Tom Kenyon
Tom Kenyon's work in brain/mind
re-education is a scientifically based
art form that transforms consciousness
in rapid and elegant ways.
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The Hathor Material

Hathor Materials

Messages from an Ascended Civilization

For almost twenty years The Hathor Material has consistently been a bestseller in bookstores around the world. Translated into over a dozen languages the loving and eloquent guidance from the Hathors has been an escort to evolution, helping us to understand our multidimensional nature. Their information guides us without dogma, opening hearts and minds around the world.

Over a year ago we took it under wing and made major editing changes in the book. With the Hathors, masters of sound and love as co-editors, we rearranged the manuscript so that it is more conducive to understanding what the Hathors have to say. It flows seamlessly now.

In addition to the original manuscript, Tom wrote a chapter called A Personal Journey where he discusses some of the challenges he faced as a channel, and how the Hathors’ views regarding the nature of reality conflicted with his scientific bias.

The new Revised Edition also includes an entire body of information never before published called The Geometry of Consciousness. This section contains guidance and meditations based on three fundamental geometric patterns that the Hathors gave Tom during some of their first interactions. According to the Hathors, these simple patterns improve overall brain function while increasing both creativity and innovative problem solving skills. These simple meditations also increase the ability to perceive multidimensional realities.

We also added 2 Companion CDs to the book, one with live-recordings of Hathor sounds from workshops so you can experience their extraordinary sounds for yourself.  The other CD contains guided meditations with Tom taking you through the Hathor Self-Mastery Exercises and the three geometric patterns that comprise The Geometry of Consciousness.

242 pages, including 2 CDs

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This book is available as a digital eBook through Kindle Books at

The Hathor Material Companion MP3s

Hathor Materials
Mp3 versions of companion recordings are now available for purchase.

These MP3 recordings do not come with the instructions or background materials that appear in both books.

The physical copy of The Hathor Material available for sale on this website comes with two companion CDs.

If you prefer a digital version of the manuscript, you can order it as an eBook from Kindle books at Amazon. Please note: the eBook version does not come with the companion recordings.

You can only acquire the Companion MP3s through this website.

Here is short description of the companion recordings:

The Hathor Sounds

This MP3 consists of Hathor sound meditations, which were recorded live during various workshops and intensives. Thus, you can hear for yourself the catalytic sounds of the Hathors.

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Guided Explorations

This MP3 contains guided meditations based on the four Self-Mastery Exercises from Part One of the book as well as guided explorations based on the three fundamental geometric Patterns from Part Two of the book (the Geometry of Consciousness).

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