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The Spiral of Ascension-Class Handouts

Presuppositions of the Work
The Spiral of Ascension: A Hathor Intensive

Seattle, Washington, November 6 – 8, 2015

The Hathors contend that the term Ascension covers a wide array of human evolutionary advances. These include lower level advances such as increased creativity and problem solving skills, mastery of coherent states of consciousness (meaning states of mind that make you more effective and happier) and the ability to navigate through your own inner mental and emotional realms of consciousness.

The next higher stages of Ascension include such novel human abilities as direct awareness of both your own interdimensonal nature and the multi-dimensional nature of the cosmos. The more advanced stages of Ascension also include mastery of interdimensional reality and its expression in the realms of matter, time and space. Finally, in the highest levels of Ascension, various expressions of the physical body are altered—ultimately culminating in the translation of matter into light. It is important to understand that in the Hathors’ view, any movement upward in the aforementioned areas of human abilities is a form of Ascension.

Another way of saying this is that it is important to self-recognize (i.e., acknowledge to yourself) your own personal ascent no matter how small your progress upward might appear to you. Or to put it another way… a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first few steps.

One intellectually resourceful way of viewing the process of Ascension (as defined by the Hathors) is through the lens of an academic term called “operations of increasing order.”

Operations of Increasing Order

The book, Operations of Increasing Order, by John Curtis Gowan, Professor Emeritus, California State University at Northridge is a fascinating view of human evolution through the lenses of quantum physics, quantum psychology and the ancient spiritual arts of transcendence and transformation.

The quotes on the next page are from this book, which I personally consider to be a very valuable resource for those interested in a scientific perspective regarding Ascension as a natural expression of human evolutionary potential. Another insightful look at the topic of spiritual transformation by this enlightened academic is a book titled Development of the Psychedelic Individual.

From page 40…

“The second law of thermo-dynamics indicates that in a closed system entropy constantly increases and hence the universe appears to be ‘running down.’ But it also appears that life processes are anti-entropic, that is they generate order out of chaos. The results of this increasing order are discontinuous, emergent and integrative, both in nature and in man (humanity).”

Note: Entropy can be defined as the process of deterioration, degradation, collapse, disorder and/or chaos. Professor Gowan contends and offers scientific evidence that life- forms (like human beings) are anti-entropic by nature and tend to create order out of chaos. These concepts are fully compatible with the Hathors’ views regarding The Spiral of Ascension and your ability as a human being to engage operations of increasing order in the midst of increasing chaos. Professor Gowan goes on to define the terms discontinuous, emergent and integrative:

“Let me repeat the theme of this section which is: The effects of increasing order are discontinuous, emergent, and integrative. Discontinuous means that there is a sudden, sharp escalation into a higher state. (It is really a carrying over of the quantum laws of physics into behavior science.) Emergence means the onset of some higher power or ability not previously seen. Integrative means that the new operations have some holistic, boundary-breaking, synergic quality, which binds together in a single Gestalt aspects which before were not seen to be capable of unification.”

Another way of stating this is that as we move upward in consciousness (i.e., Ascend), we will directly encounter the force of entropy or chaos as they are a part of the reality in this universe. In other words, there is a force that will tend to dissolve or disintegrate what we have created or intend to create. It is vital to understand the nature of this counterforce to our own evolutionary ascent. It is also important to recognize that when confronted with the stressors of entropy/chaos, instead of dissolving under these forces we can jump to higher states of awareness, which will upgrade our ability to respond to new situations. These states of awareness and response-abilities will be discontinuous to what we have experienced before, and they will emerge out of our own nature. Furthermore, these higher states of awareness and new found abilities will tend to integrate with other aspects of our nature that were previously thought of as being incompatible (i.e., being both practical and spiritual at the same time as just one example).

The focus of this workshop will be on Hathorian methods to help us accelerate the expression of our own innate evolutionary potential to Ascend.

Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction

Important Note: The purpose of this handout is not to add to the collective hysteria around the issues of climate change and what a growing number of environmental scientists are now referring to as Earth’s 6th mass extinction. Rather the purpose of this handout is to provide you with both scientific and scientifically based layperson friendly information to place this vital issue within some type of credible context.

Scientific Resources

The list of resources noted below contains scientific articles that are generally peer reviewed by other scientists in the field. This standard of peer review is crucial to the scientific process because it increases the likelihood of accurate information. Many of the articles and studies noted below, require a technical understanding.

Nature (International weekly journal of science)
Has the Earth’s sixth mass extinction already arrived?
The link below will take you to a scholarly article published in Nature Magazine on Mary 3, 2011 by researcher Anthony D. Barnosky and his colleagues. They present scientific evidence that substantiates the hypothesis that the current extinction rates of plants and animals on Earth are proceeding at a much faster rate than the fossil records would predict. This is an academic calling for more effective conservation measures in order to slow down what they are calling the 6th mass extinction. Please note that the link below will take you to a summary of the larger article. In order to access the entire article, you must subscribe to Nature Magazine. If you wish to read this landmark scholarly paper without subscribing to the service, check your local library as many libraries carry Nature Magazine.

Stanford News Service
Stanford Biologist warns of early stages of Earth’s 6th mass extinction event
This is an official publication of Stanford University. The link below will take you to an article by Bjorn Carey, which discusses Stanford Biology Professor Rodolfo Dirzo and his colleagues’ thesis that “defaunation” could have harmful “downstream” effects on human health. A link at the bottom of the article will take you to articles by other Stanford on a variety of environmental topics.

Scholarly Articles about Environmental and the Earth Sciences
This is an online resource for a large pool of scholarly articles and studies that cover a large number of fields. The link below will take you to the Environmental and Earth Sciences section of resources. There is a charge for this service.

Layperson friendly Resources

These resources present information about Earth’s 6th mass extinction in a manner that does not require technical knowledge or a detailed understanding of the environmental sciences.

Silent Spring
The New Yorker Magazine firsts published this landmark book (in three installments) by Rachel Carson in 1962. It disclosed to an unknowing public the dire side-effects of the chemical industry (including such toxic chemical agents as pestitcides), on the Earth’s fragile interconnected and interdependent ecosystem.
Silent Spring, Rachel Carson (re-published by E. Miffin Company in 2002)

Skeptical Science
The Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction May Be Underway
This is a good overview of the topic with a paleontological context.
The link below will connect you to a website that contains hundreds of links to news sources as well as summations of scientific studies on the 6th Mass Extinction. This is a vast source of layperson friendly information.

Live Science
6th Mass Extinction? Humans Kill Species Faster Than They’re Created
An article by Stephanie Pappas on the issues of biodiversity and mass extinction.

The New York Times
Chasing the Biggest Story on Earth
This article is a conversation between writer Elizabeth Kolbert (author of The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History) and journalist, Claudia Dreifus. It addresses the impact of human activity on the ecosystem and how this is leading to Earth’s 6th mass extinction.

Biophotonics Research Resources


Section 1

Scholarly Publications and Scientific Research on Biophotonics
This is by no means a complete survey of scientific resources. Please note, as with many scientific papers, some of these sites offer limited access to those who are not members of the association.

Integrative Biophysics: Biophotonics
Edited by Frtiz-Albert Popp and Lev Beloussov
Kluwer Academic Publishers
This is a highly technical and informative book on the field of Biophotonics by one of the founding researchers of the field.

Leonardo, MIT Press, Technoetic Pathways toward the Spiritual in Art: A Transdisciplinary Perspective on Connectedness, Coherence and Consciousness  Roy Ascott, Research Director

Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine
Bruce D. Curtis and J.J. Hurtak, Consciousness and Information Processing: Uncovering the Foundation for a Medicine of Light, The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, Feb. 2004

Salk Institute, WAITT Advanced Biophotonics Center
In addition to research updates and studies, this site has an interesting video called “Seeing Is Believing.”

Stanford University: Biophotonics and Medicine
This site primarily deals with medical applications of Biophotonics.

Biophotonics Lab Website, University of Texas at Austin
Research studies and updates on medical and optical applications of Biophotonics

Section 2

Layperson Friendly and Credible Resources on Biophotonics
The resources on the next page are generally layperson friendly, meaning that they present the material with as little scientific jargon as possible and with minimal scientific background required. Do note that the blogs by Iona Miller, while very detailed and helpful, use more scientific terminology than most of the other resources noted below.

An overview of Biophotonics and the work of Dr. Popp

Further research into Biophotonics

Russian research into DNA and Linguistics based on the work of Dr. Pjotr Garjajev

Biophotonic Human, a Blog by Iona Miller (very interesting mix of science and speculation)

The Biophotonic Brain (more fascinating info from Iona Miller)

Pineal DMT, Iona Miller
A fascinating look at how the Pineal gland produces DMT, a naturally occurring hallucinogenic in the brain and its affects on altered states of consciousness

Biophotonics-Bioenergy Results: The Rhine Center Experiment
This article is based on a study conducted at The Rhine Center on Biophotonics and Qigong. It includes an in-depth look at the energy spectrum in a very straightforward manner and the mechanism by which biophotons are produced.

Energy Healing
The link below will lead you to the section of a website called The Healer’s Bible, which has a vast amount of information about energy healing in general. This specific link is to a section called Energy Healing, which combines scientific studies and conjecture as well as videos on energy healing via biophotons.

Spontaneous Remission and the Placebo Effect
This is a specific link to a section of the Institute of Noetic Sciences website. It provides a wealth of resources including bibliographies on the nature of the placebo effect and its relationship to Spontaneous Remissions. I think this is a very valuable resource with multiple implications for healing including the phenomena of biophotons.