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The Multiverse Mini-workshop

Fundamental Principles And Psycho-navigating Your Inner Terrain

Kenyon Multiverse   “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Although this Mini-workshop is only a portion of the entire Multiverse workshop, it is a complete body of knowledge unto itself. I am making it available because I think the information and perceptual realities you will experience during the workshop can accelerate the elevation of awareness and enhance the quality of your life.

The Multiverse Hathor Intensive was the last Hathor workshop that I publically facilitated, and I have personally found their information about the multidimensional nature of reality—as conveyed during this workshop—to be both enlightening and highly beneficial.

The Mini-workshop begins and ends with Homage to the Great Expanse, which is a musical expression of the enigma of life as infinite unbounded awareness and the finite nature of physical reality—including human embodiment.

The second track is a discussion about the use of Silver/White Light and the Crown Chakra as a gentle, yet deep, form of spiritual purification.

The third track is the actual Silver/White Light Purification Sound Meditation, which I continue to experience as a highly efficient means for spiritual clearing.

The fourth track is an in-depth discussion about the various levels of human consciousness from the sensory world through the deeper psyche into the phenomena of the pure lights and ending with the primordial ground of pure consciousness (awareness without form). I also discuss the use of the Inner Cave as a metaphorical tool for touching base with the deeper levels of our own consciousness.

The fifth track is the actual Inner Inner Cave Sound Exploration.

The Mini-workshop also includes access to the Multiverse class handouts, which you can access in the Articles section of the website even if you don’t acquire the full Multiverse or Mini-workshop.

I have subtitled the Mini-workshop Fundamental Principles and Psycho-navigating Your Inner Terrain because it imparts both cognitive information and direct experience through in-depth sound meditations and explorations.

The Multiverse Mini-workshop is the first of several teaching and experiential workshop excerpts I plan to offer over the course of the next several months. If you would like to receive an automatic email when a new workshop is posted on the website, you can go to the Contact tab on the Home Page and sign up for Notifications. We do not sell or share your email information.

All Mini-workshops will be available as digital downloads only.

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