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Gaia’s Song

Gaia’s Song 15:34 mins

This is the first posting of a sound mediation in the Archives. It is a live recording from a Hathor Intensive that took place in Seattle, Washington. The Hathors are higher dimensional light-beings who describe themselves as Sound Crafters as well as masters of love and transformational vibration. If you wish to read more about the Hathors, go to the Hathor Navigator in the Articles section of the website or click on the link below.

During the recording of Gaia’s Song, I channeled Hathor sounds on top of a pre-recorded track that was taken from the CD, Aethos. The Aethos is an assembly of higher dimensional Hathors who reside in nearly non-dual states of consciousness. While it may sound like a synthesizer in the background, the drone-sound was actually created by layering channeled Aethos sound codes during the recording process. Thus, there are no electronic sounds anywhere in Gaia’s Song.

How To Engage This Meditation

Generally speaking, it is best not to have eaten at least an hour or so before this sound meditation.

Sitting comfortably or lying down, close your eyes.

With stereo headphones or earbuds begin the recording.

Rest your focus of attention on your breath not affecting it in any way. This is not concentration but rather a relaxed attention. After a few moments of being aware of your breath begin to consciously let go and relax into each exhale, letting each exhale be more relaxed than the one before it. Just keep breathing naturally and keep focusing on your increasingly relaxed exhales.

This combination of relaxing with your eyes closed and relaxing into your natural breath, letting each exhale be more relaxed than the one before it, will eventually cause your brain to produce slower brain wave activity and generate a feeling of general relaxation. Keep breathing in this way, while listening to the music, until you feel decidedly more relaxed.

When you feel relaxed, shift your attention from your breath to the center of your heart chakra—located in the center of your chest underneath your sternum and in front of your spine. Imagine that there is a small luminous sphere (i.e., a small ball) of pure white light in the center of your heart chakra. Some people may find it helpful to imagine their heart chakra as an open lotus with the sphere in the center.

Your attention has now shifted from your breath to the luminous sphere in your heart. And you are poised to shift into the vibrational universe that is being created by the sound codes.

Imagine that the sounds are originating from this luminous sphere of pure white light. Even though the sounds are clearly being received by your ears and are routed via your auditory cortex, hold the idea that in addition to this, the sounds are somehow mysteriously emanating from the sphere of light in your heart chakra.

Now for several minutes (according to your preference) you just focus your relaxed attention on the luminous sphere. Let the sound patterns emanate from the sphere into your heart chakra. Depending on how deeply you may have entered into a relaxed state of body and mind, you might feel the sound codes vibrating your heart chakra and perhaps other areas of your body. Don’t try to make this happen, but if it does, just relax into it.

It is at this point that some people may begin to experience a spiritual cleansing or even an emotional release of pent-up feelings. If this occurs, it is a good thing. Don’t try to make this happen, but if it does just keep relaxing into your exhales and let the vibrations from the sound codes move through whatever area of your body has been activated. Simply be with the feelings and sensations until they have calmed down of their own accord.

When you feel that your heart chakra has been charged with energy (i.e., a feeling of vibration or increased awareness in your heart) you are ready to enter The Celestial Sangha that has formed to assist Earth and all of its myriad sentient beings by introducing coherent life-affirming energies into the mind stream of the planet.

You must have coherent mental/emotional energy in order to impart these energies—for we cannot give what we do not have.

Creating emotional coherency is an artform and there is no set way to do this. Experiment and find out what works best for you. If you continue to work with the sound meditation and enter the Celestial Sangha repeatedly, you will develop the skill set for creating emotional coherency very quickly.

There are two primary emotional states associated with mental/emotional coherency—appreciation and/or gratitude. How you enter into these is your path. Find what works for you. Many people can just recall the feeling, and this is enough to put them into a state of high coherency. Others need to use fantasy to create the feeling. Do what works for you.

Some people have had no personal history where they experienced anything remotely like appreciation or gratitude. Remarkably this is not a problem. The human mind is highly creative and can generate these coherent feelings when given the right resources. If you feel that you cannot generate appreciation or gratitude, here is a resource that may prove to be helpful. Go to the Hathor Navigator part of the website and scroll down until you see Appreciation and Gratitude: A Basic Primer or click on the link below:

Due to the fact that you need to be in a state of mental/emotional coherency when entering The Cosmic Sangha, do not proceed until you have developed the ability to enter appreciation and/or gratitude at will. To enter the Sangha pre-maturely would just be a waste of your time.

Assuming that you now have the ability to generate appreciation and/or gratitude and your heart feels charged with energy or increased awareness, you are ready to enter The Cosmic Sangha.

With your awareness still on the luminous sphere of white light in your heart chakra, imagine that you are floating in space and the Earth is at a comfortable distance from you.

Now all you need do is to relax into the emanations of light coming from the sphere and appreciation and/or gratitude flowing from your heart.

Subtle energies follow awareness so when you direct your attention to Earth, the light from the sphere and your feelings of appreciation or gratitude will spontaneously move through space and enfold the Earth.

At some point, you might experience the force of light and coherency very strongly as you direct them to Earth. There may be strong waves of emotion and/or energy. Don’t try to make this happen. But if it does happen, just relax into it and Ride the Dragon (the act of riding the energies of an ascending consciousness).

If you are psychic or suddenly have a moment of psychic awareness during the meditation, you may very well become aware of other beings working on behalf of Earth as part of The Cosmic Sangha. This type of experience can be quite vivid and profound. While suddenly seeing or becoming aware of The Celestial Sangha in action can be quite dazzling and enchanting, I suggest you think of these types of psychic experiences as dream-like phenomena and bring yourself back to the task of sending light and coherent energy to Earth. This is why you have joined the Sangha, and this should be foremost in your mind.

Avoid the temptation to be seduced by any phenomena that may arise during or after the mediation. Your sole focus as a member of The Celestial Sangha is to introduce light and coherent energies into the mind stream of the planet.

When you feel complete with the meditation, remain in this meditative state as long as you wish. The audio recording is 15:34 minutes in length, but if you feel done before the track is finished just remove your headphones or earbuds. If you feel drawn to work with the sound meditation longer just hit the repeat button.

After you feel complete, it is a good idea to rest for a few minutes with your eyes still closed to sense what your body and mind feel like. Resist the temptation to rush into outer affairs. You may have gone quite deeply into altered states of consciousness. And if you move too quickly you may be a bit disoriented at first or may create a headache.

If you find it difficult to return to normal waking awareness after resting for a bit, open your eyes, put your feet flat on the floor and imagine that there are warm coals in the soles of your feet. This will help to ground you. Also massage your earlobes. Many of the major meridians in your body pass through your earlobes and rubbing them stimulates the movement of chi through these energy pathways.

This final phase of integrating your experience—through resting—completes the sound meditation.

Please note that Gaia’s Song is copyright protected and is being offered to those who participate in The Celestial Sangha to use free of charge for their own personal use. It may not be posted or shared via any format without the written consent of the composer.

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