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White Gold Alchemy

White Gold Alchemy
This CD is a unique psychoacoustic recording that will allow you to benefit from an ancient alchemical practice. The purpose of this practice is nothing short of spiritual illumination or the increase of internal light. The type of light is rarely seen physically, but can be detected by psychics as well as by certain types of devices such as kirlian photographs.

The concept of inner light may be new to many Westerners, but it is crucial to many mystical traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Egyptian alchemy and even Christianity. Within the Judaeo-Christian tradition, there have been many saints and mystics who reported experiences with inner light and in some rare cases, the luminosity became so intense that others could see it, most often as a halo.

While the creation of inner light has a religious connotation with many people, I would like to suggest that its roots are actually to be found within the neurophysiology and biochemistry of the brain. The practices for inner light, such as this one, create distinct changes in brain processing. The brain and mind are mirrors of each other. When a change occurs in the mind, there is a corresponding change in the brain, and vice versa.

Thus, the practice of inner light alters both brain physiology and mental experience.

Most people experience this meditation as calming and balancing. This is, from an alchemical perspective, due to the interaction of two complementary forces, energetic gold and silver which emanate from two distinct points with the subtle energy body that correspond to the pituitary and hypothalamus areas of the brain. The mechanism for this movement of subtle energy is clearly described in the instruction portions of the recording.

The cumulative effects of the practice lead to an increase of sensitivity and an awareness of inner light. Over time, the amplitude or strength of one’s inner light increases leading to non-ordinary experiences that are mystical in nature. The time frame for this will vary from person to person depending upon their level of development. The key to this type of manifestation primarily hinges on doing the practice as much as possible.

It has been said that we use less than ten percent of our brain. I believe that internal alchemical practices, such as this, stimulate unused potentials and abilities of the brain/mind leading to enhanced neuronal connections and the mental abilities that come with them. Be prepared for extraordinary unfoldment if you practice this meditation on a regular basis.

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