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The Ghandarva Experience


The Ghandarva Experience is a means to enter the celestial and Archangelic realms of experience. It is a sacred act of devotion and is, at once, both a tribute and a prayer. The tribute is to the One truth as expressed through many forms and many spiritual traditions. The prayer is that humanity will release itself from spiritual bigotry and intolerance and that “the peace that passeth all understanding” may truly reign in the hearts and minds of all peoples. It is to this vision of the peace ant spiritual community that the Ghandarva Experience is consecrated.


While the Ghandarva Experience may be listened to passively with much benefit, its positive effects will he more pronounced if you participate during the GHANDARVA Harmonic Choir, i.e. sing (tone) with the group. By bringing your own voice into the group harmonic you will have more powerful experience.


The Ghandarva Experience is ideal for group participation since the “law of third force” definitely operates here. The Law of third Force states that when two or more are gathered together for a common purpose there is a third force that is greater than the sum total of the members.

I suggest the following setup for group involvement. On a table place a single candle to represent the One truth that expresses itself through all of the worlds numerous religious traditions. You may also add incense, flowers, and other sacred objects significant to your group.

Although it is not necessary, if you are so inclined, it is nice to add a “prasadam” of fresh sweet fruit such as apples or oranges. Prasadam is food that has been blessed, and is taken after the Ceremony has been completed. To prepare prasadam, wash, dry and cut up enough pieces of sweet fruit for each person to have a piece. If you are using apples, you may want to add some lemon juice to keep them from turning brown. After you have prepared the fruit, place it in a bowl or on a plate and cover with a clean cloth until the actual ceremony.

Traditionally, prasadam is prepared while chanting the holy names of God (a practice called japa). Use a chant or prayer from your own spiritual lineage as you prepare the fruit. If you are at a loss as to which one to rise, the mantra “Om” is simple to use and quite effective. Om is the fundamental sound vibration of the creative source. By chanting the mantra with devotion, you will impart the vibration of the divine name to the prasadam. Know that as you prepare the prasadam you are, in a very real way, honoring the divinity of each person in your group. As long as you handle and prepare the fruit, keep your mind centered on the chant or prayer you have chosen. This insures that only the highest vibrations are imparted to the prasadam. You may wish to have someone join you in the preparation as it is an uplifting experience. Place the covered fruit on the table holding the candle.

Gather the group together and explain the purpose of the Ceremony. You may also wish to allow each person the opportunity to “dedicate” the Ghandarva if the group isn’t too large. Dedications can include such things as “world peace,” “healing,” “forgiveness,” etc.

The best way to proceed is to listen to the talk at the beginning (track 1) so that there is a common context for the experience. If your group has already gone through the Ghandrava a few times, you may wish to dispense with the talk and go directly to the Ceremony itself (track 2). If you have chosen to prepare prasadam for the ceremony, let the group know that when the Ghandarva is completed, each person may take a piece of blessed fruit if they wish. It is usually best to allow for some time of silence afterwards for it is not uncommon for people to have powerful experiences. Suggest that all members of the group leave in silence.

Light the candle and begin the recording. (Note: It is best to have set the volume of the stereo beforehand.) The entire Ghandarva Experience, including the talk is 1 hour and 2 minutes. This does not include the silent time at the end.


It is my sincere hope that others will celebrate The Ghandarva Experience in their own communities throughout the world, incorporating it as part of their spiritual celebrations and as a means to strengthen spiritual community.

The Chandarva Experience has a wonderful refining effect on the environment and a spiritually uplifting influence on those who participate (i.e., sing with The Ghandarvic Harmonic Choir as opposed to just listening to it).

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