Tom Kenyon
Tom Kenyon's work in brain/mind
re-education is a scientifically based
art form that transforms consciousness
in rapid and elegant ways.
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The Golden Orb Notes

Do not listen to Track 3 in situations requiring alertness such as driving a car or operating machinery.

Listen to Track 1 first in order to understand how the meditation proceeds and to place it in context.

Ideally, it is best to do the Golden Orb meditation sitting up rather than lying down. But if sitting up is uncomfortable, you can do the meditation in a prone position. However, it may be challenging to stay awake when listening to the meditation lying down since it produces an altered state of awareness and dream-like qualities of mind. If you find yourself going off to sleep when listening, you may find it helpful to open your eyes slightly rather than closing them completely.

If possible, give yourself several minutes at the end of the meditation before engaging in outer activities. The period right after a sound healing experience can often be the most powerful, so give yourself some time to sense what is happening within you.

You may practice the meditation as oft en as you wish. Generally speaking, the more you listen to it, the more powerful its healing effects will be.

Medical Disclaimer: This recording is for the sole purpose of self-education and self-exploration only. It is not meant, in any manner, to be a medical treatment. If you are experiencing the symptoms of an illness, contact a health professional.

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