Tom Kenyon
Tom Kenyon's work in brain/mind
re-education is a scientifically based
art form that transforms consciousness
in rapid and elegant ways.
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Psychoimmunology is the study of how the mind and the immune system interconnect—in other words, how thoughts and feelings affect our health.

The exercises on this recording utilize psychoacoustic sound patterns and music known to support the brain and mind to enter into relaxed states of awareness—such as increased alpha and theta activity. These relaxing states have been scientifically shown to decrease the negative impact of stress and can lessen the effects of stress-related illness. These relaxed states of body and mind allow you to affect your own physiology through the power of internal imagery and intention. These psychoacoustic patterns also make the exercises more effective than if they were done alone—without the stimulus of sound and music.

The technology utilized to create this recording is exceedingly complex, yet the premise is quite simple: within you, there are untapped powers and abilities of healing and a potential for a deep sense of wellness.


For maximum acoustic stimulation of the brain/mind, use stereo headphones. The last track, Healing Sleep, does not require stereo headphones. It is designed as background music and can be played with or without headphones, as desired.

Track 1 Body Radiant (20:22)
This is a guided imagery process designed to activate the immune system. Listen to this track once a day—more often if you are suffering from an acute condition.

Track 2 Thymic Booster (14:55)
This is used to activate and enliven the thymus gland (located in the center of the chest, underneath the sternum). Listen to this once a day, more often if you are suffering from an acute condition.

Track 3 Healing Sleep (23:00)
This is designed to be played at low volume as you go to sleep. Some people use it right after going through an exercise as a means to further integrate the experience.

A Personal Psycho-Immune Intensive: Allow about an hour and fifteen minutes so that you won’t be interrupted. Listen to all three tracks back-to-back. Allow yourself ten to fifteen minutes at the end to just rest and be with yourself before heading back into outer activities.

Subliminal Messages
Tracks 2 and 3 have subliminal messages of healing. These verbal messages are recorded just beneath the level of conscious awareness. You may hear an occasional word or phrase in the background, but for the most part they are masked over by the music and psychoacoustic tonal patterns. The script for these messages appears below.

Thymic Booster: There is a radiant power within me, a radiant power within every cell of my body that radiates out from the DNA into every level of my being. There is a power in my brain and mind, a power within my thymus gland growing stronger and stronger with every impulse of sound I am hearing. This great power, this warm radiant energy is moving now, moving from deep within my thymus out into the body: out into my body healing me of the past. I release the past. I release all negative experience which may have inhibited my health, my well-being and my evolution in any way. The sounds and energies which I let into me now cleanse and purify me. It is my choice and my right to radiant health. The power within me, within my consciousness, within my brain and mind, within the very cells of my body is now within my thymus gland. There is a radiant sun, a golden sphere of radiant light within me, within my thymus and its radiation moves throughout every cell of my body, and nothing but that which is of the light, and only pure life within me can find a place within me now. Whatever reasons for creating symptoms or the lack of wellbeing in my body and affairs are cleansed now. I release the past, whether of this life or another life, and I choose to forgive and release all those who I feel may have hindered me in any way. I forgive, for I know that by forgiving and releasing, I set myself free to be all that I want to be, and whatever thoughts and feelings I may hold of trying to hold myself back from the full expression of my power, my love, my consciousness and my abilities, I release now. And I call upon all the teachers and guardians, all levels of energies that are available to me, all understanding and all powers. I call to myself to free my self. Free my self now and let go, and surrender. I surrender to the great healing power within me. With every sound and frequency I hear, a lock is opened and a healing power is released. I give thanks for the healing powers and energies being released now within my body, within my brain and mind, radiating like a golden warm, radiant sun at the center of my chest. With every sound and frequency I hear, I reclaim my divine ability and power to self-heal. The great radiant light within my thymus is growing stronger and stronger, a power greater than the imagination is being released within me now, and the past is released.

Healing Sleep: As I rest and as I hear these sounds and this music, my unconscious mind is set free, set free to take me deeper into relaxation. It knows how to relax me. It does it every night I go to sleep, and as I rest, beautiful and comfortable feelings and thoughts of health and healing are being planted deep within me, within every cell of my body. It is my desire and my growing reality to be vibrantly and radiantly alive. My life urges are stronger than my death urges. I claim life and my body is now freed to be a radiant vessel of aliveness. I release the past. The past is a stepping stone to this present moment and everything I have learned and experienced along the way to this point, I draw to myself in positive ways. All struggle drops away. It is my growing reality to be vibrantly, radiantly alive. As I rest, and as I hear this music, my unconscious mind is set free to take me deeper and deeper into a restful healing sleep.

Do not listen to this recording in situations requiring alertness, such as driving.