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The Upper Rooms Class Handouts

The Upper Rooms



These are the class handouts from the 2019, workshop entitled The Upper Rooms.

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The Work: A Brief Synopsis

The Resplendent Sphere of Blissful Liberation is a “field” or realm of transcendent knowledge that I encountered while psycho-navigating The Multiverse. It is phrase I coined to describe my experience of this remarkable realm. This domain of consciousness is populated by innumerable enlightened beings from many different spiritual paths, most of which are not known to those of us on Earth. While these beings may differ on key points regarding the most efficient ways to attain Enlightenment, they all share common traits. For one they are deeply compassionate for they see through the illusions of the various worlds and realms where beings exist. They see all phenomena as displays of light and energy and understand that the source of all things is pure consciousness itself and that all beings—regardless of their levels of attainment—possess this same innate pure consciousness in seed form.

It is Resplendent because it is a realm that is extraordinary and sumptuous in terms of its richness and diversity. The term Sphere refers to a vast field of knowledge—not so much to geometry, although some of the beings who reside there are spherical forms of light. It is Blissful in that all the beings who reside there are in various states of bliss and to interact with this field of knowledge tends to generate bliss in the one receiving this knowledge (unless there are deep seated resistances to accelerated expanded states of consciousness). Finally, this field of knowledge is referred to as Liberation because the various and diverse teachings and methods imparted by these extraordinary beings result in self-liberation or Enlightenment—if the teachings and methods are engaged and integrated into one’s life.

These highly enlightened beings, by the very nature of their attainment, continually emanate benevolent energies throughout the Multiverse. Those beings who enter their vibratory realm can interact with them and receive teachings as well as boons to their own self-realization.

There are many methods that one can use to activate the higher brain centers (or Upper Rooms). But during this Intensive, we will be using the teachings and methodologies that originate from this Resplendent Sphere of Blissful Liberation, which I shall, for the sake of efficiency, simply refer to as The Sphere.

This Intensive will focus on methods that engage aspects of the body/mind complex and its interconnectedness to the higher realms of your own innate pure consciousness. In other words, there is no demarcation between the higher and lower expressions of your being. Within this context, the lower realms refer to your body/mind complex as it operates within the confines of biochemical/electrical and quantum processes. Your higher expression is the aspect of you that is not confined by neurological activity but transcends it altogether. This higher expression of consciousness is not defined by or limited by the constraints of time and space. This aspect is also nondual in nature. Within this realm of your own innate consciousness there are no conflicts.

The methods we shall use will involve bringing higher vibratory energies from The Sphere into some of your brain’s key neurological networks, upgrading—if you will—your brain’s processing capabilities and giving it greater opportunities to realize and integrate transcendent awareness.

It is my personal belief that the ability to access and bring into our day-to-day lives the transformational and life-enhancing effects of transcendent awareness will be a boon not only to our own elevation but also a key to the survival of humanity as we move more rapidly into the effects of planetary transformation— including whatever forms the Sixth Mass Extinction my take.

Neurological Structures

The cross section of the brain below approximates some key areas including the Pituitary Gland, the Hypothalamus and the Pineal Gland. The semi-circular white area is the Corpus Callosum, a thick band of neural fibers that connect the right and left cerebral hemispheres. The space underneath the Corpus Callosum is the Third Ventricle, which is known by yogis and yoginis as The Cave of Brahma. In this Work it is referred to as The Esoteric Chamber drawing upon the mysterious and hidden aspect of its psycho-spiritual potential to transform consciousness.

The Cosmic Egg

The Cosmic Egg is a vortex that is created within the Esoteric Chamber through the power of intention to draw potent transcendent energies into the central and peripheral nervous systems. As the Cosmic Egg spins within the Chamber, it generates complex lines of “spiritually charged energy” that spread throughout the brain and into the body. It operates like a Trillium, or subtle energy attractor (see Hathor message entitled Trilliums in the Hathor section of the website for a detailed explanation of Trilliums and how they may be used).

The Body/Mind Circuit

The model of the brain/mind/body complex as it pertains to increased wellness via psychoacoustic music and The Art of Psycho-Navigating Spatial Cognizance.

The Wheel of Physiology
Note: The body/mind system operates as one interconnected whole. Changes in the physical body can affect mental/emotional perception and vice versa.

Multidimensional Quantum Brain Training

This geometric patterning exercise activates subtle energy channels in the brain, Including microtubules and microfilaments, which are believed to be quantum energy processors (by a growing number of researchers).

The purpose of this training is to upgrade the quantum processing capabilities of your brain/mind thereby giving you greater access to your brain/mind’s quantum and multi-dimensional potentials.

As the world goes through its accelerated process of metamorphosis, quantum-based and multi-dimensional insights and abilities will be of ever increasing benefit.

Activation of the Brain’s Microtubules and Microfilaments via a spinning and rotating Octahedron

Note: This energy practice was given by an angelic messenger from the Radiant Sphere of Blissful Liberation for the upliftment of all humanity through the empowerment of those individuals willing to undertake a rapid acceleration of their brain’s quantum and multidimensional potentials.

The Octahedron is one of five Platonic solids. Within Pythagorean and Platonic schools of philosophy, these five geometric shapes were imbued with mystical attributes. Students were encouraged to contemplate the significance and use of these geometries to open pathways into other dimensions of consciousness.

In this activations exercise, you imagine a radiant gold octahedron in your Esoteric Chamber (the Third Ventricle). Through the power of intention cause the Octahedron to rotate and spin in multiple directions. As it does so, it radiates intense gold light throughout the Esoteric Chamber and into the Pineal and Pituitary glands.

In addition to these areas, allow the gold light to radiate through the entire brain thereby activating the intricate network of microfilaments and microtubules throughout the brain’s entire neural network.

The sound associated with this activation is YOD AY AH EL.

Silently direct these sounds into the spinning and rotating Octahedron to intensify its potency and effectiveness.


Microtubules and the Quest for the Source of Higher Consciousness

Microtubules are critical cellular structures throughout the body. The sites below explore microtubules in the brain and how they may affect/generate higher states of awareness and consciousness. Please note that at this juncture in the scientific process, these concepts are largely conjectural. However, there is a growing body of research that points to the distinct possibility that microtubules may be responsible for the processing of quantum information within the human brain.

The three sites noted below are layperson friendly.

Searching of the Mind: Are Microtubules the Brain of the Neuron
Jon Lieff, M.D.
Note: This article is from Dr. Lieff’s Blog, which presents a wealth of fascinating and up-to-date information about advances in neuropsychological research and other related topics. Dr. Lieff is a psychiatrist with a specialization in geriatric psychiatry. This site is well worth taking a look at.

Is Your Brain Really a Computer or Is It a Quantum Orchestra?
The Huffington Post
Stuart Hameroff, Anesthesiologist, Professor, Consciousness Researcher
Note: This brief article gives a good overview regarding the topic of microtubules in the brain and how they may affect neuronal processing.

Quantum Vibrations Discovered in Brain Cells Reveal Something Thought-Provoking About Human Consciousness
The Mind Unleashed
Anna Lemind
Note: This is a fascinating article but it is unfortunately interspersed with a lot of advertisements.

National Institute of Health HHS Public Access

Microtubules in Neurons as Information Carriers
Erik W. Dent, PhD and Peter Baas, PhD

This is an excerpt, including an abstract, from a much larger article that discusses the complex biochemistry of neuronal microtubules. This is a highly technical article and is not layperson friendly.

The National Institute of Health as well as HHS Public Access are excellent scientific sources of information about microtubules, not only in the brain but also in other areas of the body.

Scientific Reports Article #11899 (2018)

Bundles of Brain Microtubules Generate Electrical Oscillations
Maria del Rocio Cantero, Cecilia Villa Etchegoyen, Paula L. Perez, Noelia Scarinici and Noracio F. Cartiello

This is an in-depth highly technical article that those with a biochemistry and brain physiology background may find most interesting. It discusses some of the fascinating electrical changes that have been discovered in the brain’s microtubules. It is believed by some researchers that these types of electrical oscillations may be an underlying factor in the brain’s processing of quantum energy fields and quantum-based information.