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The Hathor World Meditation on 11/11/11 and the Hathor Dimensional Attunements

An Update from Tom Kenyon

Note: The first part of this message is related to the Hathors’ 11/11/11 World Meditation that occurred several weeks ago, while the second part of this message deals with the Hathors’ Dimensional Attunements and how to derive the greatest benefit from them in the future—whether you participated in the World Meditation or not.

The purpose of the 11/11/11 Meditation was to empower the individual (i.e. you) by enlivening your endocrine system via transmissions of etheric light and catalytic sound in order to sustain you through the ascension process (meaning the act of living upward in consciousness).

This Meditation was multidimensional and interdimensional in nature and transcended the perceived limits of both time and space.

We have received numerous reports from around the world indicating that many people had powerful and potent experiences regardless of where they were physically located during the three-day period of Nov 11th – Nov 13th.

This multidimensional transmission from the Hathors on 11/11/11 was, in my opinion, one of the most robust World Meditations given by them to date.

It has always been the Hathors’ contention that transformation of the collective will emerge both through the transformation of individuals, and through a creative interaction between individuals (i.e. you and me) and the world around us.

We have all learned (as well as been conditioned) to adapt to a seemingly external world as if it were “real.” But “reality” is something that is mutable or changeable, and in this cycle of time, according to the Hathors, both our external and internal realities are changing and will continue to change at an unprecedented rate.

This accelerated pace of planetary change is being experienced by many of us in the form of an odd duality—as both a stressor and as an evolutionary catalyst.

Our responses to the accelerated alteration of planetary reality are, I think, a result of several factors.

Some of these factors include our beliefs regarding what is possible and what is not possible—both for ourselves and for the collective. In other words, if you think the shifting of planetary reality is going to be stressful and difficult for you, then it will be. If you think the process will both empower you and help you to evolve faster, then that will more likely be your experience.

Our attitudes regarding rapid and radical change are also key factors, as are the neurological realities of our brains. By neurological realities, I am referring to how quickly and elegantly our nervous systems adapt to new and unexpected situations.

And finally, at least according to the Hathors, the hormonal patterns of our bodies as well as the quality of our hormones affect how open or closed we are to new realities and how well or how poorly we respond to those new realities. This is precisely why the Hathors created the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement—to infuse the entire endocrine system with etheric light so that you can shift and evolve more quickly to the increased pace of catalytic evolution.

Further Integration

While the World Meditation on 11/11/11 was a singular event, the Hathors have some clear suggestions for those of us engaged in the ascension process (i.e. striving to live upward in consciousness).

Their suggestion is to integrate three of their Dimensional Attunements into your day-to-day lives in whatever ways are comfortable. These three Attunements are the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement, which was the focus during the 11/11/11 Meditation, the Pineal Dimensional Attunement and the Heart Attunement.

These Dimensional Attunements are acoustic analogs to patterns of etheric light and are, for many persons (myself included), potent transformers of awareness. That word potent is important here. As with all-powerful tools, one needs to use them with a modicum of sobriety and moderation.

Due to their catalytic nature, these three Attunements can easily stir things up both emotionally and energetically speaking. This stirring up process can be uncomfortable for some persons especially if you push the river too much—meaning listening to the Attunements too many times in a given span of time.

More is not better here. Let me explain.

During the preparation session in Seattle, before the World Meditation, I presented a metaphor to the group. I held a container of water that had a lid.  I said that the container represented how each of us learned to contain ourselves in ways unique to each of us.

The water in the container represented the worlds of emotion and the unconscious. And most of us have learned how to put a lid on both our emotions and the unconscious forces within us in order to adapt to society.

I then explained that what the Pituitary Attunement did was to stimulate an increased flow of etheric light and catalytic vibration into the endocrine system. This “new” energy moved at a faster rate of vibration than the vibratory rate of our endocrine system. And, I explained, it was like shaking the container that held the water. I then physically shook the container vigorously, and the lid flew off the top, spewing water all over the stage and all over me, I might add!

That is what happens with these Attunements. When you listen to them, you are opening a conduit for these higher vibrational energies from the etheric realms of light to enter into you.

If you listen to them on a regular basis, they will enliven you. And this enlivening process will transform your consciousness.

If you listen to them too much, however, you will stimulate a powerful cleansing reaction that you might be uncomfortable dealing with.

This comfort zone is different for each of us. Take me, for example. Some days I can listen to the Pituitary Attunement several times a day and feel wonderfully charged with the enlivened energies. Other days, I can hardly stand listening to it one time. I have even been known to stop listening mid-session on a few occasions, especially when I felt too much detoxification occurring for my comfort zone.

Some of you are, no doubt, quite familiar with the detoxifying side-effects of “too much” etheric or spiritual light. And many of you have probably learned how to pace yourselves so that you find the right balance between not-too-much transformational energies with not-too-little transformational energies. For those of you new to this type of personal transformation, I strongly suggest you read an article I wrote entitled Psycho-spiritual Detoxification, which can be found in the Articles section of our website (

But let’s return to the Hathors’ suggestions regarding the three Attunements (i.e. the Pituitary, the Pineal and the Heart).

Listening Suggestions

Purpose is the essential point when considering which Attunement to work with.

The Pituitary Dimensional Attunement was created to infuse the pituitary gland, as well as the entire endocrine system, with etheric light and catalytic sound vibration.
Thus, its purpose is to enliven the endocrine system, which, according to the Hathors, is a powerful boon to the ascension process.

The Pineal Dimensional Attunement infuses the pineal gland with etheric light and catalytic sound vibration. Its purpose is to stimulate latent potentials within the pineal body, which, according to the Hathors acts like an interdimensional antenna—attuning you to the higher dimensional realms of light, thus imparting another level of spiritual insight and understanding.

The purpose of the Heart Dimensional Attunement is to activate the heart chakra and to open an interdimensional portal to a deeper sense of ourselves and to all life. This Attunement personally strikes me as a bit odd, in that it is not the happy bubbly energy I would expect.

When I asked the Hathors about this they said that the Heart Attunement activated a heart-portal to interdimensional awareness and that we have to pass through our accumulated armor or defenses in order to make the complete passage. Thus for many of us, myself included, this is definitely a process—but then, in my experience, all the Attunements are a process that we best undertake with commitment and persistence if the gold of new insight and spiritual energy is to be successfully retrieved from the dross of personal history and the miasmas of civilization, which separate us from our own higher natures.

I would suggest that you listen to all three Attunements, if you haven’t already done so (Note: The links to these free audio files appear at the bottom of the page). Then work with the one(s) you feel most drawn to on a regular basis. How regular that turns out to be will depend on how much time you can devote to listening and where your comfort zone is (i.e. before you start detoxifying negative thought forms, emotions, memories and impressions as well as subtle and not-so-subtle physical toxins).

In other words, how you work with the Attunements is an intuitive call on your part based on what you experience when listening to them.

An Important Medical Note: While two of these Attunements deal with the endocrine glands, they are not medical treatments. They were created solely for the purpose of self-exploration and self-transformation. If you suspect you are dealing with endocrine imbalances, I strongly suggest you consult with a medical professional.

Links to the three Dimensional Attunements appear below.
When you click on any of the links, you will be taken to the Sound Gifts section of the website where they are located.
After accepting the terms of the Listening Agreement, you will be given access to all of the three Dimensional Attunements as well as all the other Sound Gifts.

For a link to the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement, as well as instructions for its use, click here.

For a link to the Pineal Dimensional Attunement, as well as instructions for its use, click here.

For a link to the Heart Dimensional Attunement, click here.

Tom Kenyon
November 25, 2011

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