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Judi’s Introduction

Judi Sion’s introduction to:

Conversations With Magdalen

Many synchronicities coalesced to create the atmosphere in which I left the East Coast of the United States and moved West. It was my dream to edit a particular channel’s information on Soul Mates. Instead I was given the rights to edit his teachings on UFOs. Not exactly the same thing, but close enough, right? Relationships can be quite alien!

That book wound up being titled “UFOs and the Nature of Reality,” and it was my first foray into a whole new genre. I can’t say that I did or did not believe in “aliens” prior to doing that book. It took me two years of walking in the wind on the Northern Shore of Orcas Island to wrap (or unwrap) my head around the concept that we were created by an alien race—that aliens were the missing link in our genetic structure.

It required reading everything Zecharia Sitchin had ever written and listening to everything that particular channel, whose work I admired, had ever said that could be construed as being about aliens and our creation.

Those years walking in the wind, analyzing the information I’d been given, resulted in a remarkable realization, reasoned out over that two-year period. If we were created by what we call aliens, to act as a slave race to mine gold for them, then that means the thought held in our creation was to create a slave race. And if thought really does create, then that means deeply held in our subconscious, and in our very DNA, is the idea that we must serve, that we are lower than our creators, and that we must be subservient, and that would explain a lot of human behavior.

I’ve come a long way since that time, some 25 years ago. I’ve now replaced the word “God” in my vocabulary with the word “alien.” After all, it’s all relative, so to speak. What’s alien to one person is God to another.

We have a lot of “head unwrapping” to do to grasp the whole picture, and the whole picture is really too vast to be comprehended by human minds, Magdalen tells me.

I am grateful for the “head unwrapping” I’ve done. I no longer look to some God/god/Goddess/goddess outside of self. I honor the many brilliant and not so brilliant teachers who have gone before—as long as their teaching does not enslave humankind further, as long as they don’t claim to know everything, and as long as they don’t claim to be “the only one.”

Tom and I have been working with this being known as Mary Magdalen since 2001. She had one life on Earth and she has not returned. Through highly advanced application and use of her many KA bodies, she can communicate with many beings on Earth. Bear in mind the clarity and merit of channeled information is relative to the evolutionary state of the channel. That is why channeled material varies so much in quality.

In the last 12 years we’ve had countless discussions with Mary Magdalen, who asks us to spell her name without the letter “e” to distinguish information from this aspect of her through Tom from material given through other channels.

At first I treated her like I had been taught to treat Deity. I was a supplicant. I bowed my head in respect and almost groveled, though she never asked for such behavior. She never would. It’s what we’re taught in a Judeo-Christian world. Now I bow in wonder and admiration, as she continues to awe me with her brilliance and eloquence. (No true Goddess/goddess/God/god has ever required our supplication, although Jehovah does come to mind, but that’s the story of another alien.)

I call this “Conversations with Magdalen,” because that’s what they were. They are the result of me talking to her as if she was my best friend, which in many ways, next to Tom, she is.

There is a very small, but deeply important sharing from Yeshua.

I had to read his short sharing three times to really get it.

My old teacher used to say, “Yes, I know you heard it. But have you owned it.” There is a distinct difference between hearing something and owning it within—really getting it.

These conversations are the result of me going to each of these remarkable beings—through Tom Kenyon’s amazing ability to tune his brain to any frequency and contact any being he chooses—and imploring them to dialogue about something that was on my mind. I was always deeply in conflict over something when I asked the questions that yielded these answers.

The concept of oneness has been an issue for me. I never bought the concept. All of a sudden, one day, it became a litany, used by people who mean well, by and large. And almost overnight it became part of the love and light show of the New Age. It seemed to be one of those litanies that no one argued with.

I argue with everything. I question everything.

And let’s be real, there are some people I refuse to be one with, like George Bush. That was my laugh line during his autocracy, but it was also my truth.

I have never accepted the notion that we are all one soul; many sparks of one big out-of-control forest fire. It just doesn’t make sense to me, and more importantly, it doesn’t feel right. And it seems to be used as an excuse by some to avoid doing the hard work of evolution.

So this is not the Biblical Magdalen speaking in these conversations. This is a multi-dimensional being, an Arcturian to be specific, who had one life on Earth and has not returned.

Most of the images and stories we carry over from the Bible are out-and-out lies, created by men who didn’t want women to have power in the then new population  control mechanism called the Roman Catholic Church.

And since we’re on the subject, in case you a victim of religion’s unyielding assault on Magdalen’s one life as an Earthling, I strongly suggest you seek the truth about those lies.

Pope Gregory began the rumors about her, and they are based on nothing but his own misogynistic ignorance. Nowhere in this adulterated novel called the Bible does it say anything about her character. The truth is, Pope Gregory started a nasty rumor, mixed a cocktail of mentions of different women from various texts, and the Church covered his ignorant and untrue rumor by calling it a “conflation of texts.”

Let me give you some alternative synonyms for the word conflation: mishmash, cocktail, a compost (with apologies to composting).

So please release whatever previously held pictures you may have, and consider, for a moment, that these are the words of highly evolved multi-dimensional beings.

Magdalen and Yeshua each had one life on this Earth. They each came to do a job, to teach and to imbue mankind with light in a dismal time. These are the beings as they are today, realized multi-dimensional beings, who happen to be Arcturian in their genetic origin and came to Earth for one lifetime each.

These are conversations I had with Mary Magdalen from 2007 until the present.  There is also one powerful but brief conversation with Yeshua and a comment by Isis on what she calls the tomb of the feminine.

This is not the Biblical Magdalen. This is no penitent, shameful, hussy, as Pope Gregory tried to portray her as being in an attempt to shame and lower women and keep the power within the male circle of the Roman Church.

She told us everything she wanted shared about this “Biblical Magdalene” and her time in the ancient world in “The Magdalen Manuscript,” which should be required reading in all feminist classes and all Bible classes. She spoke about her time as an Initiate in the Temple of Isis and how she met Yeshua by the well and about her pain and grief when he was killed.

She said that was all she wanted to share about that one lifetime as a human being.

This being I had conversations with is who she was before her lifetime as an Earthling and who she has been and continues to be since that lifetime: a powerful, brilliant, eloquent, multi-dimensional being, who happens to be Arcturian. The Arcturians have been our protectors for millions of years. A few of them, such as Mary Magdalen, Yeshua ben Joseph and Sanat Kumara came into a body to bring light and teach.

This makes their thoughts and ideas of more interest to me than beings who’ve never been on Earth in a body. Until you’ve experienced life in a body in 3-D, you’re a disembodieded spirit from another dimension of existence with no experience “down here.”

I held Yeshua at arms length all of my life because I blamed him for what Christianity has become, but after reading and re-reading this simple passage from him, I realize it wasn’t his fault that mankind so altered his words and his intentions. And having now spent quite a bit of time with Arcturians I realize what he struggled with.

Arcturians are “mission oriented,” or they have been, and he was a man on a mission to bring a message to humanity. The message got twisted and contorted and barely resembles what he came to teach, but that wasn’t his fault.

Men took his innocence and used it to propagandize and control populations. It was spin, or as historians have put it, a conflation of texts. Change a few words, here and there, and you change the whole meaning, which is what happened with much of what he said.

These amazing beings are still very much alive in the ninth dimension and what they have to say has great meaning to me because they’ve been here, in a body, on Earth, paying taxes and rent, just like the rest of us. They have experienced the pressures of 3-D.

To get the most benefit from the following texts, I strongly suggest that you throw out the pictures that you carry in your mind about “who” historical and Biblical figures are, and, in particular, where they came from.

We don’t just come from Montreal, or Berlin, or New York.

Gautama Buddha was from Orion. Confucious was from Orion.

Shiva chose the Blue Ray in the 10th Dimension and was from Arcturus.

Kuan Yin was an electromagnetic being who greatly influenced Gautama Buddha in his understanding of enlightenment.

Magdalen said to me, “Every dynamic being who created a religion or spiritual path had off-planet genetics. Beings in higher dimensions do not understand the immense duality of the third dimension until they are here.”

After all these years, all these opportunities with grand teachers, I stand in appreciation of Shakespeare when he wrote these words, whoever he was and whatever planet he came from, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”