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Mary Magdalen’s Introduction

From Mary Magdalen


You are being made privy to private conversations that have spanned several years between me and Judi Sion, through this channel.

They are excerpts from conversations and dialogues between a being who lives in the spirit worlds (myself) and a woman who lives in your world. It was a meeting of the minds—hers and mine—centered most often around lies about the feminine and the consequences of this distortion upon your religions and ultimately your destiny.

You are at a pivotal point in your collective history, but from the vantage point of history itself, there have been and will continue to be, many pivotal points.

History is a consequence of individuals living their lives.

So the essential question, for you at least is, what pivotal point have you entered in relationship to your own existence upon this world and your journey as a soul, as a consciousness?

I have spoken to it before, and I spoke to it again in these conversations. It is a question of individual freedom to move upward in consciousness or devolve into some lesser form of being.

Although your eyes may report to you and your other senses confirm that you are more or less the same human being you always have been, you are actually continually evolving or devolving through the beliefs you entertain as truths and the choices you make as your reality.

Anyone who deems to make this choice for you is a thief and a robber in my mind. And in my mind you have all been robbed, and your first task in order to evolve to the higher potentials of your being is to regain what you have lost and to take back what was always rightfully yours.

I will make this brief and to the point.

In the metaphorical Garden of Eden where the tree of knowledge stands, you shall stand and claim your right to have this knowledge (that you are a creator). This knowledge is a part of you, for you are the tree itself, and those who try to separate you from it, from this knowledge, did so in an attempt to perpetuate their own spiritual and earthly power.

For some it is a heresy to pick the fruit from the tree that is your very being. For others it is an act of freedom and courage. The choice you make is yours to make—and no one else’s.

Mary Magdalen