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Wave-like pulsations of energy

Given 5.13.05As we have said in previous communications, there is a wave-like pulsation of energy from deep space, striking the center of your galaxy. This is an impulse of evolution, a cosmic wake-up call; an invitation at the cosmic level for increased awareness. This energy moves from the center of your galaxy to your sun, to your earth, and into the universe that is your body.

This day, May 13th, is the second day of a nine-day period, in which the wave-like pulsations of energy are escalating. This is due to celestial alignments and is the harbinger of many more escalations of energy. During this time, individuals may have feelings of disorientation, extreme fatigue, strange headaches, bodily pains, an inability to think in clear ways, and sleep disturbances.

In this communication we wish to offer a means to ride these waves of energy, for as we have indicated, this nine-day period is only one of many more to come.

The essential strategy involves ecstasy and the attainment of ecstatic states of consciousness, as we shared in our last communication. Rather than repeat this here, we would ask that you refer to it (posted on this web site as a previous posting) for the specific instructions of how to create ecstasy through the heart.

In this method you use the ecstatic states that arise as a means to nest yourself energetically in a field that is larger than yourself. This has an immediately stabilizing effect on your energy, and you will find an immediate decrease in the disturbances we mentioned earlier.

Depending upon your orientation and your origins, there are three or four possible nestings. You will find that one of these gives you the greatest sense of relief and balance.

The first nesting and the one that will be the primary location for most individuals, is the Earth Herself.

The second nesting is the sun, the central star of your solar system.

The third nesting is the galaxy itself.

And the fourth nesting is inter-galactic or deep space. This latter nesting would be the least used and would only benefit those of inter-galactic origin.

In this method we wish to share, you generate ecstasy in the body through the heart, as we shared in our previous communication. You would continue to generate these ecstatic states for at least four to five minutes, building up a charge, if you will, a magnetic resonance, so that the luminous, egg-shaped field that surrounds your body takes on the charge of ecstasy. When this has been attained you would direct your attention to the nesting that you have chosen.

Let’s say, for instance, it’s Earth. After you are successfully in bliss, you would direct this bliss to the Earth. She will recognize it, for she is, like all celestial bodies, conscious. And you will energetically be incorporated into the resonance field of planetary ecstasy, which will stabilize you as these waves of energy pass through your Earth.

If you have chosen to nest with the sun, you would direct your ecstasy to the solar body and you will find that the sun responds to you.

Likewise, if you were to direct your attention to the galaxy, the galactic consciousness would respond to you, and you would have access into the galactic ecstasy that permeates the Milky Way.

And finally, for those of you of inter-galactic origin, directing your ecstasy into deep space will bring you into the ecstasy of the cosmos.

All of these nestings in ecstasy will assist you in both stabilizing your field and elevating you in consciousness. Then, these wave-like pulsations of energy from deep space will enliven, elevate, and enrich you.

We encourage you to experiment with and master this method of attaining ecstasy and nesting in one of the four fields (the Earth, the Sun, the Milky Way Galaxy or Deep Space). Again, we wish to reiterate that this nine-day period of increased cosmic energy is only one of many more periods yet to come. Subsequent energy-waves and their effects will get more intense. And you will fair better if you have mastered the ability to generate ecstasy at will.

Think of these cosmic-waves of energy as locked portals. They will lead you into new understandings and ways of living life — but only if you unlock them. The key that unlocks these doors is ecstasy. Find ways to create more joy and ecstasy in your life. This truly is the best thing you can do for yourself and for the future of your species. Don’t let the mind-manipulation taking place on your planet dissuade you from finding a path that leads upward into these higher states of mind and feeling. Then, the portals will open before you and reveal to you a dazzling universe beyond your expectation.