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Living in the Fifth State

A Brief Primer by Tom Kenyon

One concept of the Fifth State is that as human beings we have an innate ability to be both aware of and operate within the confines of perceived time and space while simultaneously being aware of and drawing upon resourceful states of consciousness that transcend the confines of our embodied existence.

There are many approaches that you can use to attain this non-ordinary state of being, and many of them have been addressed by various Eastern spiritual and yogic traditions. This Primer will address the fundamentals of the Hathors’ approach to the attainment of this highly resourceful state of being.

My reason for presenting this method is that as the world enters more deeply into Transition States (i.e., Chaos), some modus operandi will be very helpful as a means to connect with the omniverse both within and outside your own personal human identity.

In this regard, the fundamental task is to establish an authentic connection to some aspect of your Self (capital S) that includes—but is not confined by being a human primate. However, in opposition to some of the methods inherited from Eastern traditions, this attainment is not a means to escape awareness of being localized in time and space or as a way to run away from living life as a human being.

Perhaps a better way to articulate this would be to say—this method is a means to embrace the totality of your existence as a “spiritual” being living a human life. In this method there is no conflict between these two states of being (i.e., infinite and finite). Rather these two dichotomies nest perfectly within the all-embracing state of the Aeth (a method for accessing multi-dimensional non-dual awareness). The Aeth is created through the act of conjoining Intrinsic Awareness (your everyday ordinary awareness) with the emotional states of appreciation or gratitude.



The Aethos is a higher dimension of Hathorian consciousness in which all dualities are resolved, and the method of the Aeth was imparted from the Aethos

The Aeth is a method that generates a multi-dimensional non-dual state of consciousness that human beings can access through the nesting of awareness and specific coherent emotions. By its very nature this state of consciousness is highly aware, peaceful and blissful.

Intrinsic Awareness is your everyday ordinary awareness. It is your ability to be self-aware, meaning that you can be aware of not only sensory sensations, thoughts and feelings, but you can also be aware of yourself being aware. This simple act of being self-aware (i.e., aware of being aware) is a seed that can germinate into vast dimensions of consciousness and non-ordinary abilities if cultivated properly.

Appreciation is the ability to understand the worth, quality, or importance of something.

Gratitude is the feeling of deep thankfulness for something, someone or a situation.


How the Aeth Works

The conjoining of Intrinsic Awareness with the emotional state of appreciation or gratitude creates a Third Force that can, and will, radically shift your perception—especially if you develop mastery of the method over time. This shift in perception could be characterized as an increased awareness of your Self as pure unconfined consciousness. Furthermore, all of your internal thoughts and feelings as well as your experience of the external world (cosmos) will be perceived as the play of your own Mind.

It is important to understand that the external world (cosmos) exists independently of you. But your experience of the external world is a projection of your own Mind. In other words, you are creating your experience of the world through unconscious imprinted beliefs, your storehouse of past impressions and habits of perception. Another way to say this is as a negative statement: You are not creating the world (cosmos), and just changing your thinking will not change the reality of the world that is external to you. But you can change how you perceive yourself and the world (cosmos) by making authentic contact with your Self—or pure unconfined consciousness that is transcendent to all worldly phenomena—yet connected to it through the anchor of your physical embodiment.

By capitalizing the word Mind, I am denoting that we are dealing with an aspect of your consciousness that is non-local, unbounded by perceived time and space and, by its own innate nature it is self-luminous (i.e., light) and blissful regardless of what may be occurring in your embodied experience at the moment). When you successfully enter the Aeth by joining together Intrinsic Awareness with the feeling of appreciation or gratitude, you create a shift in perception that allows you to glimpse yourself as a transcendent multidimensional being. From this unique perspective, you can more masterfully affect situations because you do not self-identify with them. Rather you self-identify as a multi-dimensional consciousness outside the constraints of perceived time and space as well as the limits of being a human primate.

The Aeth works by creating a coherent vibrational field through the generation of appreciation or gratitude. This vibrational vortex insures that you are in a higher dimension of consciousness. When it is joined with the simplicity of Intrinsic Awareness (i.e., being aware that you are aware), you pull back the veil of sensory delusion and realize that your experience of the world (cosmos) is the play of your own transcendent Mind.

 Shortly I will give a simple method for entering the Aeth, but first I think it is vitally important to discuss some ethical considerations as well as specific attitudes that will insure that you reach the highest potentials of this method.



Due to the fact that the Aeth gives you direct access to your multidimensional nature, it is important to realize that your powers of consciousness will increase if you practice the method on a regular basis. Without going into detail, most of us have mixed multidimensional natures—some of it elevated and some of it not so elevated. If you do not apply some form of ethical constraint on your growing abilities, you might inadvertently or advertently create harm to other beings. This simple ethical constraint (niyama) will protect you from this pitfall: “For the sake of my own elevation and the elevation of all life, I shall strive to be harmless to myself and others.

You can read more about the Niyama of Harmlessness by going to the Articles Section of the website ( and read the Siddhis Class Handout. I cannot emphasize it enough when I say that you must have some form of ethical constraint in place to protect yourself and others from harm that might arise from an inappropriate use of your multi-dimensional powers and abilities.


The Benevolent Attitudes

You will gain more from the Aeth if you engage a few benevolent attitudes. This is because the vibrational field generated by appreciation or gratitude opens your innate compassionate nature—to whatever extent it may exist. If you strengthen the benevolent aspects of yourself, you will reach higher levels of consciousness. Thus it is to your advantage to cultivate certain attitudes. The Niyama of Harmlessness starts out with an essential insight regarding the interconnectedness of all life: “For the sake of my own elevation and the elevation of all life…” In other words, the root of the Niyama of Harmlessness is the recognition that what you do affects both yourself and other beings. As I mentioned earlier, I consider this ethical constraint to be absolutely vital for anyone who undertakes the Aeth, or for that matter, any method of accelerated evolution.

Taking this a step higher, having the attitude of benevolent intent toward other beings will create a more rapid development of the Aeth.

Some persons might refer to this as loving kindness, but I wish to delineate a fine line here. While benevolent intent may most often present itself as loving kindness, in some instances it might look more like tough love. For instance, if you are a parent and your young child runs out into the road without looking, you might grab his or her attention in a very strong manner. In this instance, you would be trying to impress into the memory of your child that it is dangerous to run without looking. To someone observing your interaction, he or she might judge your manner of handling the situation to be too brusque. But depending on the nature of the child, it might take a very abrupt intervention to drive the point home. As another example, you may need to call a family member, friend or associate to presence in a very strong way because he or she violated your boundaries or wronged you in some way. As in all things, interactions between beings (human and otherwise) are relative to the observer.

In addition to having a benevolent intent toward other beings, the following attitudes will accelerate your mastery of the Aeth and unlock its vast potentials to connect you with higher dimensional realms of being:

Loving kindness to yourself and others
Compassion toward others’ suffering
Self-compassion when you are suffering
Cultivation of appreciation for the smallest things in your life
Gratitude for the rare opportunity, as a human being, to experience your own transcendent nature

As you continue to work with the Aeth, other benevolent and evolutionary enhancing attitudes will become self-apparent as you pass through the various stages of higher self-realization. But cultivating the attitudes just shared will get you off to a good and solid start.


A Simple Method for Entering the Aeth

Become aware of yourself being aware. This is your innate Intrinsic Awareness, your ordinary everyday awareness. Don’t try to make it more complicated than it is. From this simple seed—awareness being aware of itself—vast dimensions of consciousness will open before you when you join it with feelings of appreciation or gratitude.

Once you have become cognizant of your own Intrinsic Awareness, recall the feeling of either appreciation or gratitude. Hold these together in your mind (i.e., Intrinsic Awareness and appreciation or gratitude) and notice the shifts in consciousness that occur. As you work with the Aeth on a regular basis, these shifts in conscious awareness will become more profound and multidimensional in nature.

At the beginning stages you may only be able to hold these mental/emotional states together for a few moments at a time. And that is actually all that is needed.

Then throughout the day re-enter the Aeth as often as you can. It is better to practice small short sessions, lasting a few moments, many times throughout the day rather than trying to make it a long meditation session.

If you wish to experiment with the method for an extended period of time, listen to The Aetherium, which you can find in the Listening Section of the website (, free of charge, for your own personal use.

Entering the Aeth while listening to The Aetherium can be a deeply nourishing and blissful experience, but it is both good and vital to enter the Aeth multiple times throughout the day in the midst of your day-to-day activities. This is so you train you brain/mind to enter this highly coherent and resourceful state in the midst of duality and the conflicting situations that often arise during embodied life—especially during Chaotic Nodes.

One reason for learning how to engage the Aeth at a moment’s notice is so that you can enter highly resourceful and unconfined states of consciousness when confronted with unexpected difficulties. By difficulties I mean disturbing thoughts, feelings and/or situations.

As the world enters more deeply into its Transition States (i.e., Chaotic Nodes), you might or might not experience an increase in FGOs (Fucking Growth Opportunities). If you have already trained, or are in the midst of training, your brain/mind to enter the Aeth at will anytime and anywhere, you will be better prepared to deal with FGOs in more resourceful ways. And you will pave the way for a more gracious personal transition when you leave this plane of existence.

Finally, I strongly encourage you to keep a good sense of humor at your side by cultivating the ability to laugh at yourself.


Copyright Notice:

This Primer is protected by International Copyright. The author (Tom Kenyon) hereby grants you the right to share this Primer with others so long as you do not alter it in anyway, do not charge for it, and include this entire Copyright Notice. If you don’t have the integrity to protect the pristine nature of this gift that has been extended from the Aethos to those in this world of duality, then the author hereby retracts his permission.