to affect the magnetic field of Earth, using the relationship between blood and Earth’s core to energize their intentions. Some did this ritual in order to keep things in place so that they could remain in power as the Aztecs did in Mesoamerica.

On Working With Other People

I inspire many other people to return to the balance of the feminine, and so many are working with aspects of me. Some of them are deluded, and some of them are actually working with aspects of me.

The Nature of My Teachings

After Yeshua’s passing from this world, I taught and did healing through the laying on of hands, and I spoke about Yeshua’s teachings that the true divine mystery was love, and I spoke about the concept of a mother /father god.

Then there were certain women of high caliber who I initiated into the Sex Magic of Isis, and I gave them instructions in how to use their life force to heal and to elevate themselves.

I also gave to these groups of women my knowledge concerning the use of herbs for healing. And it was to this group that I gave instruction on the use of essential oils to alter consciousness in order to enter receptive states of consciousness whereby they were able to experience the spiritual worlds directly for themselves.

Many of these women started their own teaching groups and the knowledge of herbs and essential oils for healing and self-elevation quickly spread.

When the patriarchal Church had reached its zenith in the Middle Ages, women who possessed this knowledge were labeled as witches and many were burned at the stake or killed with elaborate brutality. Ironically, this frontal attack against women, who merely possessed the knowledge of healing and self-transcendence, was committed in the name of the Holy Mother Church.

This strange schism can be stated quite simply as a battle between the Mother Church, a supposed symbol of pure virtue, killing women who were perceived as defiled and evil. The irony here is that men ruled the Mother Church and dictated “her” actions.

For me, another layer to this bitter irony is that by the early Middle Ages the Holy Mother Church (meaning the Church of Rome) had been fully appropriated by men who traced their apostolic authority in an unbroken Papal line back to Peter who was, in my experience, a misogynist. And to this day, the Church is a woman hater and places women in a subservient position. But then this is not the only religion to have condemned women to a lesser state of perceived value.

In my opinion, the removal of Sophia from the godhead as the Bride of God (i.e., the Logos) has had, and continues to have, devastating consequences upon all Christendom and the world at large.

But let us leave the fetid history of the Church to further discuss the essence of my teachings.

There were smaller groups of students to which I revealed the inner teachings of Yeshua, as he gave them to me. I would take these individuals through an initiatory process with the elements. And I only accepted them into the inner teachings when I recognized that they comprehended what I was saying about the nature of the mother/father god.

Ultimately to these advanced students I revealed the central heresy, at least according to the Church Fathers, that all persons were the living mother/father god, and that there was nothing separating them from this numinous reality—except belief.

The process of getting them to this realization involved many stages, including instruction in how to interact with the elements of earth, fire, water, and air.

The first stage was to take them into a unified state of consciousness, which they entered when I took them out to remote locations and instructed them in methods to attain a state of mind whereby they realized that they and the land and all the elements were one. When they attained this state of oneness with the natural world, I would guide them into a realization that they were also unified with the mother/father god and that there was no difference between them and the Mystery.

Once this unified state of consciousness was attained with the mother/father god, they could use their powers of consciousness in their life as creators. That was the core of the teaching.

I taught men the unified state of consciousness and ways to connect with the mother/father god, but I did not teach them the Sex Magic of Isis. I let their wives teach them that.

When the sun and moon are in balance and the male and female are joined as one, a third force appears that has tremendous potency, and this power can change the world.

From Isis
On the Tomb of the Feminine

The tomb of the feminine—and by that I mean the thought forms and beliefs of the last 2000 years that have imprisoned womanhood—is in its essence the feeling that women have no right to ask for anything, that they are servants to men and nothing more. The torment of being in that darkness, knowing the power you possess and not given permission to bring it forward into this world is truly a type of hell.

From Yeshua: God I Am and God You Are
(“I got it one night, alone in the Garden”)

This world is a world of extreme polarity and the best intentions and most impeccable acts can be convoluted into something quite different than their original intent.

This is one of the tragedies of this world.

When I said that without my Father I could do nothing, I actually said “without my Mother and Father I could do nothing.” But my exact words were lost in translation.

Every action that I take comes from the “I Am That I Am,” in other words, me, as God.

But in my lesser understanding, during my time on Earth, I was separated from that in my mind. I was separated from myself as the realized manifestation of God, and there was thus the ground for personal doubt.

When I am in awareness of myself as God, there is no doubt. I am now in that state perpetually in all realms, and I have no doubt.

There are two levels here. Without awareness of myself as God I can do nothing. If I am in a lesser position of realization than I am now, I would think that this power is external to me, and then I call upon it as if it were a power outside of me. My realization was simply recognizing that I was the God of my own being, and this jump from human to god/man was a quantum jump.

God is a mental construct that is too limiting.

The fundamental question is this—do you worship some power external to yourself or do you take full embodiment of it?

When I took on the disciples, I grew through the experience of dealing with their limitations, and when I was in the Garden of Gethsemane, and they all fell asleep, I was truly alone.

In that moment of solitary awareness I no longer cared what any of them thought, and that was the pivotal moment for me. I stepped though doubt and walked through the portal without a second glance—realizing that I had created it all. I created drawing them into my life as both steppingstones and impediments.

I thought that the truth could be spread through them to the world, but it was a contaminated truth, tainted by their own human limitations as well as misunderstandings, and in Peter’s case, stupidity.

Let me explain my comment about Peter. The Gospels report that I said to Peter that he was the rock upon which I would build my Church. But the language I spoke to him in was Aramaic, and the word rock had two connotations—a firm foundation and intellectually dense.

So in the garden I stepped past all of that which I had created and let it go. I stepped through the portal of death.

I am a vast being with multiple facets, and the human was only one small part of who I am—as are you.