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re-education is a scientifically based
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Homage To Soul

Homage to Soul
Relaxation and Stress Management

Sitting or lying down, close your eyes and play the music softly.  It will automatically carry you into a relaxed state of mind.  Let your attention focus on the music.  If you “wander off” in thought, that’s okay.  Just bring your focus back to the music when you realize you’ve “strayed”. The repeating refrain creates an altered brain state, which is very relaxing and healing.


Because the music automatically soothes the nervous system, it is very supportive in healing work.  Masseurs have used it while massaging clients.  Dentists have used it in their waiting rooms, and preschool teachers have used it to calm children.  This is also very helpful when doing inner work on one’s self.  It is excellent to use when working with affirmations.


For information on how to use this music with the techniques of Superlearning, read the book by the same name by Ostrander and Schroeder, Delta Publishing.

Please note that this is a single track, which is repeated without break, for the full length of the CD. The music is completely acoustic consisting of guitar, flute, cello and Tom’s voice in the background. The reason for this repetition is to facilitate the “relaxation response” using the principles for musical rhythm that were developed by Dr. Lozanov of The Lozanov Institute in Bulgaria.

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