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Final Instructions for the Planetary Creatrix

German Translation July 8th 2007
This contains detailed instructions on how to work with the meditation practices during the two-hour period of the Planetary Creatrix.

If you have not read the original Planetary Creatrix message, click on the April 18, 07 tab above, which contains detailed descriptions of the meditation practices.

A Note About Calculating Time for the Meditation

The Planetary Creatrix Meditation will take place in Seattle, Washington (USA) on Sunday, July 8th from 2-4:00 PM, Pacific Daylight Time. This corresponds to 9-11:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) also on Sunday, July 8th. Please calculate the time for your local area. You can also visit the World Clock on the web at:

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Final Instructions for the Planetary Creatrix

The Hathors Through Tom Kenyon

We wish to welcome you to the Planetary Creatrix and we thank you from the deepest space of our hearts for hearing the call. Indeed, you are in the phase of Planetary Creatrix whether you join us in meditation or not, for every thought that is energized through the power of feeling and emotion affects your destiny, the destiny of your species, and to a great extent, that of the Earth.

The Creatrix (creation) is the understanding of how thought manifests. It is a type of “inner technology” that allows you to be more masterful in your creations. This knowledge has many streams, from many different spiritual lineages, as well as cultures and civilizations of both this world and intergalactic worlds beyond your own. Every human engages the Creatrix, whether conscious or not. Most humans sleep in a kind of slumber, unaware that they are creating their life. They would prefer to remain asleep, so that they can blame others for their misfortune.

The first step in mastery of the Creatrix is to take responsibility for your creations. The next step is to harness the technology of which we speak for your own benefit and for the benefit of all life. This is a crucial aspect of the Creatrix: harnessing the technology for the benefit of all life. It is possible to engage the Creatrix without regard for anyone other than yourself, but this is an error that leads into great misfortune. Just take a look around you, at what your culture has created in terms of its negative impact upon all life!

When one takes the path into self-obsession without regard for the effects of one’s creation upon others, a type of arrogance is born, along with a disconnection from the reality of interconnectedness; for all life is interconnected, and not just life upon this Earth. All life in the cosmos is deeply wedded together.

The bitter irony of this moment in time, the very choice point of your civilization, has been brought about due to an error in understanding. Continuing to negatively impact life upon your planet ultimately will lead to your demise.

The odd thing about arrogance is that those who enter this believe that they are and shall be unaffected. Nothing could be further from the truth. And so as we impart the inner technologies of the Creatrix, it is absolutely vital that you commit yourself, not only to creations that shall benefit yourself, but creations that shall benefit all life. Then you are setting yourself upon the high road, meaning a higher vibration, and it is only when you reside in these higher vibrations that the deepest knowledge is revealed to you.

Before the Meditation

Before you begin the two-hour meditation, take a few moments and extend to the Earth your gratitude, for it is through the Earth that you have physicality, for the very elements that comprise your body are composed of the elements of the Earth and of the stars. This is not a poetic metaphor. This is a reality. And so in the great adventure of consciousness that is spirit in matter, your Earth Mother is indispensable. You cannot evolve through matter without the Earth, and so your first movement is deep-felt thanks to this immense being for the gift of your physical life. This physical life is a gift. It is immaterial whether your life is easy or difficult at this time. Every experience in the world of matter is an alchemical blessing, for it is through the tensions of your spiritual evolution in the worlds of matter that you create mastery.

When this life is done and you return to the realms of light, all that you have created in form (in this world) shall be gone, but the mastery of consciousness that you created will remain with you forever. Your life upon this Earth is a transient affair. You are a visitor. Knowing this and sending gratitude to the Earth for this gift of life at the beginning of the meditation sets a harmonic that will be very helpful.

The Meditation

To begin the meditation itself, you first create the Holon of Balance, which creates a stabilizing effect upon your energy field and your emotions. The foundation of all effective creation requires having a stable platform from which to move. In these increasingly chaotic and volatile times you may find your stability challenged, and so the cultivation of the Holon of Balance is a very valuable thing to do so that you can transit through these times of great transformation with greater ease and stability.

For the purposes of the Planetary Creatrix meditation we ask that you reside in the Holon of Balance for the entire two-hour period. It is most likely your mind and feelings will wander during this time. This is the human condition, after all. When you become aware that you are not within the Holon, through the power of your intention, simply bring your mind back to it. The Holon will create a receptive field of energy that allows the Creatrix to be more effective.

The second element is focusing upon your physical heart while creating feelings of appreciation or gratitude. As you bring these two together—awareness of your heart and the feelings of appreciation or gratitude—you set off cascades of wave forms that emanate from the heart, enveloping your physical body and every cell of your physicality. This is a very coherent state, with many benefits. The benefits, however, do not end with your physicality. As you enter more deeply into the energetics, your heart will emanate these coherent energies into your local environment and into the Earth. As with the Holon, you may find your mind wandering during this two-hour period. When you become aware that you have wandered, simply bring yourself back to the discipline of holding awareness in your heart, joined together with appreciation or gratitude. For most individuals who are not masters of this form of energy work, there is a tendency to enter phases of deep unconsciousness. This is caused by a reaction in the lower self to the escalation of coherent energy.

If you find it difficult to focus on both the Holon of Balance and your heart (joined with appreciation or gratitude) at the same time, then let the Holon go and just focus on the heart practice (focusing on your heart with appreciation or gratitude). If you have established the Holon of Balance strongly enough at the beginning of the meditation, it will tend to remain active, especially if you are engaging the heart.

Coherent energy creates states of high pleasure, what we are calling ecstasy or bliss. It is our observation that most humans have a limit on how much high pleasure they can experience. When they are at the threshold of their limit, they “bleep out.” It’s like a circuit breaker. Too much coherent energy can create a movement of consciousness that the lower self is uncomfortable with. Fundamentally this is because the game of consciousness becomes much larger when you can hold more coherent energy, and the lower self prefers to believe that it is separate. So if this happens for you, don’t worry about it. At some point you will “bleep back in” to conscious awareness. When this happens, take a deep breath and sigh into the exhale, purposefully yawn, and with self-amusement that you have thrown a circuit breaker because there was too much high pleasure, return to the discipline of holding awareness in your heart along with appreciation or gratitude.

There will be times in this two-hour period where the spiritual energy downloads through you, into the Earth. This may also be a time when you “bleep out,” so to speak, and become suddenly unconscious. Those of you who are aware of and are masters of subtle energy will most likely experience this as a profound shift in awareness, and you will be able to track the movement of spiritual light through your crown at the top of your head through the central axis of your body that runs from the crown to the perineum, and into the Earth. This axis is known in some traditions as the Pranic Tube or the Central Column.

Your task in the two-hour period of this Planetary Creatrix meditation is to enjoy yourself. Indeed, entering into this with joyfulness is the first requirement. We know that some of you have no idea of what joy is. Don’t worry about it. If you construct the Holon and for even a few minutes, hold awareness in your heart, with appreciation or gratitude, you will inevitably move closer to a state of joy. And so for many of you who are new at this type of energy work, you may find yourself in an out of the meditation many, many times in this two-hour period. It does not matter how many times you “bleep” in and out of awareness. What is important is that you bring yourself back to the heart practice (focusing on your physical heart with appreciation or gratitude) as many times as it takes in this two-hour period.

During this meditation, many of you will be challenged. It is our observation that collectively your capacity to hold, in singular focus, any thought, feeling or awareness is highly limited. And so we suspect that many of you will find yourself in and out of coherency in this two-hour period. This is not a problem. Those of you who are more experienced and masterful, will experience larger periods of coherency and the downloading of spiritual energy will be very profound, and yet even those of you who are beginners may find yourself transported into exalted realms of consciousness as you stand in service to the Planet.

We would now like to say a few words about the energies that will be brought forward in this time. This planetary action can take place because of the concerted efforts of what many of you call Light Workers, but whom we call Life Sustainers. These individuals have held and amplified the inner knowledge of the sacredness of all life and have strived to live their life in accord with this realization. They include the great masters and avatars, the great yogis and yoginis living in remote caves. They also include people around you that you may not recognize, everyday people doing everyday things, and yet in the inner recesses of consciousness, they are the great planetary servants. They are not self-proclaimed. They have no titles. They have no lineage. They are hidden. They are the great spiritual dynamos that sustain life in unseen ways. And so the efforts of all these individuals, from the beginning of time have culminated in such a way as to allow this action to take place. The beings who have agreed to impart spiritual light from the deepest recesses of their spiritual hearts include every known spiritual lineage upon this planet. All the saints and mystics of every religion are joining together. The Archangels and the angelic hosts shall join this wave. Many of our intergalactic brothers and sisters from galaxies you do not even have names for are traversing the great highways of intergalactic light to this moment in time, to this location called Earth for one purpose: to gift her, your destiny, and your future children, with a spiritual light and potency beyond imagination. They do this because they believe in the ineffable, indescribable power that lies dormant in the human heart, and they offer this gift, both for the elevation of your kind and in the hopes that you will awaken to your intergalactic identity and responsibilities.

A Few Final Instructions For the Meditation

As much as is possible in your life situation, set aside these two hours so that you will not be disturbed. Turn off your phone. Tell those around you, if they are not joining you, that you will be taking two hours of private time. Perhaps say you are going to take a nap or meditate. It is not important that you reveal to anyone what you are doing. Indeed for some of you it is better if you do not say what you are doing to anyone around you, for there are many stations in life and some of them require silence.

At the beginning of the two-hour period, focus your awareness in the heart chakra, sending the Earth gratitude, as we mentioned earlier. Do this for as long as you wish and then bring your awareness to the Holon of Balance, working with it for a few minutes so that you have a clear sense of it, and then move into an awareness of your physical heart, with appreciation or gratitude. And then for the next two hours, bring yourself back to this awareness of the physical heart with appreciation or gratitude whenever your mind wanders.

If you are drawn to ritual, you could create something for yourself during this period, but it is not necessary. What is necessary is that your focus be upon the physical heart while feeling appreciation or gratitude. This is what will create the shift of harmonics within you. This is what will allow the inner pathway within you to open, and allow the spiritual light to descend. When the two-hour period is complete, return your awareness back to the heart chakra for a few minutes, sending gratitude to the Earth. If you have the time, this would be an ideal period to take a nap, to rest. If you sleep after the meditation, you will find that your dreams are of a different caliber. But whether you sleep or not, it is a good thing to rest after this two-hour period. These are the final instructions for the Planetary Creatrix Meditation.

Note: For detailed instructions on the Holon of Balance and ecstasy through the heart, go to:

A Note About Calculating Time for the Meditation

The Planetary Creatrix Meditation will take place in Seattle, Washington (USA) on Sunday, July 8th from 2-4:00 PM, Pacific Daylight Time. This corresponds to 9-11:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) also on Sunday, July 8th. Please calculate the time for your local area.

You can also visit the World Clock on the web at

Click on the Time Zone Converter to verify the correct time for your location.