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The Bardo Prayers & White Tara Ceremony

The Bardo Prayers & White Tara Ceremony

Pema Tachocholing Shedra Nunnery, Tang Bapsur, Bhutan

This is the “first ever” live recording of Bhutan nuns from the Pema Tachocholing Shedra nunnery performing The Bardo Prayers. The origin of these prayers can be traced back to a centuries old text called the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The Bardo refers to transition states of consciousness in the afterlife that offer unique opportunities for self-liberation.

This recording also includes the same nuns performing a White Tara Ceremony. White Tara is known as the Swift Protectress and protects the minds of practitioners from the snares of samsara. In some traditions, she is also referred to as The Wish-fulfilling Wheel. White Tara is associated with compassion, healing, long-life and serenity.

Mesmerizing and mind-altering, these chants will transport you to the Sambhogakaya—the luminous realms of pure sound and light.

All profits from the sale of this recording are sent back to the Pema Tachocholing Shedra Nunnery in Bhutan. This is a project of the Sound Healing Foundation, a 501c3 Non-profit Foundation.

CD Tracks:

Track 1 The Bardo Prayers
Track 2 White Tara Ceremony

$9.95/MP3 Download