Tom Kenyon
Tom Kenyon's work in brain/mind
re-education is a scientifically based
art form that transforms consciousness
in rapid and elegant ways.
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Soma Background

You now possess a unique psychoacoustic recording. Based upon his years in research as the founder of Acoustic Brain Research (ABR), Tom developed a method for delivering precisely calibrated sounds to the brain. He called these tones BioPulse frequencies, and they greatly assist your brain/mind to enter more relaxed and receptive states of awareness (i.e., alpha and/or theta). These more receptive states of mind have been shown to be very helpful with stress management. And they also encourage certain types of creative, as well as spiritual insight.

Occasionally, you might hear some of these Bio Pulses, but for the most part these tones remain in the background. In addition to BioPulse frequencies, the music on this recording was specifically created to further enhance alpha/theta activity within the brain. These receptive brain states have a dual action. For one, they tend to increase awareness of our inner or psychological worlds (our thoughts, feelings, fantasies and dream-like experiences). At the same time, they tend to decrease our awareness of the external world. For this reason, never listen to this recording in situations requiring alertness such as operating machinery or driving a car.

Research in the area of stress management has shown that twenty minutes of deep relaxation at least once a day, preferably twice a day, can greatly reduce the negative impacts of stress. Each track of this CD stimulates relaxation in both body and mind. And all three tracks lie within this specified range of about twenty minutes, making them ideal for personal relaxation. Make them a part of your daily stress management program or simply play them whenever you feel you need a break from the stress of life.

Here are a couple of listening suggestions:

1) Passive Listening Make yourself comfortable, perhaps propping some pillows under your legs, as this well help to decrease cardiac stress. Start the recording, and let yourself drift wherever your mind takes you.

2) Relaxed Breathing with Focused Attention Make yourself comfortable (as in #1), but focus on your breath. Find a rhythm of breathing that is relaxed and comfortable for you. Breathe in long slow inhales and long slow exhales. Let each exhale be very relaxed. In other words, consciously let each exhale be more relaxed than the one before it. This type of breathing greatly reduces stress and stimulates the relaxation response. Continue to breathe in this relaxed way throughout the recording. Keep your attention on both your breath and the music. When your mind wanders from either the music or your breath, bring it back. You will quickly find that this combination of attention profoundly deepens your levels of relaxation.

3) Ambient Sound This recording is ideal for such activities as massage, yoga, and creative endeavors. You will find that the music on this CD gently assists you to attain deeper states of relaxation during these types of activity simply by playing it at low volume in the background.


Lullaby 20:14 • A four-part vocal harmony with piano and lush strings to soothe and relax the body and mind.

Healing Waters (Chant to Amakua) 20:00 • This track incorporates water and other natural sounds, shamanic drumming, evocative vocals and an ancient Polynesian healing chant. This chant asks that “manna loa” (healing grace) flow to the listener from his or her own soul essence or Amakua.

Oceana 19:57 • A deeply moving passage with piano and strings, haunting vocals, ocean sounds and whales.

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