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The Ib Portal Sound Meditation

This sound meditation was given by the Hathors on March 19, 2020 to impart a tool that would be helpful to emotionally and energetically deal with the current Chaotic Node and all its various manifestations—including the Covid-19 world pandemic. 

This sound meditation was created to help you to increase feelings of wellness, but it is not a medical treatment and should not be used as such. The listening instructions are from the Hathor message entitled The Ib Portal Sound Meditation. To view the entire message, which includes the context and timing for this meditation, click here or go to the Hathor archives at

Listening Suggestions (from the Hathor message, The Ib Portal Sound Meditation)

The Ib (or physical heart) is the largest generator of electromagnetic fields in your body and, indeed, your entire body is enfolded by and interpenetrated by these invisible electromagnetic fields of energy. 

The sound codes of this meditation are acoustic analogs from the light-realms and are highly beneficial to your wellbeing. 

For the sake of clarity, we will divide our instructions into two parts. 

Activation of the Ib

Imagine a sphere of space that is composed of clear white light. Imagine that this luminous sphere surrounds your physical heart. The purpose of this sphere is to contain the energies released by the sound codes into the space of your heart and into its nerves and muscle fibers.

Just rest your focus of attention in the area of your physical heart and allow the sound codes to spontaneously move around and vibrate different areas of your heart and the sphere. 

Don’t try to make anything happen. The sound codes will open the subtle energetic pathways from the heart into the rest of your body. The sound codes will also affect the Biophotonic structures of the heart and, through bio-resonance, the entire body. 

If you choose to work with this meditation on a regular basis, you will discover that the sound codes resonate areas of your physical heart and that they, in turn, resonate in other areas of your physical body. The entire process is a subtle-energy clearing of your physical heart and body, which can be quite beneficial and profound—especially since your environment is now full of physical as well as mental and emotional toxic agents.

Repetition of this meditation is a key to gaining mastery whereby you can recognize the kinesthetic language of the inter-cellular light within the galaxy you call your body. If you look at images of galaxies and nebulae from outer space, know that something very similar resides within your body including the neural networks of your brain. 

As the sound codes are analogs of spiritual light, they “speak” to the light of your body. This can have tremendous transformational and healing potential if you allow it. 

Inter-dimensional Exploration 

The Ib is also a portal to other dimensions of consciousness and realms of existence.

It can take your consciousness and/or subtle energy body called the KA, by the ancient Egyptians, into these spiritual realms. The KA is also known as the Spiritual Twin or Etheric Double since the KA looks like your physical body but is composed of energy—not flesh and blood. As such, it moves according to the laws of quantum mechanics rather than Newtonian physics. In other words, your KA is not bound by gravity or the constraints of time and space. 

To engage your Ib as an Inter-dimensional Exploratory Vessel (IEV) you shift your focus of attention to the luminous sphere that is around your physical heart. 

You then set an intention as to where you would like your consciousness to transit. Any realm of existence, any spiritual world and any spiritual master is available to you if you hold a clear and pure intention. 

Rest your awareness in the clear white luminous sphere around your heart and allow the sound codes to activate the multiple gateways that extend out from the sphere into other realms of existence. 

When you do this, the sphere might start to spin like a gyroscope. Wormholes might open and/or you might suddenly find yourself unaware of your physical body and instead find yourself floating in space or in the dimension you intended to go to. If you transit via the sphere, you will be either in your KA Body or you will be in pure consciousness—without a form at all. 

This way of working with the Ib can, as we said earlier, impart profound restorative energies as well as transcendental knowledge—both of which will prove invaluable to you as you transit with the rest of the planet and humanity through this current Chaotic Node. 

Finally, the Ib is an invaluable tool at the time of death. If you do not already have a means to affect what dimension or world you enter upon your death, this method is well worth exploring. 

To distill a very complex phenomenon into its simplest aspects, the vibratory quality of your Ib will determine what dimensions of consciousness or world(s) you find yourself in after going through the death passage. By working with the IEV to explore and interact with spiritually advanced realms you will be purifying your Ib thus, in turn, positively affecting your passage through death.

The Hathors. March 19, 2020

After engaging this meditation multiple times, I decided also to post an extended version that is the complete transmission repeated three times to create a continuous sound-field. I have found that working with this meditation for at least three repetitions gives me the deepest transformational experience. I tried just hitting repeat, but the simple task of hitting the repeat button brought me out of state. Those of you who wish to work deeply with this sound meditation may find the Extended version to be helpful. It is 33:18 minutes.

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The Ib Portal Sound Meditation (11:06mins), click here to listen and/or download. 

The Ib Portal Sound Meditation Extended Version (33:18mins), click here to listen and/or download.