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The Cave of Altruin

Listening Suggestions

the stone cave inside. out way with spooky mist and fog

This sound meditation was given by the Hathors as part of their planetary message posted on  April   2022. To read the entire message, go to the Hathor Archives at or click here.

There are three primary elements that make this meditation work.

The first element is the sound codes themselves, which create a spinning acoustic vortex. This, in and of itself, alters consciousness, and you could certainly just listen to the sounds and travel interdimensionally. Indeed, I have found this tonal matrix to be highly conducive to psycho-navigation…exceptionally so.

The second element that makes this meditation work is the creation of a luminous cave in the imaginal realm of your own consciousness.

The Hathors are very clear regarding the attributes of this cave. It needs to be spacious according to your personal preference. The walls of this cave are lapis lazuli, a deep blue…similar to the edge of the stratosphere, past where our atmosphere meets deep space. The walls of the cave are embedded with scintillating jewels and gemstones that emanate light and sound. These gemstones and jewels are from a different timeline than that of our present Earth. They are from a far distant future where Earth has finally passed through its current upheavals and the ecosystem has been healed. In this new vibrational reality, Earth’s mineral kingdom has been revitalized and new jewels and gemstones have appeared on our planet. These possess remarkable healing and restorative abilities. And all of this is made available to you when you enter and rest in the Cave.

Having worked with this meditation many times now, I think one of the Hathors’ comments is especially significant.

“To the best of your ability, release yourself from the malaise of striving and grasping.   Don’t try to make anything happen. Rather, just relax into a type of childlike innocence.

And let yourself be curious about the light streaming from the walls of the cave, from the precious and semi-precious jewels and from the Wish-fulfilling Gems.”

It really does help if we can just relax inside the cave and not try to make things happen. In other words, don’t fiddle with the streams of light or try to direct them into your body where you think they should go…or affect them in any way. Just let them be and be curious.

The term Wish-fulfilling Gems refers to certain types of gemstones that are highly metaphysical in nature and cannot be found in the earth-plane of existence. Rather they reside in the most subtle realms of light and are expressions of pure consciousness. They do not grant your mundane wishes. Rather, they enliven elevated aspects of your own nature and help to bring your positive attributes into expression for both your own benefit and for the benefit of other beings. There is nothing to do, per se, with emanations from the Wish Fulfilling Gems. They flow into your body and mind just like all the beneficial emanations that will be streaming to you from the lapis lazuli cave.

The third and final element that makes this meditation truly effective is listening to the sound codes with your body, not just your ears. This simply means to let yourself feel the energy emanations coming off the walls of the cave as they enfold and penetrate your body. When your mind wanders simply bring your attention back to your body and relax into your exhales. If you are like me, your mind will wander a lot. This isn’t a problem, so long as you gently bring your attention back to the task at hand—relaxing into the vibrational energies of the sound codes and allowing them to enfold and enter your body and mind.

It is strongly suggested that you use stereo headphones or earbuds when listening to this sound meditation. Computer and cell phone speakers are simply not up to the task

Also, very importantly, do not listen to this sound meditation in situations requiring alertness such as driving a car. This is not said lightly. Depending on your level of receptivity, a perceptual Einstein-Rosen Bridge (i.e., worm hole) could appear and you could find yourself in another perceptual world…not a good thing if you are driving!

If you decide you like the sound meditation enough to use it often, we ask that you download it onto your device and not rely on our server. To listen to and/or download the 11 minute sound meditation, The Cave of Altruin, click here.

Finally, you are certainly not limited to the 11-minute duration of the recorded sound meditation. If you wish to work with it for longer periods of time, just hit the repeat button. Personally, I prefer longer durations for exploration so I created an extended version called The Cave of Altruin: Music for Psycho-navigation that you can find in the online Store at or click here.