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The Pituitary Dimensional Attunement

Note: These listening instructions are excerpted from a Hathor Planetary Message, entitled Transmission of Light. To read the entire message, click here.

Listening Instructions

There are two suggested methods for listening to this sound meditation.

The First Method
In this approach you simply place your focused attention in the area of your pituitary gland, the master regulator of your endocrine system.  The sounds you will hear are analogs of fluctuations in the light realms, and they will create a movement of energies in the pituitary, so long as you hold your attention in the general area of the pituitary gland. This area is located approximately one inch (or 2.5 cm) behind the bridge of the nose.* (see note at bottom of the page)

This general area is all that you need to focus on. It is not necessary to be exact. Simply resting your awareness in the area will accomplish the task. The operative word here is “rest” your awareness. This is not concentration. You simply rest your attention in the area of the pituitary gland and allow the sounds you hear to affect the area.

When your mind wanders, simply bring it back to focused attention on the pituitary.

The Second Method

For those of you more familiar with your inner realms, imagine that the area of your pituitary gland is a white lotus flower floating on a still and infinite body of pure water. This mental impression shifts your brain/mind into a highly receptive state and generates a quality of consciousness that is very helpful to this particular type of transformational work. You can imagine this lotus as a partially or fully opened blossom, or if you prefer, you can imagine it as a closed bud.

Hold the mental impression of this white lotus in the area of your pituitary gland, and as with the first method, when your mind wanders, bring it back to the lotus and the area of your pituitary.
Whether you use the first method or the second, the catalytic sounds will cause a movement of subtle energies within the pituitary, creating a cascade of energetic effects throughout all of the glands that comprise your endocrine system. As you continue to experience this Attunement, you will become more familiar with its subtle and potent effects.

Before you begin, spend a few moments separating yourself from the concerns of your daily life. Draw a line between this short meditation and the rest of your life. The meditation is approximately five minutes long, and after you are done listening to it, we suggest you spend a few moments in silence, sensing the area of your pituitary. If you are energetically sensitive and aware, you can feel the subtle effects in all of your glands.

As we said previously, this Attunement is subtle, yet potent. And this odd paradox is based upon an intricate relationship between matter and energy.

As you move into the more subtle levels of matter (i.e. sub-atomic particles) there is more potential energy. Likewise, as you move into the more subtle levels of your own consciousness there is also an increase in energy (i.e. the powers of consciousness).

The patterns that comprise this Attunement are precise, and they form complex relationships in the subtle realms of consciousness.
Do not be deceived by its simplicity. This Attunement is a potent transformer of consciousness.

When you generate an increase of light-flows within the pituitary gland and the endocrine system, you release a potent and powerful purification. Each of you has your own comfort zone in this.
For some of you, listening to the Attunement once a day will be all you can comfortably handle. Others may feel drawn to listen to it multiple times.

As you proceed to listen to this Attunement on a regular basis, you will find your energetic nesting or comfort zone expanding, and you will be able to listen to it multiple times. But the guiding principle is your comfort zone.

If you listen to this Attunement too often for your own energetic reality, you will know that you have crossed the line. You will recognize that you are releasing more energies within you than you are comfortable dealing with. The simple fact is that as the glands comprising your endocrine system receive fluctuations of light, via the pituitary gland, they release inhibiting patterns of energy and consciousness.

The only guideline, here, is to proceed in a manner that is comfortable to you. Those of you who are more warrior-like in your nature can push the river, so to speak. But do realize that you are greatly accelerating the energetic transformation of your endocrine system. And if your perception, your thoughts and feelings, speed up too much, then slow down. Listen to the Attunement less often and find your comfort zone.

*Clarification on the Location of the Pituitary Gland

When the Hathors gave me the focus point for the pituitary gland, they indicated that the general area of focus was approximately one inch (or 2.5 centimeters) behind the bridge of the nose.

Using this point of focus when doing the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement, I can report that it works quite well. However, the actual physical location of the pituitary gland is further back than one inch (2.5cm).

The exact location of the pituitary gland varies from person to person due to skull size and variations in anatomical structures (since no two brains are exactly the same). But it is generally held that the pituitary sits in the center of the skull, opposite the bridge of the nose and in the base area of the brain, but above the brain stem.

It has been calculated that the average adult human skull is between 21 and 22 centimeters from the bridge of the nose to the occiput (the back of the head). Converting this metric measurement into inches yields 8.66 inches.

Since the pituitary gland sits in the center of the skull, its location is presumably somewhere, on average, 4.33 +/- inches behind the bridge of the nose. This puts it a full 3+/- inches further back from the bridge of the nose than the Hathors suggest as a focus.

When I asked them about this, they said that most people would find it too difficult to hold their focus of attention in the exact location of the pituitary, and this would result in a type of mental strain. But they said most people could focus an inch or so back from the bridge of the nose. Furthermore, they said the energetic region of the pituitary extends about 4+ inches in all directions from the pituitary itself, thus the area they suggest as a focus for the Pituitary Attunement (i.e. one inch, or 2.5cm, behind the bridge of the nose) is, indeed, in the “general area” of the pituitary as they view it.

If you wish to experiment with your point of focus, I suggest you listen to the Pituitary Attunement both ways, 1) with your attention in the area that the Hathors suggest (about one inch, or 2.5cm, behind the bridge of the nose) and then 2) with your attention in the actual area of the pituitary gland. See which of these works best for you (without mental strain), and then go with that one.

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