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Freedom to Change

Freedom to Change is a unique psychoacoustic support program for addiction recovery, self-esteem, eliminating self-sabotage, and dealing with emotional overwhelm, as well as with grief and loss. Based upon the pioneering work of Milton Erickson, M.D., and the psychoacoustic tonal matrices of Tom Kenyon and Acoustic Brain Research, Freedom to Change gently imparts resources that transform lives. This CD contains BioPulse™ frequencies in the alpha-delta range (10-4 Hz)

What Are Those Odd Sounds I Hear?
Some of these sounds are BioPulse™ frequencies that help the brain/mind enter into more relaxed and receptive states. Other sounds are specific tonal patterns and frequencies, many of which are just below the threshold of conscious hearing. These sounds are activating the brain/mind at important moments during the learning process.

In addition, Tracks 1 and 2 contain subliminal audio messages that promote healing. A script for these messages appears at the end of these liner notes.

How Should I Play This Recording?
Stereo headphones are strongly suggested in order to receive maximum psychoacoustic stimulation of the brain and mind.

Please read all instructions before listening to this recording. Do not listen to this recording in situations requiring alertness such as when operating machinery or driving a car. Freedom to Change is for self-exploration and self-education purposes only.

Freedom to Change was originally created to be used by persons recovering from addictions. However, once the program was in use by laypersons and therapists alike, it became quite clear that it was also extremely beneficial in cases of recovery, incest, rape, and emotional abuse, as well as suicide risk, emotional overwhelm, low self-esteem, and emotional sabotage.

The term addiction refers to the abuse of not only drugs and/or alcohol, but also to the abuse of such things as food, overwork, sex, unhealthy relationships, and even such things as exercise or watching television (in some cases). If an activity is uncontrollable and impoverishes other areas of our lives, it is addictive.

You may be using this program with a therapist as a support to your treatment. The advantage in a therapeutic context is that you receive professional help to sort out difficult issues and/or feelings you may be experiencing.

You may, of course, use this program by itself, without a therapist. Hundreds of people have done just this and found the program to be of immense benefit on its own.

However, should you experience strong emotions or behaviors that you feel unable to handle, it is advised that you contact a mental-health professional.

There are four tracks on this recording. Each one comprises one listening session.
Track 1 Self-Esteem (12:18)
Track 2 Eliminating Self-Sabotage (13:26)
Track 3 Emotional Overwhelm~ (14:23)
Track4 Ocean of Calm (9:41)

How to Use Freedom to Change
The core of the program consists of the first three tracks.

It is suggested that you alternate between Tracks 1 and 2, i.e., listen to Track lone day, then Track 2 the next. Listen to Track 3 whenever you feel emotionally troubled. If you have the time and motivation, you can listen to all three tracks in a single day. You can listen to these tracks as many times as you wish. In fact, some persons report listening to the entire recording (all four tracks) many times in a day-especially during difficult emotional periods.

The fourth track, “Ocean of Calm,” is designed for those times when you want as little sensory input as possible. There are no audible words on this track, just ocean sounds, psychoacoustic sound patterns, and calming music.

How long Should I Follow the Program?
Generally speaking, most people benefit immensely by following the suggested listening program (see above) for a month or two. If you are recovering from an addiction, it is suggested that you follow the program for at least six months to a year. Make a commitment to yourself Repetition of the listening sessions is vital to the success of the program.

What Are Transformational Metaphors?
The stories you will be hearing are based upon the medical hypnosis work of Milton Erickson, M.D. They “speak” to the unconscious mind through a precise use of language and metaphor. Through this method, me unconscious interprets the stories as messages about you and your greater potential. These stories are powerful catalysts for personal transformation and growth. Because the messages go directly to the unconscious, most people experience spontaneous improvements in their outlook and behavior.

Note: This program was originally recorded onto chrome audiotape and then transferred to digital tape. This is why you will occasionally hear the words “this tape.” This CD has been digitally mastered to capture the frequencies and psychoacoustic depth of the original masters.

Track 1, “Self-Esteem”: Subliminal Script:
It’s safe for me to express my feelings in ways that are safe and beneficial to myself and others. It’s normal to have feelings. Every day I grow more and more comfortable with my feelings. It’s safe to express myself. It’s safe to voice myself. It’s safe to reveal the truth as I perceive it. I have a right to speak up for myself By voicing my truth, I empower myself. I trust myself more and more every day. It’s safe to trust myself. It’s healthy to think … to have my own opinion … which may be different from others. It is safe for me to feel worthy. I choose situations and people who support my high self-esteem. I am lovable just the way I am. Love is caring for myself. Every day I nurture myself and take care of myself in healthy ways. I surround myself with people who love and honor me. I choose to attract people into my life who will help me meet my healthy needs. Needs are okay. My needs are okay. Everyone has needs. I choose to trust people who are trustworthy. Every day I am learning how to recognize the people I can trust. A need unmet[ is an opportunity to meet it later. I have a right to exist … to live my life. I want to exist. I want to live. It is safe for me to exist … to live my life. It is safe to exist in the presence of others. It is safe for me to be visible as my true self It is safe for me to feel my aliveness.

Track 2, “Eliminating SeIf-Sabotage”: Subliminal Script:
I choose to say no to that first addictive impulse. I choose to say yes to my new positive way of life. I ask for help when I need it. It’s safe to ask for help when I need it. Strong people ask for help when they need it. I choose to listen to this recording as suggested. I allow the benefits of this recording to stay with me and support me. I choose social situations and friends with ease and comfort. I discover each day that this way of living is natural to me. I accept more and more positive attention and energy in my life. I choose to deal with my feelings in new and positive ways. I choose to give and receive positive attention easily and with joy. My aliveness increases every day. It’s safe to feel alive. I welcome a program for recovery into my life. I joyously follow my pogrom for recovery easily and with comfort. I joyously choose abstinence as tools for growth. My life works. I co-create my life.

I welcome co-creative relationships into my life. I recognize destructive relationships and choose healthy situations instead. I recognize relationships may no longer serve me, and I make new and supportive choices. My self-expression leads me to a more wonderfuI and integrated life. I choose to express my feelings in ways that are win-win. I choose to release from my consciousness all family models that no longer support my new positive choices. My body is an integral tool for self-expression and joy in my life. My body is my friend and ally. I love myself. I love and accept my body and my feelings. I love to express myself physically in positive ways. I choose to create positive boundaries for myself. I stay centered in myself in all situations.

I create new positive patterns as I let go of the old. I embrace change. Love and acceptance take the place of fear within and without. It is safe to feel powerful and loving. It is safe to be in charge of my life.

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