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Infinite Pool

Listening Protocol

Stereo headphones are required to get maximum effectiveness from this recording. In lieu of headphones, separate your stereo speakers and place yourself between the left and right speakers, preferably at ear level. Play the recording at as high a volume as is comfortable for you. Do not play at a volume higher than your comfort zone.
Infinite Pool
This recording is designed to stimulate interhemispheric communication between both halves of your brain. You can greatly assist this process by placing your attention in the center of your brain. Imagine that the sounds you are hearing are coming from this central area in your head.

In reality, of course, the source of the sound is coming from your headphones (or your stereo speakers). But by imagining that the sound is coming from the center of your head, you create a shift in perception that allows the sound patterns to work with you in a more dynamic way. If you find that your mind has wandered from the impression that the sound is coming from the central area of your brain, gently bring your attention back to it.

This shifting of attention to the center of your head is very important.

Each track is identical, though some are a little longer than others. The average length is around twelve minutes.

It is suggested that you listen to only one track at the beginning to get used to the states of mind this program produces. Take a few minutes to rest afterwards and to notice any sensations, thoughts and/or feelings that might have arisen.

To take full advantage of the transformative effects of this program, it is suggested that you listen to one track once or twice a day. Again, take some time afterwards to rest. The time after intense psychoacoustic stimulation is often the most powerful and/or insightful.

You can listen to the tracks either sitting or lying down. Generally speaking, it is better to keep your eyes closed when listening to more fully experience subtler mental impressions.

If your experience is too intense for your comfort, turn down the volume. This will instantly decrease the psychoacoustic impact of the sounds. If discomfort with intensity still continues, stop the recording. Rest for a few minutes before engaging outer activity.

Other Listening Protocols

This recording can be quite helpful when doing inner work, psychological clearing or while engaged in the exploration of altered states. Be creative and develop your own methods. The following are just some suggestions. As with the first listening protocol, these methods will work best if you imagine that the sounds on the recording are coming from the central area of your brain.

1) Dream Work The images that arise during the program often have a dream-like quality to them. Generally speaking, any images or experiences that arise in your mental experience are the spontaneous expressions of your own unconscious or super-conscious mind(s). These experiences can be worked with as you would any other type of dream- material, i.e., journaling, dialoguing, etc.

2) Psychological Insight This recording can be quite helpful when engaged in psychological work. Play one track just before a psychological session and then again directly afterward. Due to its intense stimulation of the deeper levels of mind, your experiences may yield helpful insights especially in regards to suppressed material and/or the mythological representation of your psychological state.

3) Psychonavigation Psychonavigation is a method for moving, in consciousness, either forward or backward in time, or for experiencing alternate realities or probabilities. Listening to this recording while engaged in such work can yield quite fascinating and helpful material.


This recording is a powerful psychoacoustic tool and should be treated with due respect. Used appropriately, this recording will stimulate exceptional non-ordinary states of mind.

Do not, under any circumstances, listen to this recording in situations requiring alertness, such as driving a car or operating machinery. We are quite serious about this.

In addition, those persons with a history of epilepsy, stroke or brain dysfunction should not listen to this recording without approval from a health professional. Finally, any person with a history of schizophrenia or psychosis, as well as those using psychoactive medications, should seek the guidance of the prescribing physician before using this program.

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