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How to Use the Immunity CD

by Tom Kenyon, M.A.

Immunity by Tom Kenyon

This stunning tapestry of healing sound weaves together compelling sounds from thirty-two spirit healers who channeled their healing codes through Tom Kenyon’s remarkable almost four-octave range voice. Immunity reaches deep within the body/mind of the listener to create a powerful Sound Healing experience. A new mind/body healing modality for our time.

Medical Disclaimer This program is not a medical treatment. It is solely for the purposes of self-exploration and self-education. While it may be helpful for some persons as an adjunct to their own healing process, it is not meant, in any way, to replace medical treatment. Persons under the care of a physician are advised to speak with their doctor about the use of this program in conjunction with any medical treatment(s) they might be receiving.

Finally, if you are currently experiencing the symptoms of an illness, an injury or challenges to your immune system, contact your health professional. In other words, do not use this recording in place of competent medical attention. While you may listen to this recording with or without headphones, stereo headphones will give you the maximum psychoacoustic stimulation from this CD. Cautions: Do not listen to this recording in situations requiring alertness such as driving a car or operating machinery.

The Recording

The vocal sounds you will be hearing on this recording are thirty-two spirit healers I channeled while in a meditative state. Their healing codes were then mixed together into a montage of continual sound. I have written a description of these healers as well as the fascinating process of recording their sounds. To read this, just click on The Story.

There are three identical tracks on this CD, each lasting about twenty minutes. Within each track there are two sections. The first is catalytic in nature and lasts about twelve minutes. The second portion is soothing and integrative. It lasts about eight minutes. You can tell when the second section begins because you will hear the sound of water running. This water sound was recorded from a natural stream on the island where I live. It is rarely visited by humans, but often frequented by nature spirits. It is a very special healing place that I go to often.

There are several ways you can use the cleansing qualities of this section. You can just listen to it, and/or you can imagine that you are in a stream, its healing waters washing over and through you. You might also experiment with the sound of the water passing through the top of your head and traveling through your body and out your feet. This imaging of the stream passing through you can activate the central channels in your body resulting in an increase of chi (life force)—a very positive thing. I encourage you to experiment, and find your own ways to incorporate these healing water sounds into your listening experience.

For those times when you are rushed and just want to tune-up your Immunity, or when you feel off-center, so to speak, just listen to one track. However, for those times when your immune system is challenged, or while recuperating from an illness or an injury, listen to the recording as often and as long as you wish. Extended listening times usually give the greatest impact. Finally, I have found it helpful to listen to the recording on a regular basis even when I am not experiencing a negative condition. The vibrational nature of the spirit healers is such that I find it uplifting to just take time out and rest in their sound field.

Listening Protocols

Spiritual Purification The sound codes in this recording are powerful catalysts that encourage purification on many levels of consciousness. These can include, but are not limited to, physical, and emotional toxins and stress, thought forms and spiritual inhibitors (thought forms or beliefs that limit the expression of our spirit). To use the recording in this way, simply listen to it with your full attention or focus. Sense where in your being the different sounds resonate or vibrate. This vibratory location will most often be somewhere in your body, but sometimes it may be sensed outside your body, or even in other dimensions of awareness not connected with bodily awareness.

Another way of working is to place your attention about an inch behind the bridge of the nose. Imagine an area one-inch square. This is known as Heaven’s Gate by some Taoists and is an energetic vortex through which celestial chi (life-force) meets terrestrial chi. Focusing your attention in this area while listening can activate various meridians (channels for chi) within your body and can create a very interesting healing response.

Working with Immunity and Injuries

There are four areas of the body that are prime candidates for the focus of your attention when using this recording for healing. As you listen to the sequence, focus your awareness in one of these areas and sense or imagine that the sounds are actually coming out of the area you are focused on. Even though you know that the sound enters your awareness through your ears and through the auditory pathways of your brain, imagine that the sounds are emanating or coming from the area of your body that you are focused on.

The Areas of Focus

The Thymus gland—located in the center of your chest, just under the sternum. This is one of the body’s main immune sites. And it is one of the most potent points of focus while listening to this recording. Just focus your attention in this area as you listen to the sounds.

The Bone Marrow—located in the center of the body’s major bones, especially the femur or thighbone. This is another major immune site. It is also in the bone marrow that new blood is produced.

Site of Injury or Illness—if you are dealing with a specific area of your body that needs healing, you can focus your attention here.

Full Body Awareness—if there is not a specific area of your body that needs healing, experiment with putting your attention throughout your entire body. It has been estimated that we have about one trillion cells. Sense and imagine that the sounds you are hearing are coming from every one of these cells—a chorus, in other words, of a trillion voices! This way of focusing can produce a very powerful altered state of awareness and healing.

Resting After Listening

It is vital that you take some time to rest after listening to these sequences. Do not rush into outer activities. Take a few minutes to be with yourself and notice what you are feeling. This is especially important if you have listened to the entire recording—all three sequences in one session. Give yourself time to sense the continued release of subtle healing energies—even after you have stopped listening.
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