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re-education is a scientifically based
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Restoration Liner Notes

The various sound codes in this sound meditation are analogs from the realms of light and have a distinct vibratory quality that imparts Shakti (subtle energies) when you make those sounds the primary focus of your attention.

When you listen to this sound meditation I strongly suggest you listen to it with stereo Restorationheadphones, or ear buds, so that the primary auditory input is the meditation itself. I also suggest you close your eyes so that the acoustic architecture of the music becomes your primary sensory experience.

There is true transformational magic in this sonic meditation, but it will most likely only reveal itself to you if you make it the sole focus of your mental attention. In other words, don’t multi-task.

As you enter into this sonic world allow yourself to sense and feel how the sound codes activate different regions of your being especially your physical body and emotions. When your mind wanders off into thoughts, simply bring your attention back to the music.

For more advanced psychonauts, a very good addition while listening is to sense your body as a galaxy of stars. This will allow the sound codes in this sound meditation to affect your biophotonic network of light at a more profound level. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of biophotons and the science of Biophotonics, you can find a resource page by going to the Articles Section of the website under Biophotonics-Class Handout.

Note: This sound meditation is discussed more extensively in a Hathor World Message entitled, Restoration. Among other things it discusses the holographic nature of the cosmos including your body as well as how the meditation affects biophotons. To read the entire message, Restoration, go to the Hathor section of the website or click here.