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Forbidden Songs

forbidden songs

As I prepared these liner notes, I came across a picture album from youth. It was an emotional moment as I picked the photos to include. When I started the sifting of my history it was 4 in the morning. When I finished, dawn was just making its easterly approach and the horizon had turned a light blue. I marvel at the impermanence of it all.

Many of the people I knew, whose pictures were in the book, are no longer alive. Their images live on in black and white, but they are no longer here. Some of these songs are about them. But all of these songs were affected by them. For they were my first teachers in the foundry of this world.

I find it odd that some of the most “beautiful” songs in this recording were composed during some of the most difficult and challenging times of my life. Perhaps I wrote them as a counterpoint to the starkness of the moment. Art and beauty have a power to uplift us from our mortal coil into other realms, and it could be that’s all I was doing in these times. My hope as a songsmith, of course, is that they will touch you as they have me.

Songs are like children, some of which you like better than others, but allot which you have hopes for. My hope is that you will take them into the foundry of your heart and soul, and forge something for yourself~~something beautiful and uplifting and at the very least, illuminating. For in the vast impermanence of this life, that may be all that matters.

Diamonds In Every Life (4:28)
Starlight Cafe (5:29)
My Father and His Son (4:06)
My Light and My Fire (3:20)
Under A Moorish Moon (3:57)
Would You Like To Dance? (3:37)
Floating In Air (3:56)
The Comfort Of Your Touch (3:44)
A River Inside Me (3:35)
A Glimpse of Me (3:46)
Nightingale (3:26)
Orcas (My Bonnie Island) (4:54)
For My Little Saints (4:56)
Hymn To The Earth (6:06)
Magic (5:54)

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