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A Stream from the Higher Worlds

A Stream from the Higher Worlds

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This sound meditation was created to gently purify deeply held emotional and psycho-spiritual toxicity.

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How to Work with This Sound Meditation.

There are two ways of working with this sound meditation; passively or actively.

The passive method is for when you are too exhausted to focus your attention. In this instance you simply listen to the sounds and the music, letting it take you wherever.

The active form of listening is the most powerful way to work with this meditation.

Imagine that there is a diamond at your crown, at the top of your head. You do not have to see this; just imagine it in whatever ways seem natural to you.

As you hear the sound of the stream, sense, feel and imagine a crystal clear stream of liquid light entering your body from the diamond at the crown of your head. Allow this stream of light to flow downward from your head through your entire body, allowing the stream to exit from the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.

Imagine that this stream of light is flowing through every organ of your body, every cell and tissue, even through the very atoms that comprise your body. You may find it helpful to relax into your exhales, letting each exhale be more relaxed than the one before it. The central idea is to relax into the stream and the sound codes. They will do the work. You just relax and give the stream and sounds permission to move through ever-deeper levels of your being.

If you have the space and time to do so, you could listen to it multiple times, back-to-back for deeper purification, release and healing.

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Spiral of Ascension


The acoustic foundation for A Stream from the Higher Worlds was created by using a short sound meditation a Hathor workshop in 2015 called The Spiral of Ascension.

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