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The Hathor Navigator

Hathor Navigator

Hathor Concepts and Sound Meditations:
Thriving through Transition States

This is an on-going project.

I will be regularly posting new links to resources from the Hathors that can be of immense help during this very difficult global transition.

I have posted this first version so that it could be sent out with the latest Hathor message. If you are reading this in the Articles section and haven’t seen the Hathor message titled The Heart Portal Sound Meditation, you can find it in the Hathor archives of the website (

There are quite a few Hathor sound meditations and concepts that might prove helpful as humanity and Earth pass through, what is most definitely, a difficult transition into radical new realities.

Living through such a transition state can be extremely challenging and stressful. And many of the concepts and meditations given by the Hathors over the last 17 years were created to mitigate the distress of living through transitions states.  Other concepts and sound meditations were created to free consciousness so that it can soar beyond the constraints of time, place and circumstance.

From the standpoint of terrestrial reality, where you live—as well as the culture you live in—has a vast impact on what you can and cannot accomplish. Generally speaking, those with greater resources have more options than those who don’t have access to those types of resources.

The fundamental message of the Hathors is that all human beings—by their very nature and regardless of their life circumstances—have access to the limitless potentials of higher states of consciousness. And these states of being are both beyond—and unaffected by—the restrictions of terrestrial existence.

I have listed the Hathor messages and sound meditations that I consider to be the most relevant and practical. Below the title of the message or sound meditation, I give a short description of its content and intent. Hopefully this will provide you with a quick and efficient means to sort through what you are most interested in.

You can find all of the messages and sound meditations given by the Hathors in the Hathor section of the website.

Important Note:

While some of the Hathor messages and sound meditations address health related issues, they are not—and I repeat not—a medical treatment and should not be used as such. The sound meditations, in particular, are a form of Brain/Mind Re-education, the purpose of which is to support you to enter altered states of consciousness and activate your brain/mind’s unused potentials.

Hathor Messages

The Heart Portal Sound Meditation

In this message, the Hathors discuss the current Chaotic Node as of March 19, 2020—including the Covid-19 World Pandemic. This message also imparts a sound meditation that works with the multidimensional portal of the physical heart—called the Ib by the ancient Egyptians. Working with this set of sound codes allows you to enter into the multidimensionality of your own body for the purpose of balance and purification. It can also be used to activate the Ib Portal in order to enter into and explore other realms of existence. Finally, the Hathors discuss how to activate the Ib Portal during the death passage.

The Heart Portal Sound Meditation


Trilliums are quantum attractors that arise from atomic and molecular bonds within biological systems. They are scattered throughout every cell of your body, and they spontaneously draw subtle energies into your body—somewhat like a magnet, meaning it attracts subtle energies without your having to think about it.

You can also program Trilliums to receive higher orders of subtle energy that can enhance your sense of wellbeing. The message discusses some of the intricacies of Trilliums and how to engage them for your benefit. The message includes a sound meditation (called Trilliums) that facilitates a state of consciousness that allows you to activate your Trilliums more effectively .


This message and the accompanying sound meditation (called Restoration) addresses how to counter the negative consequences of destabilization on your body and mind. The sound meditation is a celestial chorus from the realms of light that can impart to you deeply nourishing and restorative energies.

The Aetherium

This message discusses some of the issues that we face during this period of global transition—including the fact that the rapid changes in our perceived reality are negatively affecting our physiology and neurology. It also includes a unique sound meditation (called The Aetherium) that consists of sound codes from the Aethos, an Hathorian field of light that imparts highly coherent states of body and mind.

The Fifth State: Transcending Space and Time

This is an informative overview of the Hathors’ perspective regarding altered states as a powerful means to transcend space and time. Through these unusual states of body and mind you can contact other dimensions of existence and draw to yourself transformational and healing energies. This concept is, in fact, one of the cornerstones of the Hathor messages.

Chaotic Nodes

This crucial message discusses some fundamental concepts regarding Chaotic Nodes. Fundamentally, it is a way to understand how chaotic states arise and how they affect our perception and our environment.

Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and the Dismantling of 3-D Reality

This message explores how Chaotic Nodes will be increasing in their intensity and how this is radically altering our everyday reality.

Riding Through the Winds of Change

This Hathor message offers some perspective and suggestions on how to, as they put it, ride the winds of change. (Yes, I split that infinitive in the last sentence on purpose because we are in a world with new rules.) One of the mental/emotional states they suggest is that of appreciation—a theme they visit time and time again.

The Holon of Balance

This message discusses, at some length, how to create the Holon of Balance as a means to re-center yourself and to balance the localized environment in your personal vicinity. This is a highly effective tool for coming to an internal sense of balance during stressful times. It is easy to do, and it can be taught to children so they have a fundamental tool they can use for themselves in times of stress.

A Stream from the Higher Worlds

This message addresses an important concept—Dimensional Tendencies. These are conscious or subconscious patterns of response to our personal perception of the world and to those we interact with. The shifting of our own Dimensional Tendencies to higher ground—so to speak—is critical for living upward in the midst of chaos. This message also includes a gently purifying sound meditation that is highly effective at reducing negative stress responses.

The Orchidium

This fascinating message discusses a simple method of drawing life-force and beneficial cosmic energies into your Ming-men, a Taoist term meaning the Seat of Life. This is a very effective means for recharging your life-force. It includes a link to the Aethos sound meditation to assist you to enter an altered state of consciousness that greatly enhances creation of the Orchidium.

Appreciation and Gratitude: A Basic Primer

The Hathors talk a lot about appreciation and gratitude as positive resources. Research in the areas of neuropsychology and social interaction have clearly shown that these two emotions have positive effects on the body’s physiology as well as on behavior between individuals. These emotional states and their communication to others can positively affect social groups (such as families and business associates). I wrote this basic primer for those who might have difficulty bringing up one of these emotional states. It covers the basics, which is why it is called a Primer.

Cats and Dogs: Appreciation or Gratitude

This is a 19:20 minute talk I gave at a Hathor Intensive several years ago. In the course of this humorous presentation, I discuss some of the fascinating research into appreciation and gratitude. And at the end I share some of my observations about cats and dogs. To hear this, go to the Listening section of the website ( After you agree to the Listening Terms, you will be taken to a wide range of sound meditations, lectures and interviews—all of which are offered to you free of charge for your personal use.  Just scroll down the queue until you find the title Cats and Dogs: Appreciation or Gratitude.


A note about the photo:

The photo at the top of The Hathor Navigator is of a plaster plaque that was created by a young man over 23 years ago. The artist, whose name I do not recall, gave me the piece of art and said I could do anything I wanted with it. I put it in my studio so that I could see it every day. When I started working on The Hathor Navigator to help readers sort through the most helpful Hathor messages, I decided to put the photo on the website. Unfortunately, the young artist didn’t sign his name so I can’t give him proper credit. If you are the artist of this piece, please email me at so I can thank you again and give you credit with the photo. When you email me please tell me where you gave me the plaque. This will help verify that you are who you say you are.