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Lightship Notes

Why I called this recording Lightship

I often tell those who work with me to put an imaginary box by their side. If what I say doesn’t make sense, toss it in the box. Maybe a concept I am sharing will someday make sense. Maybe it will never make sense. The important thing, I think, is not to accept anything anyone tells you as truth until you filter it through your own experience of life, your sense of logic, and very importantly, your own personal values.

What I am about to share with you is a personal experience that is directly responsible for the creation of this recording. To this day, I cannot say what the true nature of this experience was. I am simply reporting what happened.

If it is too far out for you, don’t worry about it. Just toss what I am about to tell you into the box.

The mind-altering power of Lightship is quite independent of personal belief, and that is why I have released it.

As I write about my encounter, I am reminded of the phrase—life is stranger than fiction. And with that in mind, here is the story behind Lightship.

While living in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France for several months, within eyesight of Mount Bugarach, I would often go hiking up in the hills. I began to have impressions of a Lightship in the region, what some would call a UFO. Personally, I am quite skeptical as to the true nature of UFOs and suspect that they are often an artifact, a phenomenon that arises from an interface between the human mind (imagination) and the interdimensional worlds of our own consciousness.

Nevertheless, these impressions continued and grew in intensity during my time near Mt. Bugarach. Eventually, I began to hear sounds that emanated from this Lightship, especially during what I experienced as healing interac- tions between me and the craft. At one point during these interactions, I began to have internal dialogues with two different beings who identifiedthemselves as Arcturians (from Arcturus). They reported that they and the craft were stationed in this area to assist with the energetic transition of earth into higher dimensions of being.

I am simply reporting my experience here. In other words, I clearly view these interactions as possible creations of my own mind. Nevertheless, I found these dialogues most intriguing, and the sounds I heard were particularly transformational for me.

And so, while still living in the region and having almost daily contact with the craft and two members of its “crew,” I began to record the actual sounds I heard within my mind when I interacted with this phenomenon.

I named the recording Lightship to recognize and honor this fascinating other-worldly encounter.

As to its true nature—whether real or imaginary—I cannot really say. The verdict is still out, so to speak. But personally I still find these sound patterns to be potently alive with transformational vigor.

It is my hope that my fellow Argonauts of the Mind will find Lightship as pleasant a travel vehicle as I have.

I invite you to hop on board, take her for a spin, and I wish you a good journey!
—Tom Kenyon

The future is not what it used to be.
Dare to be an Imaginer.

Navigation Suggestions

Lightship is a powerful psychoacoustic tool for exploring inner states of awareness and other realms of consciousness. By other realms, I mean states of body and mind that lie outside our normal day-to-day experience.

The sound patterns you will be hearing were all created by my own voice in the studio. There were no electronic instruments of any kind (such as synthesizers or electronic choirs) used in the making of this recording. I layered multiple tracks of my voice to create the pulsations and acoustic alterations that give this particular recording its power and potency.

If you allow it to do so, Lightship can open the doors of your perception and lead you into direct contact with remarkable inner worlds that reside within you. Thus, this recording can be used purely as an entertainment vehicle and/ or as a means to explore inner realities.


You can listen to this recording with or without stereo headphones. Generally speaking, using headphones will give most people the strongest experience due to the differentiation between the right and left ears. If your stereo system has good right and left separation that will do fine.

For those who choose to use this recording as a tool for personal transformation, I have a few suggestions.

Taking A Lightship Cruise

Simply lie down, relax and listen. Let your mind drift, as it wishes. You will find that the mind altering and relaxation effects will deepen if you focus on relaxing into your exhales. Let each exhale be more relaxed than the one before it. Find a rhythm of breathing that is comfortable for you. Eventually you may find that your breath gets very shallow as you relax further into the sounds. And you may find yourself experiencing waking-dreams. Some of these types of dreams may simply be the release of pent-up stress, while others may give you insight into your psychological or inner life.

Traveling Through the Third Portal

This is a very simple, yet effective technique for working with the Lightship. Place your awareness at a point between the eyes, at the bridge of the nose. This area is known esoterically as the Third Eye (thus the Third Portal). We normally receive visual impressions of the world through our two eyes (the Two Portals). But placing awareness on the Third Eye while listening to this recording can gen- erate psychic seeing. You can also use this technique to experiment with Remote Viewing (the sensing of information from distant locations), or as a portal through which you can travel in your energy body.

Geometric Configurations

For those familiar with what is sometimes called sacred geometry and the use of visualized three-dimensional geometries as an aid in meditation, experiment with placing yourself inside an imaginary space such as a sphere, an octahedron, or star tetrahedron (merkaba). Use this geometry to travel into other dimensions of your own mind and/or the cosmos.

Energy Healing

For those who work with subtle forms of mind/body healing such as Reiki, healing transfer, and energy-healing in general, this recording can be used as an acoustic support to deepen the healing experience both for the one being “healed” and the energy worker. Medical Disclaimer: Please note for those who choose to use the recording in this way that it is not meant to be a medical treat- ment. It is for the sole purpose of self-exploration and self-discovery. If you have signs of an illness, contact your health professional.

Massage and Vibroacoustic Devices

This recording creates complex acoustic wave patterns that are ideal for deep relaxing massage and supports a deeper experience both for the masseuse and the one receiving the massage. It is also highly effective when listened to in Vibroacoustic environments such as sound beds and sound chairs.


Lightship is an ideal tool for those who wish to explore the art of psychonavigation, which is the ability to move forward or backward in time, as well as into, and out of other parallel realities. Such realities can be psychological in nature (i.e., you can use psychonavigation to go backward in time to retrieve earlier impressions and memories). Psychonavigation is also an excellent tool to creatively solve problems by going into alternate imagined futures and exploring possible outcomes. Finally, psychonavigation can be used to explore other realms of consciousness for the sake of mental and spiritual evolution. For those unfamiliar with psychonavigation, you can read an extensive article on the subject (along with suggested protocols)here.

Create Your Own Methods

Lightship is a complex and highly versatile tool, and I encourage you to both experiment and create new ways of interacting with this tonal matrix.

Important Cautions and Disclaimer: Do NOT listen to any portion of this recording in situations requiring alertness, such as driving a car or operating machinery.

The reason for this is that acoustic patterns in this recording tend to stimulate altered states of awareness and can often generate mental states that have dream-like qualities. In other words, listening to this recording tends to turn attention inward, rather than outward to the external world.

Those with a history of epileptic-type seizures, brain damage, and those taking prescribed psychoactive medications for mental conditions such as psychosis and schizophrenia should not listen to this recording without discussing it with their supervising physician.

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