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A Song of Gratitude to the Earth

As Earth passes through an unprecedented portal of rapid transformation this song is an energetic offering to Gaia and to all its sentient beings. It is also an offering to the myriad non-corporeal beings who stand in support of this Earth and to all those who endeavor to live the upward path that embraces all life with compassionate understanding.

In this time of great planetary uncertainty and distress it is not just the humans that suffer but all beings both corporeal and non-corporeal, seen and unseen.

This song is a gift from our spiritual teachers whom we collectively refer to as The Aethos and who dwell in the 10th – 12th dimensions of our reality.

It is a means for you to connect with the ascending path within yourself and to communicate through the language of your heart to the Earth and to all beings who dwell upon and within her your compassionate understanding and your gratitude for sharing the vast mystery you call life.

From the perspective of the Aethos, your biological life is but one expression of your greater Life. And it is helpful for those of you who are striving to live upwards to realize that you reside within multiple dimensions of consciousness and light simultaneously. This understanding will greatly mitigate any suffering you might experience as your Earth goes through the planetary changes that are well underway.

A Song of Gratitude to the Earth has two purposes. The first is to be a means of comfort to you as you enter the harmonic field of being that gave birth to this song. And the second purpose is to provide a way for you to extend this comfort to other beings from afar.

Whenever you communicate authentic heart-felt gratitude to another being, or even to a planetary consciousness such as Earth, it affects the very fabric of existence through the grace and power of all-embracing love that transcends and sees beyond the differences between all things. This type of love is enigmatic and is not affected by likes or dislikes, but instead it forgives and forges new higher expressions of life even in the midst of life’s seeming dissolution.

When you release into the world any act of all-embracing love you are elevating all of life. This song is simply one means of doing so.

To engage the song, simply enter the feeling of appreciation or gratitude as you listen to the sound codes. Then direct these feelings of gratitude from your heart out into the world in whatever ways feel natural to you in your imagination. Some of you might see and/or feel these feelings of all-embracing love flowing out from your heart in all directions. Some of you might see yourself, in your mind’s eye, floating in space sending these feelings to Gaia and to all of those who reside upon and within her.

If you choose to work with this song on a regular basis you will find that it brings you inexplicable comfort, and you will begin to sense how this comfort flows through you to others.

The Hathors
March 20, 2019

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

I think this message is beautiful in its simplicity and certainly a timely one.

If you are unfamiliar with how to create coherent emotions such as appreciation or gratitude, I suggest you read a short article I wrote on the subject. Entering these coherent emotional states is a vital necessity for this sound meditation to work as it was intended. You can find the article in the Articles section of the website ( by scrolling down the queue of titles until you find Appreciation and Gratitude: A Basic Primer or you can click here.

Click here to listen to and/or download A Song of Gratitude to the Earth.

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Information Not Directly Related

My 2019 Teaching Schedule

For the last few years I have steadily decreased the number and length of my workshops. This year I will offer only two workshops—a one-day workshop in New York and a two-day Intensive in Seattle.

If you are interested in experiencing my work directly, by being in the live sound field, I would strongly urge you to consider attending one of these events. While I cannot say for sure that I will not teach any public workshops after this year, I am strongly leaning in that direction.

The workshop in New York is titled The Thousand Petaled Lotus and the Intensive in Seattle is titled The Upper Rooms. You can read details about these two seminars by going to the Calendar section of the website.

A New Addition to the Listening Section

I have added a new sound meditation to the Listening Section of the website. It is called Healing Regrets and is an excerpted talk and meditation from The Multiverse workshop that was recorded in 2017. It is a unique way of working with personal regrets as well as with emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse.

You can locate it by going to the Listening section of the website ( Once you agree to the Listening Terms, you will be given free access to a wide range of sound meditations, lectures and interviews. The Healing Regrets Sound Meditation is at the top of the listening queue.

Perchance to Dream: The Trillium Sound Meditation

We just posted an extended version of the Trillium Sound Mediation as an mp3 download in the Store. We have found this particularly helpful to listen to before going to sleep and/or during times of high stress. It is also a helpful sonic ally for those wishing to explore psycho-navigation. We call this version Perchance to Dream because the fade ins and outs mimic the cycle of dreams.

The Thangka of Chakrasamvara and Vajrayogini

As mentioned during one of our last workshops, a two-page color depiction of the thangka Judi and I had commissioned of the two Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Tutelary Deities is in the 2019 Spring issue of Tricycle Magazine. The “ad” is a means to generate funds for the Nun Project mentioned in the article that the “ad” refers to.

You can find the complete article with photographs of the thangka in the Articles section of the website ( It is the first article in the queue and is titled The Thangka of Chakrasamvara and Vajrayogini.


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