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Wave Form II

Opening the Heart (Wave Form II)

Experience the opening heart with the ancient mantra So Ham — believed by yogic tradition to be an inner sound of the heart chakra. Beautiful vocals with deep harmonic passages make this an evocative listening experience. This CD contains BioPulse™ frequencies in the mid-high range of theta (5-7 Hz).

How Should I Play This Recording?
Stereo headphones are not required, but in most cases, they will enhance your listening experience.

Do not listen to this recording in situations requiring alertness, such as when operating machinery or driving an automobile.

How to Use Opening the Heart

For ambient support play the CD at a low volume in the background. It creates a harmonious sound field that many find helpful during healing practices such as massage or subtle energy work.

To experience an opening of the heart, focus your attention in the area of the heart chakra — in the center of your chest-beneath the sternum. As you listen to the music and the mantra, keep your focus in the area of the heart chakra. If your mind wanders, bring it back. Let the sounds “vibrate” this energy center. Allow yourself to experience all the feelings and sensations that arise within you. Know that as the hear( releases and “heals,” all types of emotions and memories may come to the surface of awareness. Just allow these feelings to be, without judging them or changing them.

Continue listening to the sound and let it do the work. If you feel strong emotions that you find difficult to deal with at the time, turn your attention to your breath. Breathe into your feelings and sigh into the exhales-that is, make an audible sound with each exhale. Allow yourself co “let go” into the exhales, letting each exhale be more and more relaxed. Work with strong emotions in this way, until they dissipate or lessen. Some individuals may enter states of ecstasy or bliss when focusing on the heart in this manner.

If this occurs, simply enjoy it! According to the ancient tradition that this mantra comes from, our innermost Self is inherently blissful and ecstatic.

When you are done listening, sit or lie down in silence for a few minutes. Sense what you are feeling emotionally and physically. If you would like co experiment with what is called the inner sound, keep your focus of attention on the heart chakra. Don’t strain to hear the inner sound of the mantra. Just listen for it or be aware of it. The inner sound of the mantra may sound like it did on the recording, or it may be different in some ways. By focusing your attention on the inner or silent mantra, you can enter more subtle states of awareness.

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