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City of Hymns

City of Hymns
Recording this music has been an amazing spiritual journey for me, one which I would like to briefly share.

As a practicing Transpersonal Psychotherapist for over seventeen years, I have worked extensively with individuals in the exploration of their spiritual beliefs and how these beliefs helped or hindered their life-progress. In the course of this work, I became very aware of what I call “subtle energy beings,” such as saints, angels, deities of various spiritual traditions as well as personal guides, beings who helped a person “from the other side.” These beings are rarely experienced directly through our senses since they, unlike ourselves, are of a more subtle nature, constituted more of energy and consciousness than matter. Nevertheless, I have experienced these beings as quite real and often helpful to those I worked with.

Although I did not have a deep connection with Jeshua (Jesus), as I had left the church in my early twenties, I nevertheless encountered him on numerous occasions when a client was Christian, and especially when he or she had a strong emotional spiritual connection. I had to acknowledge, from my own personal experience, that this being, Jeshua, was a truly benevolent master who often performed some amazing miracles of transformation with my clients. The idea of recording Christian devotional hymns in a “sound healing” treatment was first proposed to me by my friend and publisher, Virginia Essene. I was intrigued with the idea, but had no idea of how to proceed since the hymns were “set” in my mind and did not have the fluidity necessary from a sound healing standpoint. I put the project idea aside as my professional and business life was very busy.

Then one day at the keyboard, I felt Jeshua’s very strong presence behind me. I picked up one of the old frayed hymnals I had purchased and opened it to one of the hymns in this recording. I asked Jeshua to guide me, and to help me see past my own limited understanding of these traditional hymns. Suddenly I saw the hymns in a new light. I was inspired and possessed by this vision. I recorded the hymns at a feverish pace, my eyes often filled with tears at the beauty and wonder of devotion.

May you be transported, as was I, through the power of these songs to a place of healing and peace. And may the peace that passeth all understanding, be with you always.

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