Tom Kenyon
Tom Kenyon's work in brain/mind
re-education is a scientifically based
art form that transforms consciousness
in rapid and elegant ways.
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Ambient Support

Improve learning and enhance your work and creative endeavors with the innovative psychoacoustic environment provided by Ambient Support. This recording provides over an hour of uninterrupted psychoacoustic support and ambient nature sounds, including BioPulse™ frequencies in the midalpha range (10 Hz), which are associated with improved learning and an alert yet relaxed awareness.

What Are Those Odd Sounds I Hear?
In addition to the BioPulse™ frequencies, there are other brain-stimulation sounds that you may occasionally hear, though most of these sounds are in the background. You may also occasionally hear a speaking voice, though as with the sounds, the voice is usually sub-audible. This voice is delivering subliminal messages having to do with decreased stress, increased motivation and retention (memory), as well as learning without anxiety.

How Should I Play This Recording?
You do not need to use stereo headphones, though you can, if you wish. Set the volume, at the beginning, so that you can just barely hear the water sounds. This is the ideal volume for background environmental support.

What Are Subliminal Messages?
Subliminal messages are messages that are just below the threshold of conscious awareness. These types of messages can take many forms including visual, auditory, or even kinesthetic (physical sensation) modes of expression. This recording utilizes auditory subliminal messages that impart positive thoughts to the subconscious mind. The brief and repeating script for the subliminal messages is as follows:

I learn easily and without effort.
I retain information without stress.
I am motivated to learn and to succeed.
I find joy in learning new things.

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