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Healing Regrets

These are excerpts from a Hathor workshop entitled Passage Into the Infinite Mind that explored Egyptian mythology within the context of modern neuropsychology.

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Healing Regrets: Background and Instructions (16:50 mins)

Healing Regrets: The Sound Meditation (14:40 mins)

Do not listen to this in situations requiring alertness. Most people will experience stronger effects if they listen to the meditation using stereo headphones.

If you are working on deeply held regrets and/or the impressions of abuse, you may find it helpful to listen to this sound meditation multiple times. And you might also find it beneficial to work with it just before going to sleep. Keep a dream diary by your bed so you can make notes if you have dreams that feel like they are related to your experiences. These can help you gain deeper insights and help you resolve issues by engaging the unique abilities that can arise during dreamtime.

Final Note: While most people will be able to work with experiences of regret and/or abuse on their own, a small percentage of people with particularly difficult experiences may need the assistance of a trained mental health professional. If you experience emotions that feel too large or too challenging to manage on your own, I strongly suggest you find a mental health professional to assist you to resolve your issues. I also suggest you work with someone you feel a sense of rapport with (i.e., at ease with) and who is both trained and experienced with the types of issues that can manifest from abuse.