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The Arcturian Anthology Companion MP3s

Hathor Materials This book originally came with a companion CD that consists of Arcturian sound codes. You can order this recording as an MP3 download.

There are four sound meditations on this recording, and the titles for these tracks are listed below. Tracks three and four are extended versions of tracks one and two. This is so you can explore the altered states generated by these sound patterns for longer periods of time. However, it is strongly suggested that you work solely with tracks one and two until you become familiar and comfortable with the un- usual body/mind states they create.

You can, if you wish, listen to these sound codes as you might any other type of music—in other words, with no need to focus your attention in the ways described below.

To experience the full power of these recordings, stereo headphones or stereo earbuds are recommended.

Important Notes:

Do not under any circumstances listen to this recording  in situations requiring alertness such as driving a car or operating machinery.

The sound meditations on this companion recording, as well as the content of The Arcturian Anthology, are for the sole purposes of self-elevation, personal edification and self-exploration. No medical or psychological claims are made by the authors or publisher in regard to this material.

The reader/listener accepts full personal responsibility and accountability for any and all life-changes that may occur as a result of interacting with this type of transformational material.

Track 1 The Nakura (11:25 mins.)

These sound codes facilitate the Nakura meditation as described by Esu, the Arcturian Meditation Master. The purpose of this meditation is to explore multiple dimensions of consciousness by passing through the kura (Gate to Eternity). This phrase—passing through the kura— simply means that some aspect of your awareness enters through an opening that resides at the location of the Gate as described below.

The meditation is a wonderful tool for exploring other dimensions in a gentle and effortless manner.

This meditation is best done while sitting in a relaxed posture. For the first minute or so, imagine that you are sitting inside a perfectly clear and flawless diamond. This is the Diamond of Protection that you will remain in during the entire meditation.

After establishing the Diamond of Protection clearly in your imagination, place your attention on the gate (kura), which you can locate— for reference purposes—by temporarily placing your hands above your head so that the palms of your hands are touching, and your wrists are resting at your crown. The highest point above your crown—where your fingers meet—is the kura (gate). As you listen to the sounds of this sound meditation keep your focus on the kura. When your mind wanders, bring it back to the kura. Even if other mental impressions begin to flow into your mind, keep some part of your attention on the kura. By doing so, you will facilitate an opening of the kura. This will, in turn, give you access to numerous interdimensional portals through which you can explore other dimensions of consciousness.

When you are finished with the Nakura, take some time to be with yourself in silence before moving into outer-directed activities.

Track 2 Arcturian Re-Genesis (11:55 mins.)

These sound patterns approximate the light fluctuations that occur in an Arcturian Re-genesis Chamber as described in the book. The primary background sound of this track is from the CD titled Lightship, mentioned in Tom’s Introduction. This is because the Re-Genesis Chamber resides on an Arcturian Starship and whatever occurs in- side the Chamber takes place surrounded by the background sounds of the vessel.

A few listening suggestions:

1) Focus your full mental attention on the sounds, with your eyes closed, while sitting in a relaxed posture or preferably lying down. As you listen to the track, let yourself feel the vibrations of the sound pat- terns as they resonate within your body.

2) If you have the time and space to do so, lie down with your legs placed on a pillow or some other type of support so that your feet are resting at a position higher than your head. Close your eyes and focus your attention on the sounds, letting yourself sense how your body responds to the vibrational patterns.

3) In this advanced stage of listening you follow the instructions as described in Suggestion #2, with one addition—imagine that you are actually inside a Re-Genesis Chamber. The Chamber is a large cylindrical shape (i.e., a tube) that has rounded ends. Imagine this in ways that feel natural to you. In your mind’s eye, imagine that the cylinder is as large as you need it to be—in order to feel comfortable inside the Chamber. The sound patterns you hear in the recording are acoustic analogs of fluctuations of light inside the Re-Genesis Chamber itself, and these light-fluctuations have inherent life enhancing properties. Let yourself feel the vibrations of the sound patterns as they resonate within your body—holding the thought-form that these vibrational resonances are biological responses to infusions of light. The more you allow yourself to feel the vibrational resonances in your body, the more powerful your session will be.

When you are finished, rest for a few minutes before moving into outer activities. If you move too quickly you might get a headache or feel irritable and uncentered. This is especially the case if you actually entered a Re-Genesis Chamber via a micro-tunnel.

Track 3 The Nakura—extended version (22:38)

Track 4 Arcturian Re-Genesis—extended version (23:33)

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