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Five Pure Lights

Five Pure Lights
The Five Pure Lights are an essential understanding to both the Bon Po (the Shamanic Tradition of pre-Buddhist Tibet) and Tibetan Buddhism. According to these teachings, matter is a “projection” of the subtle (classical) elements of Space, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

In this view of “reality,” deluded beings think the world of matter is real because they do not experience the underlying inherent nature of the cosmos, which is the Five Pure Lights.

When you directly perceive the Five Pure Lights, transcendent knowledge (rigpa) arises within you and self-realization dawns.

This is a live recording of a rare presentation and sound meditation that Tom gave on the topic of the Five Pure Lights. In the course of this discussion he explores the concept of the Sambhogakaya (the realm of pure sound and light) and explains how to use the perception of spaciousness as a means to directly experience the Five Pure Lights for yourself.

Tom’s talk on the Five Pure Lights 21:30
The Five Pure Lights Sound Meditation 38:59

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