Tom Kenyon
Tom Kenyon's work in brain/mind
re-education is a scientifically based
art form that transforms consciousness
in rapid and elegant ways.

Tom Kenyon’s 2019 Teaching Schedule

Tom Kenyon’s 2019 Teaching Schedule

I have entered a hiatus in regard to workshops in 2019.

I have no idea, at this point in time, when I might consider facilitating an event.

As soon as I commit to another workshop, I will post the schedule in this section of the website. If you wish to be notified via email when I post a schedule, just go to the Contact page and sign up. FYI, we do not share your email or information with anyone.

Below is something I call a Mind Scribbling and it expresses, in written form, the essence of my work—as I view it. While I use many different modalities to tap into the underused, or in some cases, as yet unused potentials of our human brain/mind, the desired outcome is the same—to transcend and transform our human experience.

Were I never to teach again, I believe you could find the keys to the Work by reading and contemplating the 20 stanzas in the Mind Scribbling I call Kiva of the Heart and Mind.

Were you to combine this reading with listening to one, or more, of the many workshop recordings you can find in the Store, I think you would get a good sense of what this is all about.

Kiva of the Heart and Mind
Tom Kenyon

In the kiva of the heart and mind there are unseen rhythms.

Sometimes all is parched upon the land, and one is hard pressed to survive.
Sometimes a sweet unanticipated rain falls like grace from the heavenly worlds, and suddenly the desert floor—of the seemingly barren heart—is filled with blossoming flowers and the air is left brimming with the sweetness of new life.

But the cycle of death and rebirth is only one small sliver of this kiva’s vast and mysterious rhythm.

For those who look deeper Into the mirage of their own inner suffering, there is a place of stillness that is hidden from the world.

It sits like a cave in the deepest recesses of the inner heart and reaches out to the edge of the horizon—that mysterious place where the opposing forces of earth and sky meet each other head on.

Few people ever notice their own inner heart for one has to be still and quiet in one’s own mind to enter into this hidden space.

It is here, at the edge of our mind’s horizon, that our pleasures and despairs arise,
fueled by the turbulence of solar storms that pummel the stratosphere along with the whisperings of star dreams that come to this place from the farthest edges of the known and unknown universe.

It is also here, in this hidden kiva of the heart and mind, that the whisperings of new dreams from sleeping seeds within the earth flow to us—striving to awaken us from our slumber.

A swirling vortex of forces from heaven and earth meets anyone who dares to enter this kiva of the heart and mind.

While this kiva has existed from before the beginning of time and has–and always will be—primordially pure, its entrance has been dug with our own hands as well as with the hands of our ancestors, and all our hopes and fears have been pressed into its entrance.

It has been said that there are three tunnels that burrow toward the kiva, but only the last one leads into its womb-like heart.
The first two lead somewhere else.

The easiest to find Is the one that leads to annihilation and oblivion.
The second tunnel leads to freedom from the Earth and opens into a wormhole that leads into the stars.

The third tunnel is the most difficult to find and even more difficult to open.

The entrance to this tunnel was pressed into place from the worlds and dreams of our ancestors that stretch back through all of the world’s tormented histories back to the beginning of time when time, itself, crawled like a cosmic serpent from the womb of all things.

Those who choose to enter this tunnel must wrestle with their own demons as well as with those of their ancestors before they can peer into the diamond light that streams from the deepest kiva of the mind.

For those who find and open this hidden tunnel, a new type of freedom is born.

In this freedom both heaven and earth are no longer at odds.
All our hopes and fears are transformed,
and all the seeming conflicts of our life are resolved,
resolved by resplendent rainbows of pure light that flow
from an endless river of healing that always lies beneath the surface of things,
that always lies beneath the surface of things.

Even in the mirage of the barren desert
there are healing waters and resplendent rainbows of light.

Look beneath the surface.
Look beneath the surface of all things–even in the midst of the worst torments of your life.

May we all awaken from our slumber.
May we all drink from the healing waters within,
and may we all gaze upon the resplendent rainbows of light that stream from all things.

©2019 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved