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The Planetary Creatrix

German Translation

From the Hathors through Tom Kenyon, April 15, 2007

You are on the brink of an escalation of intergalactic energies coming to you from deep space. As we have indicated in previous communications, this wave activity, related to the expansion of consciousness, is on the rise. Specifically, the expansion of consciousness has to do with a greater awareness of the subtleties and complexities of your life as terrestrial beings, but also as intergalactic and interdimensional beings.

One of the effects of these waveforms of energy from deep space is an increase in volatility—emotional volatility. As these waveforms increase in both number and intensity, they will increase irritability, sleep disturbances, irrational thoughts and behaviors. These will most likely be acted out between individuals, but also collectively. These waveforms of energy from deep space are both a negative and a positive. They are negative from the standpoint of your status quo, of your habitual ways of being and operating, for these waveforms will break these structures down at the most minute subatomic and quantum levels. And they will create changes in your physicality and psyches.

These challenges to your psyches are a result of your holding on to old ways of perceiving and being. The collective effect of this can be quite devastating to the old ways of living in this world. The positive of these waveforms of energy from deep space is that they create an opportunity, a choice point in each moment as the waves pass through your solar system. The choice points occur as the waveforms strike the very energetic structures of your body, your mind, and your interpersonal relationships. The choice points are a collapsing of your old habitual patterns and an opportunity to rapidly and radically move in new directions.

In very real ways these waveforms of energy from deep space are like messengers that unlock and throw open the doors of your personal prisons. For a moment there is the opportunity for escape, escape from your own self-made prisons, whether they are personal, interpersonal, collective or global. The challenge, when the prison door is thrown open, is to recognize the opportunity for freedom.

When the old ways of being collapse—when the charades that you have been living are revealed to you—don’t shrink from the experience. The old ways of hiding will not work, for a new energy is being released into the cosmos. Your freedom lies in abandoning old ways that do not serve you. Again, this is true at the very subatomic structures of your being, through your “psychologies,” and through your relationships.

As the waveforms become stronger—which they will—and as the period between the waves becomes shorter, it will feel like the pressure waves of consciousness are relentless, and in the face of such a pounding, it can feel like insanity or madness. Feelings of desperation will be on the increase. But we wish you to clearly understand that your desperation is self-created and self-generated, as it is a resistance to the pressure waves of evolution, specifically spiritual evolution. If you seize the opportunities, the choice points, when your prison doors fling open, you will find a new freedom, a new way of living with yourself and with the world.

Those of you who are most sensitive to energy will feel this first. Those who are mired in the material experience of life and in their animal nature will seemingly, at first, be less affected. But as the pressure waves increase, so will their sense of desperation. And nothing feeds desperation quite as clearly as perceived threats to one’s survival.

In previous communications we gave directions for how to use the Holon of Balance. We strongly suggest you master the ability to create them at will. Your experience of life, in so many ways, is changing at an unprecedented pace. How you move through the narrow gate of chaos is determined not by the outer events of your life, but by how well your internal compass operates, your inner intuitive sense of direction.

In previous communications we have given suggestions for how to create ecstasy or bliss. Our reason for imparting this information is that ecstasy and bliss are vibrational fields that allow you to escape the lower vibrational field perpetuated on your planet. Residing in ecstasy and bliss, or at the very least, joy or happiness, independent of external factors, allows you to slip through the doors of your own prison.

From our perspective, which is from other dimensions beyond your third dimension, your Earth is engaged in an acute struggle between the forces that would imprison you and those that would liberate you. We say this to you with greatest clarity—you are in the midst of a battle for your very souls, your very spiritual essence. For this is the greatest treasure that exists upon your Earth, not the gold or silver or diamonds, but the very ephemeral spiritual spark that each of you possess.

Whether you are aware of your spiritual spark or not is immaterial; it is still of immense value. The forces that have imprisoned this planet for thousands of years are threatened by these waves of energy from deep space. They can be expected to do everything in their power to continue their domination of the human spirit. And yet, in the great dance of the cosmos, there are others who wish to free you, for in your freedom a great renaissance of consciousness can take place that will be a great benefit to the entire universe; and so it is that many beings from many realms—who hold human life as sacred—are here to assist you. We are just some of them. Because you are at the brink of this massive increase of evolutionary pressure, this moment is a critical opportunity to increase the strength of light, spiritual light, upon this Earth.

And so it is that we present to you our plan for the immediate future, and if you feel called and aligned with our vision, we invite you to join us. We call this the Planetary Creatrix. It is based upon an interdimensional physics by which we can, with your assistance, send highly coherent and benevolent forms of energy into the energetic matrix of your planet.

This work is made possible by something that occurred this last Easter when Magdalen called the seven great Archangels, and they, through this invitation and the co-creation of many people across the globe, descended from the realms of light into matter imparting their highly elevated vibratory fields of energy into those who participated and into the Earth itself.

Within the Earth they planted innumerable seeds of light. They are scattered throughout the world. Some of them are time-coded and will increase their amplification of spiritual light over time. Some of them will be activated when specific waveforms of energy from deep space pass through your world. They are designed, intended to create choice points, opportunities for increased illumination and spiritual awareness. They are a direct counterpoint to the forces that would control, manipulate and imprison all life.

For three days, beginning July 6 through July 8, 2007, we are calling a gathering in Seattle, Washington we call The Creatrix. At this event we will impart fundamental understandings and techniques involving interdimenional physics and the ability to manifest into the third dimensional world.

On Sunday, July 8, from 2-4 pm Pacific Daylight Time, using the techniques we have imparted, all who are gathered will activate the Planetary Creatrix. We shall be assisted in this by the two earth healing sites we have established and by those individuals throughout the world who feel aligned with our vision.

During this time, Sunday, July 8, 2-4PM, Pacific Daylight Time, we shall activate many of the light seeds that were planted by the Archangels this last Easter.

Preparation For those who wish to participate with us in the Planetary Creatrix, but are unable to attend the event physically, some preparation is needed. Essentially, what will occur during this time period of Sunday, July 8, 2-4 PM, is that you will use the central column of your subtle energy body to serve as a conduit for higher dimensional light and energies to pass through you and into the area of the Earth where you are located. This will provide the entry point into the planetary matrix, for you are standing wave patterns of Earth energies; and because your body is of the Earth elements, you possess, by your nature, the right and the inherent ability to impart energies to the Earth.

The more individuals who participate in this, the stronger the imparting of these highly beneficial energies will be. During this time period we ask that you set aside outer activities and for this two-hour stretch of time, focus upon the central axis, the central column of your subtle body and allow the higher dimensional energies to enter through your crown and proceed through your body into the earth.

It is important, during this two-hour period, that you create an alignment of your own energies with the higher dimensional energies. This is done most efficiently by placing yourself in the Holon of Balance and by generating feelings of bliss and ecstasy using the methods we have given previously.

For your ease, we will place the information on how to create the Holon of Balance and how to create ecstasy through the heart at the end of this communication. If you feel called to participate with us from wherever you live upon this Earth, we ask that you begin to train yourself in mastering the Holon of Balance and ecstatic states, so that during this two-hour period in July, you shall reside in a state of balance and joy or bliss as much as your current evolutionary state allows you. For those of you who feel called to join us in the Planetary Creatrix, we bow to you.

We bow to the many spiritual lineages that you represent and to the many intergalactic beings that you are, and we challenge you to step up to the higher vision of planetary service that this requires. Practice and master the Holon of Balance. Master the ability to create gratitude, joy and bliss instantaneously, without the need for any outer condition. With these two dynamic fields of energy—balance through the Holon and ecstasy through the path of gratitude—you will be able to assist the imparting of these higher dimensional energies to your Earth for the benefit of humanity, and you will have a most interesting and compelling experience during these two hours.

This is a great experiment, a bold action involving the coordination of many realms of being. Nine days prior to the Creatrix, on June 29, 2007, we will give further and more detailed instructions for how to operate during this two-hour period of the actual Planetary Creatrix.

The Hathors April 15, 2007

Thoughts From Tom on this Planetary Message

I thought I would share some information with you that is not in this Hathor message, but which they (my group of Hathor guides) gave Judi and me upon further questioning. For one, as they say in the Message, the consciousness-inducing-waves coming to us from deep space are now increasing in both frequency and strength (amplitude). The current wave that prompted them to give this message began to arrive in our solar system late in the evening of April 12th.

This wave will last for approximately nine days (until April 21st). They told us to watch the news during this period, as there would be increases in irrational behavior, destructiveness and anomalies in our weather, and indeed there have been. Shortly afterward, a new series of waves will pass through our solar system and our Earth. According to them, each successive wave (with a few exceptions) will be stronger than the previous ones. In other words, we are not off the hook on April 21st. There will be wave after wave of consciousness-stimulating-energy that will pass through our world for years to come—that’s years to come, not months.

There are many ways to look at the effects of these messengers from deep space. On one hand, they are evolutionary catalysts that can free up immense personal and collective energy. The Hathors use the metaphor of opening the doors to our personal prisons—prisons being defined as our ways of living in relationship with our selves, with each other and with the Earth. If we are going to survive as a species, we must change how we are living. Period. End of sentence.

This is a great potential being unleashed, but it is also extremely disorienting. Perhaps you have experienced some of these side effects for yourself—sleep disturbances, an increase of irrational thoughts, unusual feelings of despair and/or desperation, extreme sudden and unexplainable fatigue, as well as emotional volatility.

Important Side Bar: Some of these symptoms can also be indicative of clinical depression, which might need professional help. If these states of mind and body are not a constant, seem to come and go quickly, then they are probably not related to clinical depression, but may be due to the energetic effects the Hathors are talking about. If, however, these symptoms seem to have settled in, so to speak, do not come and go quickly, you might indeed be suffering from clinical depression, in which case you would do well to consult a mental health practitioner.

The Hathors don’t mention it specifically in this message but there are also feelings of physical disorientation occurring for many. These include feeling like the world is spinning (which it is of course, but in this case, the world spins or tilts at unusual angles). In addition, one’s usual sense of dimensionality (our perception of physical space and interdimensional space) seems to be changing or morphing somehow. If you don’t know what I mean by this, don’t give it a second thought.

While it is probably good to know about these waves from deep space and their challenging effects, that is not the main reason for this message from the Hathors. They are putting out a Clarion Call to the world spiritual community. They are calling together in spirit, thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, around the world to join together in what they (the Hathors) are calling the Planetary Creatrix.

For those who join us in Seattle, Washington for the actual gathering (July 6-8, 2007), the Hathors will prepare us for two and a half-days with specific sound meditations and instruction in the use of multi-dimensional awareness as a key to manifestation. This knowledge of how to manifest will, I believe, be of immense value to all of us, but on Sunday, the focus shifts from the personal to planetary service during the actual times of the Planetary Creatrix, which will occur on Sunday, July 8th from 2-4PM Pacific Daylight Time.

My Thoughts On Preparation For those who cannot attend the event in Seattle, the Hathors ask that you train yourself so that you can create the Holon of Balance at will (see instructions below). They also ask that you begin to train yourself in creating states of bliss or ecstasy. If you are unable to generate feelings of bliss or ecstasy at will, then the Hathors have given a method for creating ecstasy through gratitude and focusing at the heart (see instructions below). This union of gratitude and focused awareness on the physical heart creates a shift in awareness that eventually leads to ecstasy (if you stay with it along enough).

Now here’s the rub. For some people, due to unresolved emotional conflicts held in the heart, focusing on the heart with gratitude will often first bring feelings of sadness, anger, etc., to the surface of awareness. If this occurs, I suggest continuing to work with the method until the feelings are resolved or transformed.

Repetition is a key to mastery. Eventually, this method will bring you to ecstasy, but you may have to work through some unpleasant personal material first.

This situation reminds me of the story about a boy who was given a donkey for Xmas. He entered the barn where the donkey was, but all he could see was a big pile of manure. He said, “I can’t see it, but I know there’s a donkey around here somewhere.”

So in other words, if you get a bunch of shit coming up for you when you focus at your heart, know that ecstasy or bliss is around there somewhere. You have two options, depending upon where you are in your training when the actual Planetary Creatrix arrives. If you have discovered the pathway to bliss or ecstasy, then you would be resting in these highly pleasurable states of body and mind for the two-hour period.

Most likely, if you are like me, you would create it for a few minutes and then your mind would wander off, and you would be out of it. Then you would just recreate it and do so as often as required during the two hours. If you have not discovered how to create ecstasy or bliss at will, that is not a problem—so long as you have, at the very least, learned how to create gratitude. Then during the Planetary Creatrix, you would hold these feelings of appreciation or gratitude as much as possible during the two hours.

Essentially what you will be doing during the Planetary Creatrix is to allow higher spiritual energies to ground into the Earth through a central energy channel that runs through your body, from the crown at the top of your head down into the Earth. In other words, you act like a tuning fork, anchoring these highly beneficial energies into the region of the Earth where you live. (As the Hathors mentioned, we will be assisted in this process through the two Hathor sound temples, one in New Mexico and one in Costa Rica).

In order for this to work, you have to be in a balanced and coherent state of energy. The Holon of Balance imparts a sense of balance, and coherency is created by feelings of ecstasy created through gratitude. If, when the time comes, you can’t create ecstasy through gratitude, then you can go into gratitude. If you are unable to generate feelings of appreciation and gratitude at will (see the instructions), then all that will happen is that the descent of spiritual energy will not be able to anchor into the Earth through you. Good intentions are not enough here. A basic level of mastery is required for those who desire to participate with us in spirit.

And so…if you feel called to join us, I ask you to begin practicing the methods below. I certainly am. This invitation is being extended by the Hathors to all persons who share a common vision as to the sacredness of life, regardless of personal belief, religion, philosophy or life-style. If you feel the truth of this undertaking, and feel called to participate, we invite you to join us. As they said in their message, final instructions for participation during the Planetary Creatrix will be given at this website on June 29th.

A Final Note About Workshops

The Hathor Creatrix, July 6-8 and The Sound Healing Training, August 20- September 3, are the only two major workshops left in 2007. Right after The Sound Healing Training, we leave to teach in Europe and plan to be out of the country for the rest of the year, and well into the next. Tom will not be teaching the Sound Healing Training in 2008.

In addition, we acquiesced to a strong request from Mary Magdalen to take the work to the East Coast before we leave the country. We will join several presenters at a Magdalen event in Norwalk, Connecticut, July 27-29. Please note that we are not the organizers for this gathering. Direct all inquiries concerning this event to the contact person listed in the Calendar section of our website.

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