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Wave Form

Emotional Cleansing Pain Management

This takes advantage of the deeper healing potential of Wave Form. You will most likely want to lie down. Put your awareness simultaneously on both your body and the music. As the music “massages” you, move your awareness throughout your body to find places that feel uncomfortable, “strange,” or emotionally charged.

Focus on these areas of physical sensation and you will notice that they seem to vibrate. It is possible that the vibration will stimulate the release of suppressed emotions. This is okay. Allow the release to occur. If you feel like crying-cry or moving-move, etc. Your body knows how to handle it. It is that simple. You will feel much better as you release these feelings, and you will find that as you continue to listen to the tape you will relax even more.

If you are wanting to use this tape for pain management, hold your awareness on the area in pain. You will find that the painful area will vibrate. You can go as deeply as you want. To go deeper simply move your awareness deeper into the tissue and feel the pain vibrate away. You may experience emotional release. This is okay. Allow it to happen.

Using the perfect Harmonic Fifth, Wave Form creates an “acoustic brain massage” helping you to enter profound states of deep relaxation. For pain and stress management and release of “suppressed emotions.”


I recommend that you use a good set of stereo headphones to experience the effects of this tape. Listen to at least one side per sitting (approx. 20 minutes). We recommend that you use an auto reverse tape player if you are going to listen to more than one side at one sitting. This will enable you to remain in the relaxed state that Wave Form produces.


To use the tape in this way, simply put on the headphones, sit comfortably or lie down. Close your eyes and put your awareness on the music. Let the sounds gently “massage” you as you drift into deeper states of relaxation. Your mind may wander with random thoughts. This is okay. Just bring your awareness back to the music when you realize that you have “strayed.”

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