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The Window of Harmony

Window of Harmony

The Window of Harmony: A Mini-workshop
Sound Therapy to Reduce the Negative Effects of Stress

This Mini-workshop is centered around the use of Sound Therapy to reduce the negative impacts of stress on you. It does this by presenting layperson friendly information about how your brain/mind/body system operates to either increase or decrease your stress response. And it includes four (4) highly effective stress reducing musical compositions that have a proven track record.

In fact, just listening to this type of music for merely 20 minutes, once or twice a day, can dramatically decrease the negative impacts of stress and increase your feelings of wellness.

I created the psychoacoustic compositions, noted below, to harmonize the nervous system, to increase alpha and/or theta brain wave activity, which have been clinically recognized for their stress reducing effectiveness.

Research in the areas of music and sound healing therapies, as well as psychoacoustics and neuropsychology have clearly demonstrated that certain types of music have deeply healing and stress-reducing effects.

(Note: For those readers interested in some of the science behind these claims, go to the Acoustic Brain Research section of the website ( or click here.)

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of the current pandemic, individual stress levels are accelerating at alarming rates with negative impacts on social relationships and society as a whole. This is why I have chosen to offer four highly effective stress reducing compositions in a Mini-workshop format. This will allow you to work with these different sonic creations, at your own pace, to reduce your stress levels and to increase your personal feelings of wellness. As with all of the Mini-workshops offered on this website, this is being offered at a discounted rate and there is an option to receive this free of charge if you are experiencing financial hardship.

A description of these recordings, as well as links to order them, appear at the bottom of this page. But I ask that you first read the Global and Local Hunger statement, below, before you go any further. Thank you.

Global and Local Hunger: An increasingly vexing problem

If you choose to purchase this set of recordings that I am calling The Window of Harmony, fifty-percent (50%) of the purchase price will be equally donated between two charitable organizations:

The first is Action Against Hunger, a world hunger project that has been operating for about 40 years and contributes about 93% of its donations to the direct assistance of poor communities by educating them and assisting them to raise their own food. ( )

The second is The Orcas Island Food Bank, a charitable organization that operates a much-needed Food Bank on Orcas Island, where my wife, Judi, and I live. ( )

As the world continues to struggle with the pandemic, more and more people are experiencing anxiety that they will not be able to afford enough to eat. And in a growing number of instances, due to no fault of their own, people are experiencing outright hunger and/or starvation. This is occurring even in the most prosperous of nations.

Contemplating such an immense amount of suffering and the complexity of the issues involved can be emotionally overwhelming, but I love a story that Judi tells about a man walking down the beach after a big storm.
Off in the distance and in the mist, he sees a woman tossing things into the ocean. As he gets closer, he notices that she is pulling starfish from the beach and is tossing them back into the sea. Pointing to the hundreds of beached starfish around them, he says “You surely don’t think you can save all of these. What does it matter?” The woman barely glances up, grabs another starfish and tosses it back into the sea. “It matters to this one!”
Life is enigmatic in ways we can barely imagine, and taking the smallest positive and charitable actions can sometimes have truly vast and remarkable consequences. “Think globally. Act locally.”

The Window of Harmony

The recordings that comprise this Mini-workshop can each be ordered separately, if you prefer, by going to the Online Store. But the bundle described below is cheaper than purchasing them individually.

Oceana is approximately 20 minutes long and was specifically designed to increase alpha activity and decrease stress. It is one of three tracks from a CD called Soma.

Solace is a harmonically balanced composition that not only increases alpha activity and engages the healing aspects of the parasympathetic nervous system but also imparts feelings of calmness and comfort—thus the title Solace.

Wave Form I is a short unusual psychoacoustic “sound-field” that repeats itself for 20 minutes. This composition is based on the Perfect Harmonic Fifth and has been documented to increase theta activity—a deeper state of relaxation than alpha with far reaching stress reducing effects. Listening to this with stereo headphones creates an effect that some listeners have described as a “brain massage.”

Homage to Soul is a short piece I composed that was based on the work of Dr. Lozanov of The Lozanov Institute in Bulgaria. To record the composition, I formed an ensemble that consisted of Flute, Cello, Guitar and Voice. The music generates an increase in alpha activity and is preferred by some listeners who favor acoustic instruments.

Written Materials

This Mini-workshop comes with an eighteen (18) page PDF that includes listening suggestions, a layperson friendly exploration of how the brain/mind/body system operates, as well as a guide to stress management through Sound Therapy.

This Mini-workshop is available as a set of mp3 downloads, only.

Cost: $22.00
To order, click the Add MP3 To Cart button below.

If you can pay for this Min-workshop, please do so. But if you are experiencing financial hardship and cannot afford the download fee, you can request a copy free of charge. To request your copy without charge, Click here.

To email this Mini-workshop description to a friend or a group of friends, click the Email icon below. Share the gift of reduced stress with someone you care about and help to reduce hunger in the world—all at the same time!

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