Tom Kenyon
Tom Kenyon's work in brain/mind
re-education is a scientifically based
art form that transforms consciousness
in rapid and elegant ways.


This section is a collection of audio files, some of which are sound meditations and some of which are excerpts from lectures and trainings. I am sharing these materials in service to the world community. They are intended for your personal listening only. They are not in the public domain. While the vast majority of individuals use this content ethically, some persons seem to think that they can do whatever they want with the audio recordings. Therefore, to clarify things for everyone, please read the Listening Agreement below.


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I thank you for your understanding and acceptance of the spirit through which these sound meditations and lecture excerpts are being offered.

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SAMA Interview

This in-depth interview with Tom explores a myriad of topics including the inter-connected fields of sound healing, psychology, archetypes and altered states of consciousness as ways to access unusual healing states of our body/mind. The interview took place under the auspices of SAMA (Sound and Music Alliance) and was conducted by Zacciah Blackburn and Lisa Rafel.  (55:54)

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Spiritual Power and Delusion

This is an excerpt from a talk by Tom presented during a workshop in Seattle, Washington in 2011. The focus of the talk is the pursuit of spiritual power and the task of separating it from delusion. (13:45 mins.)

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My First Experiences with the Hathors

In this amusing excerpt from a 2009 Hathor Intensive, Tom shares some of his first experiences with the Hathors and the challenges he experienced relating to these interdimensional beings who sense the world much differently than he does. (14:54 mins.)

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The Triad of Awareness

This is an excerpt from a lecture Tom gave at a Sound Healing Training in 2011. In this talk, he explores the use of a helpful mental framework for dealing with altered states of consciousness. Specifically, he discusses some important distinctions between the subjective, the collective and the objective realms of knowledge.  (7:56 mins.)

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The Logical and Intuitive Domains of Human Experience

This is an excerpt from a lecture Tom gave in Morristown, New Jersey in 2011 at an event sponsored by the Association for Higher Awareness (AHA). In the course of this sometimes rather humorous presentation, Tom discusses some of the differences between the right and left cerebral hemispheres. (14:56 mins.)

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Altered States Of Consciousness As A Function Of Right Brain Activity

This is an excerpt from a talk on altered states of consciousness given by Tom during a Hathor Intensive in 2009. He discusses the neurophysiology and neuropsychology of altered states and offers some tips on how to navigate these unusual and potentially resourceful states of body and mind. (18:52 mins.)

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Cats and Dogs: Appreciation or Gratitude

This is an excerpt from a talk on appreciation and gratitude, which was given during a Hathor Intensive (October 2010). Tom discusses the neurophysiology and neuropsychology of these two resourceful emotional states with a funny twist at the end. (Length: 19:20 mins.)

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23rd Psalm Alchemically Decoded

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