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Spatial Cognizance: The Hathorian Perspective

In its essence, spatial cognizance is the spacious nature of your own personal innate awareness. Innate awareness refers to your simple everyday ability to be aware that you are aware. This seemingly rudimentary capacity to be self-aware is actually a result of complex neurological and multidimensional abilities. It is also the seed of immense multidimensional possibilities and unique as well as arcane abilities that include the capacity for you to transcend the limitations of normally perceived time and space.

There are several stages to the cultivation of full spatial cognizance from the Hathorian perspective. This first posting shares two basic fundamental principles that underlie advanced explorations of spatial cognizance—with all of of its attendant abilities.

As the beginning stages of spatial cognizance unfold, you tend to become aware that the internal space of your own body possesses a type of cognizant (or aware) spaciousness.

In the more advanced stages of this process you directly experience the infinite multidimensional nature of spatial cognizance that both transcends and paradoxically includes your own personal self-identity.

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The Sound Meditation

This basic sound meditation is 5:56 minutes in length. The tonal frequencies facilitate an increase in spatial mastery especially when you intentionally engage your brain’s right hemispheric capabilities.

As soon as the first strike of the bowl begins, imagine and feel yourself surrounded by an open space. It is important to feel the sense of this imagined space rather than just thinking about it or visualizing it, as these will not generate a felt-sense of space. And it is your kinesthetic sense of space that fully activates the potentials of this particular meditation.

After you have mastered the ability to sense being surrounded by a large space while listening to the sound meditation, you are ready to add an important emotional component.

The next stage of mastering this meditation is to add either the feeling of appreciation or gratitude directed toward your own capacity to be self-aware—specifically that you are in the act of intentionally generating a sense of spaciousness. This simple state of self-created awareness will eventually blossom into exceptional non-ordinary abilities.

The nature of these non-ordinary abilities will be discussed freely in future postings of this sound meditation.

You can extend your listening sessions, if you choose to do so, by simply repeating the sound meditation as many times as you wish. Stereo headphones are suggested so that the sounds of the meditation are your primary auditory input. Do not practice this meditation in situations requiring alertness such as operating machinery or driving a vehicle.

Click here to listen to and/or download the sound meditation, Spatial Cognizance.