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The Nuns of Gyantse

The Nuns of Gyantse

The Sound Healing Foundation is proud to present the nuns of Lhatse Ani Gompa (Gyantse Nunnery) recorded live in Tibet. This CD is the first in a series with proceeds directly benefiting the nunneries.

Unheard until now, this is an effort toward bringing the sounds of the nuns, the women, to a place of equality. Like golden spirals of sound, the chantings of the nuns are deeply evocative, profoundly transformative and healing.

CD – I Guru Puja – The Protector Ceremony 51:53

The worship service of the Gods, with horns, drums and voice. This invokes the great teacher, asking for the removal of negativity, ignorance, unconsciousness, disrespect, and the excess of delusion. These are prayers for peace in all realms and peace for all sentient beings.

CD – 2 Green Tara Puja – The Tara Ceremony 35:41

The Ani las chant an imagined mandala offering flowers, incense, butter lamps, food, music, precious jewels, beautiful skies, and clear peaceful waters to Tara. Born from a holy lotus, Green Tara is the Victorious Lady of Compassion, the Swift Protector, the savioress who banishes fear, offers relief from bad karma and is praised by all spirits. She alone has the power to command the guardians of the foundation of the universe.

All kings of the gods, deities and beings serve her.

This also includes a prayer to the 21 Taras.

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