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Tom Kenyon's work in brain/mind
re-education is a scientifically based
art form that transforms consciousness
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Ascension Codes

Ascension Codes
You can certainly listen to this recording as you might any other, but if you let the sounds be the focus of your attention they will open the doors of your perception and carry you into miraculous inner worlds that reside within you.

Stereo headphones suggested, but not required.

Do not do the meditations below in situations requiring alertness.

Pineal Dimensional Attunement • 5:50

The Pineal Gland resides, more or less, in the center of the head and is associated with the production of melatonin, which regulates our circadian rhythms (periods of wakefulness and sleep). Scientific research has shown that the pineal gland is actually embedded with calcite crystals as part of its structure.

In this esoteric sound meditation, you will focus your attention in the central area of your brain and imagine that the sounds are coming from out of the pineal gland (even though, in fact, the sounds are entering your brain through its auditory pathways). This shift in imagination (i.e., sounds emanating out of the pineal gland) will intensify the meditation’s effects.

All you need do in this meditation is keep your focus or awareness gently in the region of the pineal gland and allow the catalytic sounds to stimulate this area. When your mind wanders, gently bring it back to an awareness of the pineal gland and the sounds you are hearing.

The purpose for listening to this meditation is to stimulate latent potentials of your own pineal crystals to attune to and respond to the higher realms of spiritual light.

After you get used to this unique form of psychoacoustic stimulation, you might like to experiment with extended listening sessions. Do note that both the Pineal Dimensional Attunement and the Heart Dimensional Attunement can create psycho-spiritual cleansing reactions if listened to for too long a period. If this happens, simply decrease your listening times. (Click to read an article about psycho-spiritual cleansing.)

EL KA LEEM OM (Chant of the Elements) • 11:06

The sound EL is related to the earth element, KA to fire, LEEM to water, and OM to air and space. These sounds were revealed to Tom Kenyon in a meditative state during an interaction with the Hathors, interdimensional beings from an ascended civilization. According to them, these sounds approximate the words they have for the four elements. This approach is based on the ancient practice of alchemy rather than modern chemistry. In this view, the four elements of earth, fire, water, air/space are conscious, and by interacting with them through specific vibratory realms of emotion, you can commune with them. This elemental contact has transformational effects that can be quite powerful.

To use the chant the way it was given, send the feeling of appreciation/gratitude to the outer (external) elements first and then to the inner (internal) elements that comprise your body. And then back to the outer elements and back to the inner, and so forth. Each cycle of the chant is used to send appreciation/gratitude to either the outer or the inner elements.

When you hear the sound EL, direct your appreciation/ gratitude to either the outer or inner element of earth. When you hear the sound KA, direct your appreciation/gratitude to the outer or inner element of fire. When you hear the sound Leem, direct your appreciation/gratitude to the outer or inner element of water. And, when you hear the sound OM, direct your appreciation/gratitude to the outer or inner element of air/space.

As you continue to direct your emotion in this manner, an inner bridge of awareness is established that can profoundly alter awareness and allow you to enter into communion with the more subtle aspects of these elements.

Heart Mending Song • 7:32

This “mending song” is a tool for emotional healing. It can be used as a vessel to explore the inner worlds of your heart, and/or to work in the heart when you have experienced emotional suffering or a loss.

To work with this song, simply place your focus in the heart chakra, or physical heart, and allow the sounds to open the inner worlds of your feeling nature. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise, and let the sounds you hear in the song “vibrate” those areas of your body where you feel the emotion(s) most strongly.

For situations that are particularly emotionally volatile, you may find listening to this track several times in one sitting helpful.

If you are using this mending song to deal with strong emotions, it is suggested that you follow your session by listening to Manna, which is the next track on this recording.

Manna • 15:55

Manna is a form of etheric nourishment and sustenance. It is a gift from the angelic realms and has potent healing and regenerative properties.

A basic principle to remember when working with manna is that energy follows awareness, and wherever you place the focus of your attention, the nourishing and regenerative properties of manna will enter.

The region of the heart chakra, in the center of the chest, as well as the area of the physical heart are especially sensitive to the effects of Manna, and thus a good place to put your awareness.

If you are experiencing problems with organs or areas of your body needing healing, simply place your awareness in these areas. Allow the sounds and the voices to stimulate these regions of your body. By doing so, you allow the nourishing and healing action of Manna to move into these areas.

If you are experiencing despair or emotional turmoil, you can use Manna to help re-establish a sense of peace. For most people, the best location to place their awareness in these types of situations would be the heart chakra (middle of the chest), though some will experience a greater sense of calm by placing their awareness in the physical heart.

Important Note: The use of Manna for physical healing is not meant to take the place of medical treatment. If you are experiencing the symptoms of an illness, contact your physician.

Heart Dimensional Attunement • 4:53

This Dimensional Attunement accesses the inter-dimensionality of the heart.

The heart chakra is an entire universe unto itself. By listening to this Attunement, you can acquire a deep awareness of the multidimensional nature of your own heart center and gain access to its immense potentials for feeling-based insight (wisdom expressed through your feeling nature), as well as make contact with the interconnectedness of all life.

Like its cousin, the Pineal Dimensional Attunement (Track One), it is best listened to while imagining that the sounds are coming out of the heart chakra.

Worlds Ascending • 15:45

Worlds Ascending is an intricate, multi-layered form of inter-dimensional music, and it can thus be used as a means to travel into your own inner worlds of perception—just by listening to it and making it the focus of your attention.

This psycho-acoustic composition was actually created to be a sonic background for the Holon of Ascension.

If you wish to experiment with this track while engaging the Holon of Ascension, click here to find detailed information about this Holon.