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Song of Hazrat Inayat Khan

Hazrat Inayat Khan was a classical Indian musician who founded The Sufi Order of the West in 1914. Later in 1923, the name was changed to the International Sufi Movement.

Hazrat’s message was centered on the concept of divine unity (Tawhid) and the three themes of love, harmony and beauty.

I came across the teachings of Hazrat in my early twenties and felt a close affinity to his views of divine unity and to the feelings I experienced when I encountered him in meditation.  The appearance of Hazrat in my meditations would always be preceded by an image of the winged heart—an ancient symbol associated with Sufism.

In subsequent years, Hazrat would occasionally show up during some of my group toning sessions, especially when we were exploring Sufism.

During a Sound Healing Training in 2011, I was discussing the inner planes of consciousness—a concept shared by numerous mystical and spiritual traditions including Sufism. It became very clear to me, in the moment, that Hazrat wished to transmit Baraka (grace) to the group.

This particular sound piece struck me as highly unusual due to a psychic impression during the sound work and the quality of the sound itself. During this particular transmission, Hazrat was playing a stringed instrument that looked to me very similar to an Indian instrument called a Vina—except that the strings of this instrument were the electromagnetic fields of the human heart. I could sense my own heart responding to his song during this session, and whenever I have subsequently listened to the recording of that session, I feel the same sense of spiritual healing and serenity I felt during the original session.

A good way to listen to this audio file is to place the focus of your attention in the area of your physical heart.

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